12th Edition Handbook Versions Cleared Up

Posted on 25 July 2009 by Dan

After some speculation about the new 12th Edition handbook and its various versions, a helpful comment has cleared up the questions.

Nathan, a BSA national scout shop employee, who has seen the “shrink wrapped” books, left a comment on the original Scouting News post. Here is the skinny:

The 12th Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook will be released on August 1. There are five different versions of the handbook that will be available. The first two types are the spiral and perfect/glue bound books. The third is a mini handbook, which primarily contains all of the rank requirements. The fourth is a library edition, which is a larger, hard bound/hard cover version of the book. The last version is a deluxe set. I am not that aware of what the deluxe set is, only that it has something to do with all of the past Boy Scout Handbooks.

I should have known originally that there would be a glue bound and spiral version. The mini handbook is awesome for Scouts working requirements, though I wouldn’t consider that a version of the “handbook”, unless it is different than what I am thinking. The library and deluxe versions make sense with the 100th anniversary. I am surprised that there is not an official Spanish version being pushed out.

Thanks Nathan for clearing up the speculation!

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  1. Devan Plantamura Says:

    Hey bill. I got a chance to really look at the new scout handbook. When you get a chance go take a look at the page located in the first aid section of the book. The page about what to do when a fish hook gets stuck in your hand. No more pushing the fish hook all the way through and the cutting off the barb so you can smoothly pull it back through. No, now the book states that you are supposed to take 3 feet of extra fishing line, make sure you are clear of people withing a 10 foot diameter, and then pull as hard as you can until you rip the fish hook out. Now if its near or in the eye or in the ear you are supposed to seek medical help. There are also numerous typos in the book. This fish hook fiasco was reportedly a mistake along with the typos. I think it was someone who was trying to be funny and got lucky. The rumor is that these books are being re-published for a second batch with no typos, and a new fish hook page coming out in September. So hurry up and pick up your first edition before they run out. You never know they might end up being worth something.

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