AT&T Donates $3 Million to BSA’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

The Boy Scouts of America announced today that AT&T has donated $3 million to kick off nationwide support for the youth organization’s 100th Anniversary Celebration. The announcement came during the opening of the BSA’s Annual National Leadership Training Conference in Nashville.

AT&T is the first major donor to step forward with a multi-million dollar contribution and will serve as Scouting’s official communications partner during the 100th Anniversary celebration. Feb. 8, 2010 marks 100 years of Scouting in America for one of the country’s largest youth-serving organizations.

“AT&T’s support is critical to the success of our 100th Anniversary celebration,” said Robert Mazzuca, Chief Scout Executive. “Their generous donation will facilitate the engagement by millions in our effort to energize the Scouting program and demonstrate the value of Scouting to our great nation.

“We cannot thank AT&T enough for all the support they have shown Scouting in the past, and the major investment they have made in Scouting’s future,” Mazzuca added. “We are also very excited at the prospect of others who will join AT&T to support Scouting’s 100 year heritage.”

AT&T’s partnership with the BSA’s 100th Anniversary Celebration brings together the principles the BSA was founded on nearly a century ago and still lives by today — leadership, character, service, environmental stewardship, health, wellness and achievement.

“Supporting our communities and young people has been a major focus for AT&T for more than a century. We’re committed to helping America’s youth succeed — in school, in the workforce and in life,” said AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson, who is serving as the national chairman for the 100th Anniversary Celebration and is a member of the Boy Scouts of America national board. “History shows that Scouting puts kids on a more solid path toward success — staying in school, earning higher wages, even owning a home. We are pleased to be part of this significant milestone in Scouting’s history.”

Over the next two years, BSA will reintroduce to America the contributions Scouting makes in communities across the country and the positive impact Scouting has on millions of young lives. The 100th Anniversary celebration will include major national events, activities, and initiatives to engage nearly 3 million youth and 1.2 million volunteers; an estimated 50 million Scouting alumni; and the general public.

The celebration will focus on a number of key strategic areas:

1) National Effort — Leadership, resources, and infrastructure to deliver a consistent nationwide program.

2) Nationwide Engagement — Activities to engage millions of Americans in the celebration, re-kindle memories of Scouting experiences, and reconnect alumni with the Scouting program.

3) Highlighting Leadership — Community service and achievement programs; a national Hall of Leadership recognizing outstanding Scout volunteers; and a renewed focus on the generational bond in Scouting.

Additional program initiatives will include strategically targeted advertising, public service announcements, and proactive communications. More information about 100 Years of Scouting can be found at

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