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Video: 2008 Scouts Build Wheelchair Ramp for Pflugerville Man

Posted on 27 October 2008 by Dan

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Video: Man With Down Syndrome Receives Eagle Scout Honor

Posted on 26 October 2008 by Dan

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3rd Annual Arizona Exploring and Learning for Life 10K and 5K Race

Posted on 26 October 2008 by Dan

The Grand Canyon Council, Boy Scouts of America is proud to present the 3rd Annual Exploring and Learning for Life 10K and 5K Race. The event will be held on November 15, 2008, at the Peoria Sports Complex, 16101 N. 83rd Ave., Peoria, AZ 85382. There will be late registration at 7:00am, and the races start at 8:00am.

10K Competitive Run: 8:00 a.m. Fees: $25 through Nov. 7, $30 thereafter

5K Competitive Run / Fun Walk: 8:15 a.m. Fees: $20 through Nov. 7, $25 thereafter

Pre-Teens and Teens / Ages 12-17 – Fees: $15 through Nov. 7, $20 thereafter

This is a Chip-Timed Race with 99% Paved Route GPS. There will be awards by age category, the age groups are: 12-14, 15-17, 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39. 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+

If you are interested in participating you can register online or you can mail in the registration form attached to the following flier.

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Video: Pack 333 Visits Ft. Snelling

Posted on 25 October 2008 by Dan

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Radio Sandy Springs

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Radio Sandy Springs – Boy Scout Hour

Posted on 25 October 2008 by Dan

At the beginning of October, there was some buzz around the internet Scouting community about “The Boy Scout Hour“. The Boy Scout Hour is a weekly radio show hosted by the Atlanta Area Council. The show is broadcast over the radio waves, but is also streamed online, and is now available for download online.

The Boy Scout Hour debuts on, 1620 LPAM in Sandy Springs, GA. Hosted by the Atlanta Council of Boy Scouts this new radio show will be the only one of its kind in the world that is known of.

The show hosts and guests will discuss every aspect of Boy Scouting from merit badges to camping and all points between. Troops throughout the world are invited to listen, call in 404-943-1620 or email with questions, answers, or suggestions of topics.

Boy Scouts, from all over the world can listen live at or listen to an archive of past shows posted within 48 hours on The Boy Scout Hour site on Radio Sandy Springs website.

October 4, 2008 The Boy Scout Hour, 3:00PM ET

Originally the recordings weren’t available online like announced, however the shows are now available, here is a small recap / review of the currently available recordings.

3rd Edition
October 18, 2008 Boy Scout Hour Show
The 3rd Edition of the Radio Sandy Springs Boy Scout Hour focused on one part of a trilogy of High Adventure Trips organized by the Atlanta Area Council geared towards Scouts who normally wouldn’t be able to attend one of these High Adventure Bases. The show’s hosts were Sam Nowell(?) a Scoutmaster of 10 years, and Byron King the Council’s Scout Reach Director. The show features discussion about the Council’s trip to Sea Base, the planning involved, their Out Island Adventure, and how the trip affected the involved Scouts. The show then switches into more of the ScoutReach program, how it removes the barriers to Scouting and how Scouting is reaching out to at risk kids.

This third edition seemed to flow much nicer than the 2nd episode, and it appears that the host was more familiar with the Scouting program.

2nd Edition
October 11, 2008 Boy Scout Hour Show
The 2nd Edition of the Radio Sandy Springs Boy Scout Hour features Andrew Hallberg the Marketing Executive for Atlanta Area Council, John Roland a District Executive, and a Webelos Scout. The main topic of the show was the Popcorn fundraiser, and explaining the sale to the non-Scout community. The Webelos Scout was the second highest seller for the Council last year and has already sold over $6,000 worth this year, with two weeks remaining. The show went on to discuss Scouting within the local Community, Scouting’s ties to religion, and the “uncoolness” of Scouting.

Unfortunately the radio host didn’t appear to be very familiar with the Scouting program. He also kept wanting to make the information larger than what his guests knew, asking questions about the National and International Scouting programs and their fundraisers. I’m sure this will get better as the radio station host and the Atlanta Area Council hosts refine the show and its direction.

