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SnapSports® Provides Futsal Court for Utah Boy Scouts at Scout-O-Rama 2011

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SnapSports® Provides Futsal Court for Utah Boy Scouts at Scout-O-Rama 2011

Posted on 29 April 2011 by Press Release

SnapSports®, the industry leading manufacturer of athletic surfacing, will be supplying a SnapSports® multi-patented Futsal court, for Scout-O-Rama 2011, being held at the South Towne Expo Center, in Sandy, UT on April 30, 2011. The SnapSports® Futsal soccer court will be used as an interactive showcase, to garner more youth involvement in the game of Futsal, and also to give kids the opportunity to learn more about scouting.

Utah’s 2011 Scout-O-Rama, hosted by the Great Salt Lake Council, Boys Scouts of America, will not only be an opportunity for the scouts to showcase their skills, but also will highlight the kick off of their focus on ‘A New Century of Scouting Service’, by which the scouts put an emphasis on completing 2011 hours of service and encourage all attendees to participate as well, by bringing a canned food item to be donated to the Utah Food Bank or a children’s book to be donated to Read Today.

The annual Scout-O-Rama event is expected to bring 25,000-30,000 attendees of all ages and give them the opportunity to participate in fun and exciting “hands-on” exhibits, including an interactive clinic with two indoor soccer leagues that will be playing games on the SnapSports® Futsal court.

SnapSports® multi-patented sports surfacing, is specifically designed to endure high-performance play by athletes of all ages and ability. Incorporating a multi-patent shock-absorption technology, SnapSports® athletic surfacing, eases the impact on joints, allowing athletes to play safer and longer. As the official flooring of the United States Futsal Federation (USFF), SnapSports®, is delighted to partner with an outstanding organization like the Great Salt Lake Council, Boys Scouts of America, to help promote youth involvement in the sport, and within the scout’s organization.

“Having this event right in our backyard is fantastic, everyone here at SnapSports is looking forward to seeing an exciting weekend of fun family oriented sports competition take place on our floors. ”- Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports, Inc.

The Scouts Organization hopes that by incorporating the sport of Futsal they can encourage more Hispanic youth to become involved in scouting as well. Also expected to join in Saturday’s activities is Leo the Lion, ReAL Salt Lake Mascot, who will stop by and help the kids do some goal shooting on the SnapSports® Futsal court later that afternoon. The Great Salt Lake Council has also announced Jerry Sloan, as the 2011 Scout-O-Rama Honorary Chairman.

“It’s these kinds of partnerships that are what scouting is all about.”- Reid Hall, Boy Scouts of America, Great Salt Lake Council.

About SnapSports®
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah – SnapSports®, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of interlocking modular suspended sports surfacing. The 100,000 square foot facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

In addition to the 100+ team members at headquarters and 100’s of dealers and resellers around the world, SnapSports® offers unmatched customer service and expertise to their valued customers. No company has more hands-on experience within the management team than that of SnapSports®, they are the inventors of the outdoors backyard court industry you see today and the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular sports flooring for residential and commercial applications. SnapSports® is proudly Made In The USA

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Scouting App Thursday – Helleniechsin

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Scouting App Thursday – Helleniechsin

Posted on 28 April 2011 by Dan

I’m starting a new feature here on Scouting News.  With the increasing number of Scouting related applications for phones I’ve decided to feature a new one each week.

This week I’m taking a look at an application called Helleniechsin.  Helleniechsin is an English-Lenape Dictionary of the Lenni Lenape (Delaware Indian) language as spoken by the Moravian Missionaries in the 18th Century for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  Version 1.0 is currently available in the App Store.

The Helleniechsin App features:

  • An alphabetically indexed dictionary of Lenni Lenape words.
  • Browse words by groups, or as the app calls it “groups”. (ex: trees)
  • Search by Lenni Lenape word.
  • Search by English word.
  • Help section which contains background information, pronunciation guide, grammar guide, and technical help in using the application.

