Boy Scouts Go Digital, See 700% Increase in Popcorn Sales

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LaGarde, a leader in cutting-edge e-commerce solutions for more than 12 years, shows that it always pays to “be prepared,” as their client, Weaver Popcorn, the main supplier for the Boy Scouts of America fundraising initiatives, has seen online popcorn sales rise 700 percent since they began putting the Scouts on the web. To facilitate this, Weaver recently replaced their existing e-commerce solution, with LaGarde’s Phoenix e-commerce system, and then rebuilt the Boy Scout’s fundraising website.

Weaver Popcorn sought a new e-commerce system to meet the ever-changing demands of PCI-compliancy and to make popcorn ordering easier and safer for clients like the Boy Scouts of America. Within one month of Weaver Popcorn rolling out the new Phoenix e-commerce system, the Boy Scouts experienced record sales growth and increased participation in its fundraising program.

“The Phoenix platform has been key in enabling the Boy Scouts to extend their fundraising efforts online,” said Elizabeth Weaver, Marketing Director of “The Scouts continue to sell popcorn door-to-door, but also will be able to email potential customers directly from the website.”

LaGarde’s Phoenix platform enables the Boy Scouts to import their contacts from their email software and send a marketing message from the Weaver Popcorn site. Also, while there were previously substantial fundraising periods, potential donors can now go online at any time to reorder. You’ll still see scouts outside your local stores and the familiar knock of a young boy asking you to buy popcorn, but if you know a scout, you may be getting an email as well.

“Streamlining buying processes, extending market reach and generating new revenue opportunity is exactly what our Phoenix solution is all about,” said Bob LaGarde, CEO and Founder of LaGarde. “More and more transaction processes are moving to the web. It’s more economical, more available, provides additional geographical reach and access to new customers. What more can you ask for? With economic conditions being what they are today, companies just can’t afford to not streamline sales processes and seek out new revenue opportunities. We are incredibly pleased that the Phoenix solution is proving to be so successful, and we couldn’t be happier that it’s the Boy Scouts who are benefiting from it,” said LaGarde.

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