Note this episode’s recording was cut off early.

1st Edition
October 04, 2008 Boy Scout Hour Show – Not available online.

Have you listed to the Boy Scout Hour? What are your impressions of the show?

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Zabul Governor Delbar Jan Arman

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Boy Scouts Help Servicemembers Help Malnourished Afghan Children

Posted on 24 October 2008 by Dan

by Staff Sgt. Tammie Moore
U.S. Air Forces Central news team

Members of the Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team medical staff used sweets and “strong food” to help hundreds of malnourished Afghan children back to health in October.

The PRT members began a four-week regiment of their “strong food,” known locally as Qavi Ghiza, to the Shajoy hospital two months ago.

“Strong food” is a vitamin-enriched high calorie food supplement used to combat malnutrition. The Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team medical staff is working with local heath officials to combat the main causes of the extremely high-infant mortality in the area such as unsanitary water supplies and malnutrition.

The area’s public health administration staff has been using the low-cost and locally produced food supplement to treat more than 400 malnourished children.

“This program has been going very well and giving positive results. People know about it,” said Dr. Zamarai Sultan, the public health administration nutrition officer. “It is going to be even more successful in the future.”

Dr. Sultan has monitored the “strong food” program in Shajoy closely. In a patient sampling of 60 children, 78 percent have shown positive growth. The doctor said he has seen most patients gain 1 to 1.5 kilograms a week while taking the vitamin-enriched and calorie-heavy supplement.

“People from this area are very poor,” Dr. Sultan said. “They don’t have enough money for their baby’s special food. As long as we have this kind of program, it is going to succeed. Now people know this good thing about the ‘strong food,’ that is why more patients come in and get this food.”

The success of “strong food” in the Shajoy area and a positive backing by Dr. Sultan provided Capt. (Dr.) James Arnold the momentum he needed to expand the program.

“Giving this program to Dr. Sultan has actually been the biggest help to us because he is well invested in it,” said Captain Arnold, deployed from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. “He is a nutritionist. He deals with the malnourishment problem for the entire Zabul province.”

Captain Arnold said Dr. Sultan’s positive reputation in the medical field has helped convince his fellow doctors to join the program.

“(As) the voice of this project, (he) can better influence anything I can do,” he said.

The two doctors met local medical experts with pediatric specialties to go over the results.

“We are trying to make all of our projects Afghan run because we are not going to stay around the long haul,” said Captain Arnold, a native of Grass Valley, Calif. “We (want) to give them something they can do on their own and sustain on their own.”

After a demonstration on how to make “strong food,” the medical professionals made a batch themselves with ingredients available locally. The concoction was blended using donated mixing sets.

The mixing sets came from Michael Morgan, an Eagle Scout candidate with Boy Scouts Troup 157 out of Salem, Ore.

“Boy Scouts are taught to seek opportunities to help others,” the West Salem High School senior said. “I wanted to provide service that was meaningful as I sought to complete my requirements for the obtaining of the rank of Eagle. This project seemed challenging but perfect.”

Dr. Sultan is grateful for the effort the PRT put into launching the “strong food” program.

“I am very thankful to this team,” he said. “This is a very active team, and they have really wanted to work and (it) has been seen.”

Photo Credits:
1. Capt. (Dr.) James Arnold shows medical professionals from the Zaubl province how to make “strong food” Oct. 15 in Qalat, Afghanistan. “Strong food” is a vitamin enriched high calorie food supplement used to combat malnutrition. The Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team medical staff is working with local heath officials to combat the main causes of the extremely high-infant mortality in the area such as unsanitary water supplies and malnutrition. Captain Arnold is deployed from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Keith Brown)

2. Zabul Governor Delbar Jan Arman shows his appreciation for the work being done to fight malnutrition by the Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team Oct. 16 in Qalat, Afghanistan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Keith Brown)

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Boy Scouts Go Digital, See 700% Increase in Popcorn Sales

Posted on 24 October 2008 by Dan

Hat Tip: – Digital Popcorn Sells Big

LaGarde, a leader in cutting-edge e-commerce solutions for more than 12 years, shows that it always pays to “be prepared,” as their client, Weaver Popcorn, the main supplier for the Boy Scouts of America fundraising initiatives, has seen online popcorn sales rise 700 percent since they began putting the Scouts on the web. To facilitate this, Weaver recently replaced their existing e-commerce solution, with LaGarde’s Phoenix e-commerce system, and then rebuilt the Boy Scout’s fundraising website.

