Arrowmen In Action: Serving the People of a State

Back in February we pointed out a great feature in the NOAC Update Newsletter, called “Arrowmen in Action”. The first Arrowmen featured was involved with building houses in Mexico, the latest in the series highlights an Arrowmen who serves in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Arrowmen In Action: Serving the People of a State

This semester, as many Arrowmen are taking their seats in the schoolhouse, Jeff St. Cyr will be taking his seat in the state house. That’s right, at just twenty years old, Jeff—an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor section chief from Troop 53 in Alton, New Hampshire—is a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. In addition, he’s a student at the University of New Hampshire and, on top of that, chairs his local school board in Alton, New Hampshire.

For Jeff, leadership is something that he’s used to. “It’s always been a part of my life,” he says. In fact, Jeff credits Scouting with giving him the fundamental skills that it takes to be a leader. He was involved in his troop leadership from an early age, starting first as an assistant patrol leader and then working his way up. Today, Jeff serves as Section Chief for NE-1A and will serve as the Conference Vice Chief for Communications at NOAC this summer.

But when he’s not visiting lodges or planning for the conference, Jeff is also representing New Hampshire’s fifth district in the House of Representatives and chairing his local school board. His service on the school board is Jeff’s way of giving back. “I attended the school system when I was younger,” says Jeff. “It’s good to be able to bring a youth perspective to the board.”Jeff St. Cyr

The New Hampshire House of Representatives is made up of 400 members. Of that body, just three are Jeff’s age. The part-time nature of the legislature attracts either young folks who do not yet have careers or retired citizens who have the time and resources to devote to spending time in the capital. But for Jeff, time management is his key to getting things done. “I do a lot of traveling back and forth,” he says. His priorities still lie with getting an education—something Jeff knows is important for his future.

And how does he manage to represent his 3,000 or so constituents in the state house, chair the school board, and run a section? “There’s a balance of working with Scouting and serving constituents,” that Jeff seems to have perfected. At the end of the day, Jeff just enjoys being involved in his community and wants others to know they can be involved, too. “Arrowmen in their communities can certainly get involved,” he encourages. All it takes is the “Power of One”.

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