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Friday Funny: Be Prepared!

Posted on 12 December 2008 by Dan

Yesterday, Jerry over at The Scoutmaster Minute reminded us of the importance of Laughter! With that I would like to announce a new feature of Scouting News, the Friday Funny. Every Friday we will share a Scouting related joke with our readers.

A scoutmaster and his wife were driving along a rural highway when they found the road blocked by a herd of cows that had escaped through a broken fence. The scoutmaster tried beeping his horn to scare the cattle from the pavement, but to no avail. For some reason, no sound was heard. He got out of the car, lifted the hood, and saw the problem, a loose wire, which he quickly fixed.

As he got back into the car, his wife asked him if he’d had any luck. “Yep,” he replied, “beep repaired!”

Do you have a Scouting related joke? Would you like to see it featured on a future Friday Funny? If so please use the contact us page to send it to us. If you include your Unit and / or website address it will be included with the joke.

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  1. Josh Says:

    LOL. My son is SPL and also manager of a comedy improv group at his high school. They play matches against other schools. During the game if you tell a pun that elicits a groan from any audience member you’re sent to the apology box and must say you’re sorry to the audience who decides whether or not to deduct a point from the team’s score based on the strength of the apology. I won’t give a groaner foul because I’m the one usually eliciting groans with puns. However, the author of the joke better not find himself in comedy sportz or he’ll probably have to come up with a really good apology. Thanks for the joke!



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