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2009 NESA Academic Scholarships

Posted on 30 October 2008 by Dan

It is time for Eagle Scouts to start working on their 2009 National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) Scholarship applications. NESA offers two types of scholarships, Academic and Merit. Today’s article is all about the NESA Academic Scholarship, we will be focusing on the Merit Scholarships tomorrow, and “other” Eagle Scout Scholarships in two days.

NESA has two different academic scholarships, the first is the Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke Scholarships. This scholarship is awarded annually and includes four $20,000 scholarships (payable at $5,000 per year) and one $48,000 scholarship (up to $12,000 per year). NESA also has a varying number of $3,000 scholarships that are awarded each year.

NESA Academic Scholarship Requirements:
1. Be an Eagle Scout and have received credentials from the national office.

2. Submit applications that are postmarked after October 1, 2008, but no later than midnight on January 31, 2009. Use sufficient postage.

3. Be a graduating high school senior entering college in the year a scholarship is applied for. Scholarships are awarded only to those who graduate from high school in the calendar year
in which scholarships are presented. Exception: Scouts whose Eagle Scout boards of review are held the same year of their high school graduation may apply in that calendar year. They may receive a scholarship one time only.

4. Provide a transcript of high school grades covering a minimum of six semesters. (The transcript need not be “official” and may be a photocopy.)

5. Have an SAT composite score of at least 1200 and/or an ACT composite score of 28. These scores must be on an official test sheet or on the high school transcript in No. 4, and must be submitted with the application. Applications will not be considered if the minimum scores are not met.

6. Have demonstrated leadership ability in Scouting and a strong record of participation in activities outside of Scouting.

7. Complete the Financial Need section of this application. It must be signed by the applicant and countersigned by the parent. Do not send W–2 forms. If you are selected for a scholarship, you will be required to submit the student FAFSA form prior to the final awarding of the scholarship.

8. Provide one signed recommendation letter from a volunteer or professional Scout leader who knows the applicant personally, and list Scouting title on the letter. This is the only endorsement required. Endorsements from teachers, counselors, etc., will not be accepted.

Selection Process:
NESA Scholarship committees are formed each year in the four BSA regions (Northeast, Southern, Central, and Western) to recommend recipients of these scholarships, with the final determination made by the National NESA Scholarship Committee.

According to the National Eagle Scout Association website, more than 5,000 NESA scholarship applications are received each year, and fewer than 100 are awarded, so the competition is fierce.

NESA Eagle Scout Academic Scholarship Application

Applications must be postmarked prior to midnight on January 31, 2009.

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Video: 2008 Fighter Jet Eagle Scout Project

Posted on 29 October 2008 by Dan

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BSA Social Network Site a Reality?

Posted on 29 October 2008 by Dan

Some of you may remember hearing about the Boy Scouts of America preparations to launch a Social Network site for its members.

This fall, the BSA plans to launch its first social networking site where volun­teers and Scouts can sign up to receive information about the program. The goal is for the site “to be more of a forum where Scout leaders can learn from other Scout leaders.

Well, the BSA Social Network called “Scouting Community” is currently in up and running in a beta release. According to the FAQs, “Scouting Community is a “social networking” site for Scouts, similar to MySpace and Facebook. Social networking sites let people with similar interests make contact with each other online. They can share information via blogs, discussions groups, photos, and videos. So basically, it’s a Web site designed for people to share ideas.

The Scouting Community allows members to create individual profiles, post photos, create and join groups, post and comment on member and group blogs, search members, and participate in forums. Currently there are groups for Councils, Health and Safety Team, Camps, Order of the Arrow Lodges, and more. The forums are just starting to get some active conversations going.

According to the Scouting Community Administrator, the site will be in Beta for the rest of 2008.

If you are interested in checking out Scouting Community, you can log in with your myscouting login at:

Please remember that the site is in beta which means there will be frequent changes and the kinks are still being worked out.

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