128MB Memory Stick Mulit-Tool

According to the Boy Scouts of America Official Online Store Blog, they have started to offer a Swiss Army Brand® 128MB Memory Stick Multi-Tool.

This Swiss Army Brand® multi-tool has the expected blade, nail file, screwdriver, and scissors. It event has an LED mini light and retractable ballpoint pen. But it goes to the next level by adding a high-performance portable data storage device! use this hand USB memory stick to store up to 128MB of information. Perfect for transferring data from school or public computers to home computers or laptops. Includes a white BSA® universal emblem on the red case.

This just shows how technology is such an integral part of the new generations. If you are interested in the item you can purchase it for $64.00 on Scoutstuff.org.

If you haven’t checked out the Scout Stuff Blog, you are missing the product of the day, early announcements about promotions, and new item alerts. You should check it out!

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