You can find additional information and more screenshots on the Helleniechsin App page in the App Store or on the developer’s website.

At this point I think there are going to be two types of people reading this review:

The first group is thinking, this is all fine and dandy but what does a Lenni Lenape dictionary application have anything to do with Scouting?  Well, the short answer is the Order of the Arrow has a large number of customs and traditions based on the Delaware Indians, or Lenni Lenape.  The Lenni Lenape language is used in ceremonies, vigil names, and sometimes position titles.

The second group is thinking, this is sweet, this is going to make Order of the Arrow Vigil Selection and finding Vigil names so much easier.  I fall in this group, I remember flipping through torn-up photocopied versions of Lenne Lenape dictionaries looking for just the right name.

Overall, the Heleniechsin app looks like a great resource for the Scouting and Order of the Arrow community!  The developer of Helleniechsen is a long-term Scouter and an Order of the Arrow Vigil member.  You can see the other Scouting related applications he has developed at

 Helleniechsin - ScoutApps.netCheck out Helleniechsin today and let us know what you think of it below in the comments!

Check out the other Scouting Apps!

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Boy Scouts of America Observes Youth Protection Month

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Boy Scouts of America Observes Youth Protection Month

Posted on 25 April 2011 by Press Release

In observance of April as Youth Protection Month, the Boy Scouts of America is working to raise awareness about the dangers and challenges facing youth, and to reiterate the BSA’s own policies and procedures to protect youth. This year, Scouting is encouraging local councils and individual Scouting units to focus on two critical areas: effectively recognizing and reporting child abuse, and Internet safety.

“Youth protection is—and has always been—of paramount importance to the BSA, and we continue to enhance our policies and procedures in line with the growing awareness of the dangers and challenges facing youth,” said the BSA’s Chief Scout Executive, Bob Mazzuca. “Scouting’s leadership works throughout the year to ensure we remain at the forefront of these important issues. Youth Protection Month provides an ideal opportunity for all of Scouting—including our volunteers and parents—to review important safety information with the children in our lives and to reaffirm our commitment to protect them.”

In July 2010, the BSA appointed Michael Johnson, an internationally recognized expert on child abuse investigation and prevention, as its first full-time Youth Protection director. Johnson and his team will continue to review the BSA’s policies, procedures, and training materials and recommend continued enhancements to ensure the BSA remains at the forefront of youth protection. Since last summer, the BSA has made the following enhancements to its youth protection efforts:

•Improved Tools to Encourage Prompt Reporting of Abuse: The BSA’s Youth Protection Team has increased and clarified national standards for reporting inappropriate conduct, which were published in the 2011 edition of the Guide to Safe Scouting. Additionally, the BSA is publishing a series of fact sheets to help volunteers recognize various types of abuse and is launching new online tools to encourage prompt reporting.
•Mandatory Training for All Adult Volunteers: Effective June 1, 2010, the BSA required all adult volunteers to complete Youth Protection training every two years in order to maintain their membership. Since that time, approximately 640,000 people have taken the training. Johnson also has led a series of in-person workshops to review safety information and ensure volunteers understand how to recognize and report abuse.
•Social Media Guidelines: In conjunction with Youth Protection Month, the BSA released guidelines for Scouts and Scouting’s adult leaders on how to safely use social media. These guidelines are available at:  and are part of the BSA’s continuing effort to enhance and expand its youth protection programs.

“Mike Johnson and his support team, made up of people from multiple disciplines, are already having a positive impact on our organization,” Mazzuca said. “When it comes to cultivating a safe environment, our message to all adult members is clear, ‘Youth protection begins with you.’™”

“The challenges and dangers facing today’s youth continue to change and expand,” Johnson said. “At all levels of the organization, Scouting takes very seriously its responsibility to adapt to these evolving needs. We are steadfastly committed to the continued advancement of these efforts. The BSA simply refuses to compromise on the safety of youth, and I am proud to be part of this organization.”

