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Japanese, American scouts to hold jamborette at Camp Kinser

Posted on 24 April 2007 by admin

III MARINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, OKINAWA, Japan – More than 800 American and Japanese Boy and Girl Scouts will team-up and take part in the 18th U.S.-Japan Friendship Jamborette aboard Camp Kinser April 27-29.

This year’s event commemorates the 100th year of scouting and will bring American and Japanese scouts together in a spirit of friendship and international understanding.

The jamborette, sponsored and hosted by the Okinawa Council Scout Association of Japan, and the Greater Okinawa District, Far East Council of the Boy Scouts of America will begin with an opening ceremony at 9 a.m. Saturday, April 28. A variety of scouting contests and skill development activities are planned, including: building water-powered rockets, timed tent pitching, memorization games, knot tying relays, rope-bridge crossings and running relays. The day concludes with traditional Okinawan tug-of-war contests from 1-3 p.m.

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Event Patches Stolen Before Event

Posted on 22 April 2007 by admin

When 820 Boy Scouts gather next weekend at a Sonoma County camping event, one thing will be missing: specially designed patches that were supposed to be the scouts’ next badge of honor.

The patches were delivered to Mike Von der Porten’s Lodi home Thursday and then apparently stolen off the front porch.

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Eagle Scout Victims Help Others at Virginia Tech

Posted on 21 April 2007 by admin

Two Virginia Tech victims uses skills learned in Scouting to save lives during the tragedy that rocked their campus last week.

“Eagle Scout Kevin Sterne from Washington, Pa., applied a tourniquet on his own leg to slow the loss of blood from a bullet wound. Eagle Scout Trey Perkens administered first aid to several students who were shot.”

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Iraqi Boy Scouts Prepare for Jamboree

Posted on 17 April 2007 by admin

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2nd Annual Dutch Oven Cookoff – National Scouting Museum

Posted on 03 April 2007 by admin

Are you an Iron Chef? Want to show off your dutch oven cooking skills?

Join the National Scouting Museum for their 2nd Annual Dutch Oven Cook Off on April 14th, 2007.

Registration details can be found on the official National Scouting Museum website.

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Scouting Website

National Website Revamped

Posted on 02 April 2007 by admin

The National Boy Scout of America just released a new version of their website.

Scouting Website
The new site is not totally complete, with a personalized portal still in the works.

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