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Baltimore Area Council to Pilot Alternative BSA Under Armour Field Uniform

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Baltimore Area Council to Pilot Alternative BSA Under Armour Field Uniform

Posted on 31 July 2009 by Dan

Under Armour LogoUnder Armour is collaborating with Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America to pilot a new field uniform, as an optional alternative to the current uniform.

The initiative is an effort to appeal to kids who represent a diverse, varied cross-section of America youth. The field uniform will have a look for today’s adolescent and teen age youth who may not want to be seen in public in a traditional Boy Scout uniform. The price point is to be competitive, not too high end, but not discount. This Field Uniform will support attracting and retaining a larger market share of youth who may have not been Cub Scouts but see the popularity of Under Armour gear.

Editors Note:
We at Scouting News will try to keep readers informed as the pilot progress, however please note that some pilot programs are kept fairly quiet.

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Personal Watercraft Pilot Update

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Personal Watercraft Pilot Update

Posted on 31 July 2009 by admin

BSA Personal Watercraft

Back in May, we informed readers about a Personal Watercraft Pilot program being held at Claytor Lake Adventure Base. The personal Watercraft Pilot at the Claytor Lake Adventure Base within the Blue Ridge Mountains Council in Roanoke, Virginia, has now completed three weeks of summer camp operations.

An initial requirement for participation in the PWC Pilot Program was successful completion of the Virginia Boater Safety Course. These Scouts are then assigned to other activities within the camp for the remainder of the week. No injuries have occurred thus far, and the camp is documenting all incidents and near misses, as required.

Approximately 120 Scouts have participated in the full program, and initial response appears to be very positive. Weekly e-mail surveys to program participants will be sent in an effort to collect detailed feedback regarding all aspects of the pilot.

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Stay Connected with NOAC Mobile!

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Stay Connected with NOAC Mobile!

Posted on 30 July 2009 by Dan

NOAC Mobile WebsiteIf you are attending the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) which starts officially tomorrow, be sure to check out the NOAC Mobile Website.

The NOAC Mobile website will allow Arrowmen to use their PDA and internet enabled phones to keep up with the latest NOAC news, happenings, schedule changes, and weather. The NOAC Mobile website ( is compatible with most devices including iPhone, Blackberry, and Treo.

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Cub Scouts 2010

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Cub Scouts 2010

Posted on 30 July 2009 by admin

Cub ScoutsThe development of materials to support the change in the delivery method for Cub Scouts (Cub Scouts 2010) continues. Teams of volunteers are working to make the necessary changes within publications and training. A full time line of deliverables will be rolled out at Top Hands in August.

Highlights include:
– A new Den and Pack Leader’s Resource Guide—a one stop tool for running den and pack meetings. This will replace Program Helps. This new resource will be available online and in print.

– Den meeting plans, the core to this methodology, are being expanded to support dens that meet year-round. These plans also will support those that don’t work around a school-year calendar and those that meet more frequently than twice per month. Plans will support advancement, electives, activity badges, and summertime activities and awards.

– Fast Start (den leader and Cubmaster) and Leader Specific Training (den leader and Cubmaster) will be changing to reflect the change in delivery method and to better time content delivery with new leaders’ information needs. Den Leader and Cubmaster Leader Specific Training will be available online as well as in a trainer-presented format.

– Roundtable will be largely unaffected, although the seasonal themes used historically will be discontinued in favor of a calendar more tightly aligned with the traditional Scouting calendar.

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Camp Karankawa Logo

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Dow Community Grant Awarded to Camp Karankawa

Posted on 29 July 2009 by admin

Camp Karankawa LogoDow Chemical Co. announced on July 1, 2009 the awarding of a 2009 Community Grant to the Bay Area Council.

The Grant proposal was submitted for the replacement of the drinking water pressure tank at Camp Karankawa. The pressure tank was in dire need of replacement and with the Grant Award the tank will now be replaced.

The amount of the Grant is for $25,000. Dow sponsors two types of Grants: The Heritage Grant – Maximum $25,000 and the Diamond Grant – Maximum $5,000. According to Dow’s Gary Hockstra, site manager, there were 72 applications submitted this year. This is double the number as in past years. There were 12 Grants awarded this year. The Bay Area Council was one of three recipients of the maximum $25,000 Heritage Grant.

The Bay Area Council expresses its sincere gratitude to the Dow Chemical Co. for this generous Award. This Award will ensure Camp Karankawa of adequate drinking water for another twenty years.

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Video: Boy Scouts Explain How They Saved Leader

Posted on 28 July 2009 by admin

Eight Houston Boy Scouts explain how they took care of their leader and carried him to safety after he became to sick to continue during their trek in Colorado.

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Embroidered Centennial Ring Emblem

Posted on 28 July 2009 by Dan

embroidered-centennial-ring-emblemA new emblem released for the 100th anniversary is flying off Scout Shop shelves! The emblem designed to be placed around the World Crest emblem, went on sale last week.

The Embroidered Centennial Ring Emblem, is being sold for $1.49 and is available online at and in Scout Shops around the country.

Official product description:
2 5/8″ embroidered ring meant to encircle the World Crest emblem. The words “Boy Scouts of America, 1910 — 100 Years — 2010″ embroidered in red and white, on red, white, blue, and gold background. World Crest emblem sold separately.