Weaver Popcorn sought a new e-commerce system to meet the ever-changing demands of PCI-compliancy and to make popcorn ordering easier and safer for clients like the Boy Scouts of America. Within one month of Weaver Popcorn rolling out the new Phoenix e-commerce system, the Boy Scouts experienced record sales growth and increased participation in its fundraising program.

“The Phoenix platform has been key in enabling the Boy Scouts to extend their fundraising efforts online,” said Elizabeth Weaver, Marketing Director of “The Scouts continue to sell popcorn door-to-door, but also will be able to email potential customers directly from the website.”

LaGarde’s Phoenix platform enables the Boy Scouts to import their contacts from their email software and send a marketing message from the Weaver Popcorn site. Also, while there were previously substantial fundraising periods, potential donors can now go online at any time to reorder. You’ll still see scouts outside your local stores and the familiar knock of a young boy asking you to buy popcorn, but if you know a scout, you may be getting an email as well.

“Streamlining buying processes, extending market reach and generating new revenue opportunity is exactly what our Phoenix solution is all about,” said Bob LaGarde, CEO and Founder of LaGarde. “More and more transaction processes are moving to the web. It’s more economical, more available, provides additional geographical reach and access to new customers. What more can you ask for? With economic conditions being what they are today, companies just can’t afford to not streamline sales processes and seek out new revenue opportunities. We are incredibly pleased that the Phoenix solution is proving to be so successful, and we couldn’t be happier that it’s the Boy Scouts who are benefiting from it,” said LaGarde.

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National Catholic Committee on Scouting Recruiting for Biennial St. George Trek

Posted on 23 October 2008 by Dan

General Information
The National Catholic Committee on Scouting® is pleased to announce its high adventure leadership program for older Catholic Boy Scouts and Venture Crew members at Philmont Scout Ranch. Designed to develop organizational and relational skills for leadership as well as nourishing the scout’s spirituality, the program will bring Catholic high school youth from around the country together with selected priests, religious and seminarians for eleven days of backpacking on the trail including three days of intensive leadership training at a back country base camp.

Dates and Itinerary
The 2009 Saint George Trek begins on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the participants meet get to know one another, train, have fun and pray. Then it’s off to Philmont Scout Ranch where they will hike the Sangre de Cristo Range of the Rocky Mountains. While hiking, they will experience a program that is designed to encourage the integration of morality, values, spirituality, faith and scripture in their lives as Christian leaders. Before returning home on August 5, 2009, they will be asked to commit themselves to bring what they have learned home to their respective dioceses where they can become effective peer leaders and role models for their fellow scouts.

Candidate Qualifications/Selection
Each Arch/diocese is encouraged to conduct a search and send one or two top-notch scouts to the Trek. Because the program can only accommodate seventy youth, only two participants per diocese will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Selection of participants is made by the individual Arch/Diocese and should be made on the basis of demonstrated maturity and leadership potential. The earning of Scouting’s Religious Emblems and involvement in church, school and scouting activities should be given consideration. Candidates should be emotionally mature adolescents who will be fifteen years of age on or before July 21, 2009 and in High School in the fall of 2009. NO exceptions can be made. They must have the physical health and stamina to backpack on the trails of Philmont. There will be one female crew. Girls registered in Venturing are eligible to apply. The Saint George Trek is a one time only experience for youth. Previous youth participants are not eligible.

After the (arch)diocesan selection process has been completed, a YOUTH PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION FORM, (completed by the scout) an ARCH/DIOCESAN AUTHORIZATION, (completed by the sponsoring Arch/Diocesan Catholic Committee), and $100 deposit for each participant are submitted to:

Austin E. Cannon
105 Haff Avenue
No. Bellmore, NY 11710
(H) 516-221-7186
(B) 516-678-5800, ext. 245

* (Arch)Diocese Authorization form
* Youth Participant Registration form

The 2009 fee for the Saint George Trek is $725.00 per participant.

