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Friday Funny: Christmas Edition

Posted on 26 December 2008 by Dan

Welcome to Friday Funny! Every Friday, Scouting News will share a Scouting related joke with our readers. Hopefully you find it just as funny as we did!

Sorry this one isn’t Scouting related, but it is Christmas related.

Rudolph and his wife, Hilga, were shopping in downtown Moscow one day. It started to snow, and Hilga delightedly said, “Oh Rudolph dear, we are going to have a white Christmas!”

Rudolph sternly replied, “It is NOT snowing, it is raining, dear!”

Hilga said, “Can’t you see the snowflakes? It is obviously snowing, dear!”

“No, Hilga dear, it is raining!”, replied Rudolph, somewhat annoyed.

“I am am sorry to disagree with you, dear, but it is snowing, Rudolph.” said Hilga.

In exasperation, Rudolph replied, “Listen, Hilga! Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear!”

Do you have a Scouting related joke? Would you like to see it featured on a future Friday Funny? If so please use the contact us page to send it to us. If you include your Unit and / or website address it will be included with the joke.

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Merry Christmas 2008!

Posted on 25 December 2008 by Dan

Merry Christmas from Scouting News! While things have been quiet on the news front, I just wanted to remind everyone we are still here. Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas Day with family and friends and will have a joyous holiday season!

Last night, Steve from Melrose Scouting Productions, joined Cubmaster Chris during his live “An Hour A Week” Christmas show, and read the story “A Christmas Scout”. I’d encourage you to check it out, A Reading of “The Christmas Scout”.

Scouting Goals for the New Year
What do you want to do during 2009? What Scouting Goals or resolutions do you have? Any Scouting events you are looking forward to? I’m looking to hear what you are focusing on in the new year! Please let me know via twitter @scoutingnews or via email. I would really like to hear from at least five readers!

Merry Christmas!

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Caption Contest Winner Announced!

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Caption Contest Winner Announced!

Posted on 21 December 2008 by Dan

There were 14 great entries to the first Scouting News Caption Contest.

The task at hand was to provide a caption for this photo:

After the contest closed yesterday, I worked to narrow down the entries to one winning entry. I’ll be honest, it was a lot harder than I had expected, and I probably won’t hold another caption contest unless I can get someone else to judge it ; )

It came down to Ivan’s “Just a minute ago they let Den leader Bob know that committee was looking for a new Cubmaster.” and Steve’s “This was not what I had in mind when I was asked to run the meeting“.

In the end I only have one Scouting for Adventure Season One Dvd prize to give away so I had to pick one. I thought about flipping a coin or picking a random number, but in the end it came to my love of puns.

So the winner is Steve’s “This was not what I had in mind when I was asked to run the meeting“. Congratulations to Steve and to all the other entrants!

On a side note if anyone knows the individual in the picture or more of the story behind it please contact us. I’d like to do an interview with the Boston Marathon Cub Scout Leader!

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