About the Boy Scouts of America
The Boy Scouts of America prepares young people for life by providing the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. The Scouting organization is composed of 2.7 million youth members between the ages of 7 and 21, and more than a million volunteers, in nearly 300 local councils throughout the United States and its territories. For more information, please visit

Source: Boy Scouts of America

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Coming to the 2013 Jamboree: Venturing Crews

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Coming to the 2013 Jamboree: Venturing Crews

Posted on 20 April 2011 by admin

Beginning in 2013, Venturing Crew members are eligible to participate in the National Scout Jamboree. There has been an overlap between this policy being established and the recent publishing of an updated version of the Guide to Safe Scouting, which states that only Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts can participate. The electronic version of the Guide to Safe Scouting will be updated to reflect the correct information. The hard copy version will be updated at the next printing.

Source: Scout Wire News Release

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BSA Membership Impact Adds New Membership Specialist

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BSA Membership Impact Adds New Membership Specialist

Posted on 19 April 2011 by admin

The Membership Impact Department is pleased to announce the addition of Rudy Gonzalez to our staff. In this position, Rudy will join the National Council on April 18 as a membership specialist on the Membership Recruitment Team and will be responsible for supporting the team’s primary mission of providing tactical support to local councils in building their capacity to grow and sustain their membership.

Rudy will assist in developing, strategizing, and implementing a comprehensive framework for advancing the full range of diversity and inclusion efforts in local councils.

Rudy began his professional Scouting career in the Sam Houston Area Council as a district executive in 2000, and later was promoted to senior district executive. He joined the Circle Ten Council in 2008 as the district director for the North District.

Rudy is an Eagle Scout and has received the Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow. He currently serves as a troop guide for Circle Ten’s Wood Badge 98 for the 21st Century Wood Badge, held at Philmont Scout Ranch. Rudy was also presented the Honor Medal for unusual heroism in saving the life of a young boy.

Rudy is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, with a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural development. He graduated with scholarship support from KPMG Peat Marwick, Go Tejano Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Randall’s Supermarkets, Houston Propeller Club, Houston International Realtors Association, Harrisburg Rotary Club, and USAA.

Source: Scout-Wire News Release

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Check with Strings Attached

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Contest Rewards Four BSA Alumni Committees

Posted on 18 April 2011 by admin

Check with Strings AttachedOn St. Patrick’s Day 2011, the Heart of Virginia Council received a little extra green—the folding-money kind—from the BSA Alumni Office. The council, headquartered in Richmond, was the Southern Region winner in a random drawing to receive $5,000.

Rick Bragga, the National Alumni Committee member who presented the gift, pointed out that the money does have strings attached. The money must be used for alumni-relations purposes, and the council must report back on what it did.

“We are looking to these regional winners to lead the way with unique, unusual, and creative ways of advancing their alumni programs and thereby providing an example to others of what can be accomplished,” he said later. “The contest was a great way to create initiative, raise alumni visibility, and reward progress.”

The contest rewarded progress because it was only open to councils that had increased their base of reconnected alumni by at least 25 percent between June 1 and December 31, 2010. In addition, councils had to submit a roster of their alumni committees.

The other regional winners, each of which received $5,000, were the Hudson Valley Council in Newburgh, N.Y. (Northeast Region), the Gerald R. Ford Council in Grand Rapids, Mich. (Central Region), and the Long Beach Area Council in Long Beach, Calif. (Western Region).

Bragga said the contest was so popular that the committee is considering running another contest with a different focus—although still with the goal of reconnecting and reengaging alumni. “If we could reconnect the over 100 million BSA alumni, think what we could do for the youth of America,” he said. “Whether it is awareness, support, membership, or sheer numbers of volunteers, anything would be possible.”