The fee covers:
* All Philmont Scout Ranch fees
* All other lodging
* Food
* Chartered bus travel

Not Included in Fee
* Transportation to and from Albuquerque, New Mexico
* Normal personal expenses

Fee Schedule
* A $100.00 deposit fee per participant, payable to NATIONAL CATHOLIC COMMITTEE ON SCOUTING (NCCS) must accompany the application. Add to Check Memo Field: Acct # 67017 – 4810
* February 1, 2009 – $ 250.00;
* March 15, 2009 – $ 250.00.
* Final payment, $ 125.00 is due May 1, 2009.

NOTE: Philmont has a policy that all fees are non-refundable. NCCS will refund all fees paid if it is able to fill the vacancy with another participant.

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Health and Safety Service Splits up for 2010 National Jamboree

Posted on 22 October 2008 by Dan

In order to make the 2010 National Scout Jamboree “The Best, Most Exciting, Fun-Filled, Safest Jamboree Ever” the services handled in the past as “Health and Safety” have been split into two separate services.

Safety Services, which will be lead by Sven Rundman, National Capital Area Council, will focus on proactive accident prevention efforts to meet the goal of ZERO accidents at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree.

Medical Services, which will be lead by Dr. Carl Marchetti, Monmouth Council, is currently focused on identification and education of medical risk factors for participants, and efforts to ensure participants and staff are “getting fit” for the event. During the 2010 Jamboree, the Medical Services will provide on-site injury and illness care, if required, to return participants to their Troop as soon as possible.

Each Region will have a Chief Medical and Safety Officer who will oversee the Sub Camp Medical and Safety Officers. Selection of these key Safety and Medical Professionals is almost complete.

In order to make sure you are ready and “fit” for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree, visit the “Be Prepared” section of the official BSA Jamboree website.

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2007 World Scout Jamboree Final Report Released

Posted on 22 October 2008 by Dan

Have you ever wondered what it takes on to put on an event the size of the World Scout Jamboree? The final report of the 21st World Scout Jamboree, which took place in 2007, has been released.

Report Introduction:

The 21st World Scout Jamboree was an amazing experience, made even more special
because it took place in 2007 – the Centenary of Scouting. We had the privilege of
leading the planning, preparation and organisation of the Jamboree, but there is no
doubt in our minds that it was only with the enthusiasm and huge efforts of many
others – too numerous to list here – that nearly 30,000 young people had a ‘once in
a lifetime’ experience. So from both of us, a huge thank you to everyone else who
was involved!

However, we do want to specifically mention all the members of Contingent Teams
who played an absolutely crucial role in organising the participation from their
National Scout Organisations. We know that without the hard work and dedication of
those in the Contingent Teams, there would have been no participants and no
International Service Team!

We are very conscious that not everything was perfect and if we were to do it again
(perhaps in another 100 years?), there would be some things that we would want to
do differently – after all, this is what learning by doing is all about! Nevertheless,
from the evaluations that were received, we know that we got most things right most
of the time – of those that submitted a completed evaluation, 85% of all the
responses expressed to all of the questions were marked ‘very positive’ or ‘positive’
(35% for very positive and 50% for positive). Please accept our apologies if you were
one of the few who were inconvenienced by something that did not work as well as it
should have done – whether it was a coach that did not arrive at the intended time or
toilets that were not clean when you wanted to use them.

It is worth mentioning that the 21st World Scout Jamboree was a very safe event –
given the huge numbers of people involved, we are thankful that there were no major
outbreaks of sickness, no serious accidents and no fatalities during the Jamboree.
We are very grateful to everyone who helped to ensure that the Health and Safety of
those at the Jamboree was taken seriously and made a top priority.

Finally, we would like to make it clear that the purpose of this report is to record what
was done and how it was done and it is therefore primarily a reference document. It
is most certainly not intended to be a guide as to how a World Scout Jamboree
should be organised, rather it is a guide as to how the 21st World Scout Jamboree
was organised. Let’s be grateful that there is not one single model for a Jamboree and
that others will have new ideas and find ways to do things differently.

Read the whole 2007 World Scout Jamboree Report

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