While official information about this emblem is not readily available, the ScoutStuff Facebook page has a few pieces of information, posted by staff.
– It’s optional and can be worn on any uniform (all programs) around the World Crest.
– This goes around the World Crest, so it would not be considered for temporary placement as advised by the Insignia Guide.
– Feel free to wear it at least through 2010.

What are your thoughts on this new emblem? Will your uniform be sporting one?

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Gone Home Trail Sign

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Gone Home: Scout Collapses While Hiking at Philmont Scout Ranch

Posted on 27 July 2009 by Dan

Gone Home Trail SignThe Northern Star Council and Philmont Scout Ranch Scouting Communities are morning the death of a member of our Scouting family. Timothy Nunn, a fourteen-year-old Scout from Troop 123 in Northern Star Council collapsed while hiking at Philmont Scout Ranch on Friday, July 24, 2009.

According to a statement by the Boy Scouts, the health and safety of participants is a top priority. His group immediately performed CPR until emergency medical personnel from Philmont Scout Ranch and Cimarron, New Mexico, arrived. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, they were unable to resuscitate him.

After being notified of their son’s death, Timmy’s parents flew to New Mexico; they later released the following statement:

Timmy loved Boy Scouts. All preliminary indications are that there is nothing anyone could have done, whether he would have been at home or out on a hike, to save him. God blessed us as parents to have given us Timmy, and God blessed Timmy to have given him Boy Scouts and the opportunity to go to Philmont. He loved Boy Scouts, baseball and his family and he died doing something he loved.

The family encouraged the Scouts in Timmy’s Troop to continue their trek at Philmont, and is postponing their son’s funeral until early August, after the group returns from New Mexico.

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ISCA Membership Changes Coming Soon

Posted on 26 July 2009 by admin

ISCA LogoMr. Craig Leighty, President of the International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA), posted a heads up to Patch-L of a membership change that is coming soon to ISCA. According to Mr. Leighty, the official notification will be in the September Journal.

We wanted to inform Patch-Lers that there has been a change in the Membership fee for ISCA. The official notification will be in the September Journal. FYI, the current cost of membership is $25. There is NO CHANGE for current Life Members and regular members until their current dues expires.

Effective next Tuesday, July 28th, the cost of membership will drop to $10.00 per year. Membership will include access to the Journal on-line on the ISCA website, but “membership” in ISCA will no longer include a copy of the Journal mailed to you (except for current Life members and regular members as noted above).

The new $10.00 fee is for NEW MEMBERSHIPS and RENEWALS that pay starting next Tuesday. Again, it will give you on-line access to the Journal, but no hard copy will be mailed to you. Going forward, if you wish to
subscribe to the Journal, you may do that separately (however, you must be a member to be able to subscribe to a copy of the Journal that will be mailed to you). Cost of a subscription to the Journal is $25.00 per year mailed to a domestic location and the cost is $50 per year mailed to an International location. The website effective next week will reflect the new membership fee and a separate cost for a subscription to the Journal that is mailed to you.

Not: If you join or renew your membership prior to next Tuesday, you can still pay the old fee and it will include a copy of the Journal mailed to you. If you are renewing, your membership date will be extended by
one year from the current end date.

1) Cost of Membership: $10.00 per year (and gets you access to the Journal on-line)

2) Cost of a Subscription of the Journal (through the mail): $25.00 per year (to a domestic mail address)

3) Cost of a Subscription of the Journal (through the mail): $50.00 per year (to an international mail address)

4) You must be a member to be able to subscribe to a copy of the Journal that is mailed to you

5) All of the above is effective for NEW Members and RENEWALS effective Tuesday, July 28th

6) There is NO IMPACT on current Life members

7 ) There is NO Impact on current regular members, until your dues expire . . . then when you renew, the new structure will apply

8 ) You can renew at the old rate if you desire until sometime on Monday, July 27th up until we turn off the current plan to get ready to implement the new plan.

We’re all excited about NOAC and the NOAC Trade-o-ree which is hosted by ISCA this time and is an actual program event for NOAC. So, if you are attending either, stop by and say hi . . . you can also pay your dues or renew there as well, but that will be using the new rates.

To learn more about the International Scouting Collectors Association visit their website at

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12th Edition Handbook Versions Cleared Up

Posted on 25 July 2009 by Dan

After some speculation about the new 12th Edition handbook and its various versions, a helpful comment has cleared up the questions.

Nathan, a BSA national scout shop employee, who has seen the “shrink wrapped” books, left a comment on the original Scouting News post. Here is the skinny:

The 12th Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook will be released on August 1. There are five different versions of the handbook that will be available. The first two types are the spiral and perfect/glue bound books. The third is a mini handbook, which primarily contains all of the rank requirements. The fourth is a library edition, which is a larger, hard bound/hard cover version of the book. The last version is a deluxe set. I am not that aware of what the deluxe set is, only that it has something to do with all of the past Boy Scout Handbooks.

I should have known originally that there would be a glue bound and spiral version. The mini handbook is awesome for Scouts working requirements, though I wouldn’t consider that a version of the “handbook”, unless it is different than what I am thinking. The library and deluxe versions make sense with the 100th anniversary. I am surprised that there is not an official Spanish version being pushed out.

Thanks Nathan for clearing up the speculation!

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