Source: BSA Alumni News

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Robotics Merit Badge Booklet

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Boy Scouts of America Introduces Robotics Merit Badge

Posted on 12 April 2011 by Press Release

Robotics Merit Badge BookletWhen people think of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), they envision activities like camping, knot-tying, and canoeing, but soon, they’ll need to add robot-building to that list. Scouts in 2011, through the introduction of the Robotics merit badge, now have the opportunity to design, build, and demonstrate a robot of their own creation.

The Robotics merit badge is part of the BSA’s new curriculum emphasis on STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math. The BSA focus on STEM takes a fun, adventurous approach to helping Scouts develop critical skills that are relevant and needed in today’s competitive world. The new merit badge is one of 31 STEM-related merit badges that Scouts can earn.

“The Robotics merit badge is an example of how Scouting remains true to its roots to help young people be prepared,” said BSA Chief Scout Executive Bob Mazzuca. “While the guiding principles of Scouting—service to others, leadership, personal achievement, and respect for the outdoors—will never change, we continue to adapt programs to prepare young people for success in all areas of life.”

This merit badge involved approximately 14 months of development and input from more than 150 youth members, leaders, and industry professionals from across the nation. Earning the Robotics merit badge requires a Scout to understand how robots move (actuators), how they sense the environment (sensors), and how they understand what to do (programming). Scouts will spend approximately 14 hours meeting the requirements of this merit badge, including that they design a robot and demonstrate how it works. The BSA anticipates more than 10,000 Robotics merit badges will be earned in its first year.

The BSA developed the Robotics merit badge because of the wide-reaching impact of robotics and the role STEM will continue to play in young people’s lives moving forward. Robots are used in almost every field—in medicine and manufacturing, law enforcement and search and rescue, and space and underwater exploration. They appear regularly in daily life, be it vacuuming, mowing the lawn, and/or cleaning the pool. Even some video game controllers are considered robots.

To earn the Robotics merit badge, Scouts must (example only):

?Explain and discuss hazards and safety prevention
?Explain how robots are used today
?Discuss three of the five major fields of robotics (human-robot interface, mobility, manipulation, programming, sensors)
?Design, build, program, and test their robot
?Demonstrate the robot, and share the engineering notebook for that robot
?Attend a robotics competition or do research on robotics competitions
?Discuss career opportunities in robotics (Must include information on the education, training, and experience required.)

A full list of the requirements is available at

BSA merit badge and advancement programs:

?Robotics is one of more than 120 merit badges that are education- or hobby-based.
?There are 31 STEM-related merit badges that Boy Scouts can earn, and 26 of the pins and belt loops in the Cub Scout program are related to STEM.
?The Robotics merit badge will be the first merit badge in the BSA interactive merit badge resource center at

Organizations that assisted in the creation and launch of the Robotics merit badge include:

?AUVSI Foundation
?Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy
?Carnegie Science Center, Roboworld
?iRobot Corporation
?LEGO® Education North America
?Museum of Science, Boston
?National Electronics Museum
?National Robotics Week
?Robotics Education and Competition Foundation
?University of Texas-Dallas, Science and Engineering Education Center
?VEX Robotics, Inc.

About the Boy Scouts of America
The Boy Scouts of America prepares young people for life by providing the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. The Scouting organization is composed of 2.7 million youth members between the ages of 7 and 21, and more than a million volunteers, in nearly 300 local councils throughout the United States and its territories. For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, please visit

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Graphic Arts Merit Badge Day a Sell Out

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Graphic Arts Merit Badge Day a Sell Out

Posted on 09 April 2011 by Press Release

What do the Boy Scouts of America, the graphic arts and pulp and paper have in common?

Answer: A Merit Badge Day hosted at the International Printing Museum.

More than 100 Boy Scouts signed up within 24 hours of an announcement that the International Printing Museum was going to host a Merit Badge Day on Saturday, May 7, for boys to earn their Graphic Arts and Pulp & Paper merit badges. Within five days of the announcement, an additional 100 boys on the waiting list

“For the past eight years, I have been a merit badge counselor for the Graphic Arts and Pulp and Paper merit badges,” commented Don Burdge, president of Burdge Cooper Printing. “During that time I received only one call from a boy interested in getting his Graphic Arts merit badge; and he never showed up for the appointment.

