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Re-enlistment at National Scout Jamboree

Re-enlistment at National Scout Jamboree

Posted on 31 July 2010 by admin

U.S. Navy Petty Officer Derrick R. Hurt, Joint Task Force-National Scout Jamboree team leader and emergency preparedness badge instructor, was re-enlisted by Air Force Brig. Gen Robert C. Nolan II, commander, JTF-NSJ on July 30.

On a hot, humid day at the Eagle Scout Alumni Arena, National Scout Jamboree held on Ft. A. P. Hill, Va., an unusual event occurred. Petty Officer 1st Class Derrick Ray Hurt, also known as Eagle Scout Derrick Hurt, was re-enlisted by Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert C. Nolan II, commander, Joint Task Force-National Scout Jamboree.

“I am a Navy corpsman wearing a Marine uniform, re-enlisting on an Army fort by an Air Force general,” said Hurt, describing the event. “You will never be able to cover all those bases again.”

Nolan described Hurt as a Corpsman that always ran into harms way when the call came for medical help while deployed in Iraq; supporting the Marines and other forces.

Hurt is here supporting the JTF-NSJ as the team lead for Emergency Preparedness at the Jamboree’s Merit Badge Midway.

“This is a great opportunity to mesh my two passions in life, Boy Scouts and the military,” said Hurt.

Hurt credits the scouts for giving him the foundation as a leader, and the knowledge to excel as a Navy corpsman.

After his re-enlistment, Hurt was presented with a complimentary lifetime membership to the Eagle Scout Alumni Association.

Story and Photo By: Staff Sgt. Wynnfred Hoke

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Guard’s NASCAR Drivers Meet Scouts at Jamboree

Guard’s NASCAR Drivers Meet Scouts at Jamboree

Posted on 30 July 2010 by admin

A Boy Scout ties a split to the arm of Jeff Gordon, driver of the National Guard's No. 24 NASCAR, during the 2010 National Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, Va., July 29.

With little urging by Sgt. Ken Weichert, thousands of Boy Scouts from around the country cheered as NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Jeff Gordon walked onto the stage here at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree July 29.

“It’s awesome to be a part of this and an honor to be here … as we represent the men and women of the National Guard every week out there on the race track,” said Jeff Gordon, driver of the No. 24 National Guard-sponsored NASCAR racecar. “To get to see what you have been doing here the last few days, and the excitement you guys have, it’s incredible.”

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., told the Scouts that he had no idea what to expect at the jamboree. “I went on YouTube to figure out what we were getting in to, and this is pretty cool what you are doing.

“We appreciate you guys welcoming us like this and we hope you have fun today while we’re here,” said the driver of the No. 88 National Guard-sponsored NASCAR racecar.

After answering a few questions that were previously submitted by some of the Scouts, Gordon and Earnhardt participated in a head-to-head competition on stage with members of the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s national honor society.

The competition between Team Gordon and Team Earnhardt required the Scouts to use their first aid training, as they had to splint the leg, sling the arm and treat the burn of the driver of their respective teams.

After a lightning round, Team Gordon took home the prize, but in the end, everyone was a winner, and they each received a small trophy and a group photo with the drivers.

In addition to the NASCAR superstars, the National Guard featured American Motorcyclists Association superbike driver Jason Zemke and several World Wrestling Entertainment personalities, including Sgt. Slaughter.

“The kids are really enjoying seeing the military here, and there is a lot of buzz in the air because of that,” said Staff Sgt. Ryan Brubaker, a Montana National Guard member, who was the master of ceremonies for the Guard activities.

More than 44,000 were here to celebrate the 100th year of Scouting, and about 600 National Guardsmen from 15 states supported the jamboree.

“To be a part of this organization and have the opportunity to come out and support the Boy Scouts like this is a great privilege,” said Brubaker. “Seeing them have so much fun has motivated myself to have fun as well.”

Story and Photo By: Sgt. Darron Salzer

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Army Guard Helicopters and Air Force Parachutists Take Jamboree to the Skies

Army Guard Helicopters and Air Force Parachutists Take Jamboree to the Skies

Posted on 29 July 2010 by admin

A member of the Golden Knights, the United States Army's parachute demonstration team, supports the Joint Task Force-National Scout Jamboree by dropping into the Boy Scouts of America 2010 National Scout Jamboree

The vast, wooded forests and rolling, green hills of Fort A.P. Hill, Va., have provided a rich, natural environment for each Boy Scouts of America’s National Jamboree since 1981. Thousands of scouts from across the country partake in the opportunity to hike the scenic trails, spot the varieties of wildlife and appreciate the ecological wonders of the area.

But as the scouts enjoyed the events on the campgrounds, there were plenty of activities taking place in the skies above them. Between lessons to earn merit badges and trade patches with new friends, scouts often looked up to see U.S. Army National Guard Black Hawk UH-60 helicopters careen through the air. And behind the aircraft, a trail of two or three parachutists floated downward almost right near where the scouts were standing, something to make their time there even more special.

The West Virginia West Army National Guard helicopters from West Virginia partnered with other military service branches and civilian organizations throughout the 2010 National Scout Jamboree here at Fort A.P. Hill, Va., July 26-August 4. The units’ performances are scheduled and coordinated by the Joint Task Force-Aviation Task Force in support of the Jamboree and the 100th Anniversary of scouting.

The guard helicopters are not only utilized for air shows and parachute jumps, but for emergency contingencies like using “Bambi buckets” to collect water to extinguish potential forest fires. The Guard conducted a simulated exercise by collecting and dumping water at Thunder Lake on Fort A.P. Hill July 23.

“All the aviation assets you’ll see for this operation are Army National Guard helicopters,” said U.S. Army National Guard Lt. Col. John Till, Aviation Task Force commander. “It’s definitely a joint exercise with civilian emergency services, the fire department, Air Force air traffic controllers on the ground, and the Army in the air.”

For the Jamboree itself, Guard helicopters took members of the “Wings of Blue” parachute team from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo., through several high- and low-altitude jumps over the Jamboree campgrounds.

“We’re glad the military could help out with the Joint Task Force help out on the Jamboree,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Scott Drinkard, U.S. Air Force Academy “Wings of Blue” parachute team.

Drinkard and fellow parachutists participated in dozens of jumps throughout the week, some at heights between 4,500 and 9,000 feet. Some jumpers even utilized elaborate smoke streamers or carried military service and prisoner-of-war flags as they descended closer to the campgrounds, especially during one of the Jamboree’s arena shows.

While the appearance of the aircraft and jumpers may add extra flair for Jamboree spectators, West Virginia U.S. Army Guard Chief Warrant Officer James Wildman, Black Hawk pilot, said working with other service branches made the trip more unique for him and his team.

And according to U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Jesse Galt, a parachutist with “Wings of Blue” and former Eagle Scout, the chance to jump from a helicopter to the Jamboree fairgrounds also had special significance.

“Three years ago, I was a boy scout and now I’m jumping into air shows all over the country and the world,” Galt said.

“This joint task force has been a very professional organization that’s run very well,” Wildman said. “And it’s a pleasure to be here and support the jamboree, too.”

Joint Task Force-National Scout Jamboree plans and executes all Department of Defense operations and activities in support of the Boy Scouts of America at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree at Fort A. P. Hill.

The JTF’s goal is to provide professional military support and a safe and secure environment for Scouts and visitors during the event.

The Department of Defense’s presence and effort at the NSJ emphasizes the commitment to the nation’s youth.

Story By: Airman 1st Class Joe Mcfadden
Photo By: Spc. Alisha Hauk

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