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Boy Scouts of America Gerald R. Ford Council Mourns Loss of the Nation’s First Eagle Scout President

Posted on 27 December 2006 by admin

Gerald R. Ford Council of the Boy Scouts of America join the nation in mourning the loss of the nation’s first Eagle Scout Vice President and President with the news that President Gerald R. Ford has died at age 93. For three generations he inspired scouts with his leadership and legacy not only in southwest Michigan but across the nation.To honor the former President, the Gerald R. Ford Council will be presenting a cordon of Eagle Scouts and an Eagle Scout Honor Guard as the family returns “home” to downtown Grand Rapids, Mich. In addition, over 5,000 Scouts and leaders of all ages will be lining the processional route on Fulton Street in front of Davenport University the day of the service.

Board member and former National Board Member of Boy Scouts of America, Dick DeVos said, on hearing of the death of the President, “President Ford lived by the Boy Scout Oath that calls on a Scout to do his best to do his duty to God and country. He was among this nation’s most upstanding citizens, leading our democracy through one of its most trying times while helping to heal America. As a former Boy Scout and friend of President Ford’s, I saw him live the values of Scouting, always doing his best, always keeping his moral compass pointed north. It made him a strong leader, a positive role model for young people all across this country, and while we celebrate his life we are saddened to have lost his company here on earth.”

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