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Earnest Thompson Seton Program on PBS

Posted on 14 December 2008 by Dan

In 1893, a bounty hunter named Ernest Thompson Seton journeyed to the untamed canyons of New Mexico on a mission to kill a dangerous outlaw. Feared by ranchers throughout the region, the outlaw wasn‘t a pistol-packing cowboy or train-robbing bandit. The outlaw was a wolf. Lobo, as locals simply called him, was the legendary leader of a band of cattle-killing wolves that had been terrorizing cattle ranchers and their livestock. It was up to Seton to exterminate this ?super-wolf.

The ensuing battle of wits between wolf and man would spark a real-life wilderness drama, the outcome of which would leave a lasting effect on a new and growing movement in America: wilderness preservation.

The episode is broken up into 5 segments and also covers Seton‘s founding of the Woodcraft Indians, and the Boy Scouts of America.

You can watch The Wolf That Changed America online.

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  1. MBrown Says:

    Excellent program. I hope its available on DVD.



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