“Witnessing the demise of graphic arts education in our school system over the past generation and watching the public condemn paper as an evil tree killer I was not too surprised that today’s youth did not seem interested in our industry. Yet as the father of an eagle scout (and one myself) I knew that scouts jumped at the opportunity to further their rank advancement during “merit badge days” held throughout the city.

“For the past year or so, Mark Barbour, curator at the Printing Museum, and I kicked around the idea of creating a Merit Badge Day at the museum,” Burdge continued. “Recently, with help from Dan Freedland of Southwest Offset, and Ethan Lipton, professor at Cal State LA, we developed a program that will be held on Saturday, May 7th, the day before Mother’s Day. Flyers were printed up and calls were made to the five Boy Scout Councils in Southern California to promote this event and a week later we were sold out with another 100 boys on a waiting list (Why isn’t printing this easy to sell?).”

The scouts will spend all day at the museum completing 21 requirements at 12 stations around the museum property. They will make their own paper, silk screen their own T-shirts, and print their own Mothers Day card; along with earning two merit badges in the process. They will learn about careers in the industry and about the colleges in the area that offer graphic arts programs. They will also learn that, contrary to popular to belief, paper is actually good for the earth and the forests.

To accommodate the backlog of scouts already signed up, a second Merit Badge Day will be offered on June 18. As long as there continues to be interest by the Boy Scouts in earning the Graphic Arts and Pulp and Paper merit badges, the museum will continue to host a Merit Badge Day.

“We currently have about 20 volunteers lined up, but we still need another 20 from our industry to help out that day,” Burdge ( noted.

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Smith & Wesson Takes On Steel Challenge for Boy Scouts

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Smith & Wesson Takes On Steel Challenge for Boy Scouts

Posted on 05 April 2011 by Press Release

The Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) announced that the Scholastic Steel Challenge will be featured at the Las Vegas fundraiser for the Boy Scouts of America. The fundraiser is sponsored by Smith & Wesson and this marks the first year that attendees will be shooting pistols as part of the event.

The 4th Annual Las Vegas Boy Scouts Sporting Clays and Smith & Wesson Steel Challenge will take place Friday and Saturday, April 8-9 in Las Vegas. Events kicks off in Las Vegas on Friday with an auction hosted by Land Rover Las Vegas. Then on Saturday participants will head to the Desert Hills Shooting Club in Boulder City for a day of sporting clays and Steel Challenge shooting.

“Smith & Wesson has been a strong supporter of the Boy Scouts of America and we’re thrilled that they have invited the Steel Challenge Shooting Association to be part of the this year’s fundraiser,” said Scott Moore, director of the Scholastic Steel Challenge.

“The Scholastic Steel Challenge is the ideal format for introducing new shooters to pistol competition and, with Smith & Wesson M&P pistols in hand, I’m sure it will be a big hit.”

The 4th Annual Las Vegas Boy Scouts Sporting Clays and Smith & Wesson Steel Challenge will feature the stage Smoke & Hope, just one of the four stages used in the Scholastic Steel Challenge, and the fastest.

The Scholastic Steel Challenge is a national team-oriented youth shooting program developed by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association and funded in part by a grant from the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The program is open to young men and women ages 12 to 20 and offers them the opportunity to compete as a four person team for a national title in the action pistol discipline of speed shooting.

For more information on the Steel Challenge and the Steel Challenge Shooting Association, visit, follow @ScholasticSteel or @SteelChallenge on Twitter, find the Steel Challenge on Facebook or visit the Steel Challenge blog.

The Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) is the national governing body of the sport of Speed Shooting and organizer of the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships and the Scholastic Steel Challenge. For more information please contact us at (360) 855-2245.

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