BSA Registration Fee Increase

The Executive Board of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America unanimously passed a resolution at its business meeting on May 22, 2009, to increase the traditional membership registration fee for all youth and adults to $15 from its current $10, effective Jan. 1, 2010. The last fee increase — from $7 to $10 — was in 2003.

A great deal of thought and consideration went into this decision by both the Executive Board and the Membership Fee Task Force led by National Commissioner Tico Perez. Consideration was given to an expected deficit to the National Council operating budget, the impact to program and council support, the necessary funding required over the next several years, the cost of implementing fee increases annually in systems and forms, as well as the overall fees paid by councils. Input was sought and received from staff and volunteers at the council level. Finally, given all these considerations, it was determined that the best approach was to increase the fee to the level chosen and make every effort to hold that level for a period of at least three years.

Why is the membership fee being increased, especially now, during such difficult economic times?
The National Council is committed to providing added benefits to local councils and volunteers to support the delivery of high-quality Scouting programs in every community. A key investment continues to be in providing more user-friendly web-based resources. For example, via, volunteers will be able to complete even more training requirements on their own schedule, 24 hours a day, via online resources. This will complement their current ability to recharter and manage advancement records online, complete and submit tour permits, and participate in the Scouting Community social network, which continues to grow. Also, in the future, new-member registration will be available online.

As good stewards, we strive to keep costs to a minimum. Even with this increase, youth can receive the full benefits of Scouting membership for only $1.25 per month.

The National Executive Board reviewed revenue and expense projections along with the planned initiatives over the next several years, recognizing that the annual registration fee would not meet expenses. The Board decided that the fee could be increased each year or every other year to keep pace with the expected expenditures, or that it could be raised to the level chosen and held in place over the next several years.

When was the last registration fee increase?
In 2003, the registration fee increased to $10 from $7 — an increase of 43 percent. The new registration fee will be implemented a full seven years since the last increase and at 50 percent, only slightly higher than the 2003 increase.

How long do you expect this fee to be in place?
The National Executive Board, in its approved resolution, noted that it would endeavor to hold this new fee level at least three years.


Q. When does the registration fee increase take effect?
A. All traditional Scouting registrants with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2010, or later will pay the new $15 registration fee or prorated fee of $1.25 per month.

Q. How do you determine who pays the current $10 registration fee and who pays the increased $15 registration fee?
A. The registration fee is based on the effective date of the registration. Any registration for traditional Scouting with an effective date before Jan. 1, 2010, will pay the $10 registration fee or prorated fee of $0.85 a month. Any registration for traditional Scouting with an effective date after December 2009 will pay the $15 registration fee or prorated fee of $1.25 per month.

Q. If a unit that expires Dec. 31, 2009, submits its registration renewal online through Internet Rechartering before Jan. 1, 2010, should they pay the current $10 registration fee or the increased $15 registration fee?
A. The unit should pay the $15 registration fee because the effective date of the renewal will be Jan. 1, 2010.

Q. In November 2009, new boys join a traditional Scouting unit that expires Jan. 31, 2010. What registration fee do they pay?
A. The new registrants will pay two months prorated registration fee at the $10 rate ($0.85 per month). Then when their unit renews, all renewing and new registrants will pay the increased $15 registration fee.

Q. Who pays the new $15 registration fee?
A. All youth and adults registrants for traditional Scouting with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2010, or later will pay a registration fee based on the $15 registration fee rate of $1.25 per month. This includes all additional enrollments to current units, new units and charter renewals.

Q. Who pays the current $10 registration fee?
A. All youth and adult registrants for traditional Scouting with an effective date of Dec. 1, 2009, or earlier will pay a registration fee based on the $10 registration fee rate of $0.85 a month. This includes all additional enrollments to current units, new units and charter renewals.

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Are they kidding? A 50% increase? The board is totally out of touch with units, especially Cub Scouts during a bad economy! Sounds like all ages of scout are being asked to pay for they new national jamboree facility. This has more than doubled the cost of scouting during the last 7 years. Nice 100th anniversary present. I’m glad the previous board and administrations didn’t have the same monetary management skills or dues would be over $100/year by now.

By bp5602 on July 14th, 2009 at 8:06 am

I understand the need to keep up with costs, but I wonder if this isn’t going to end up padding national’s budget at the expense of the local councils. This will likely have a negative impact on the family side of FOS campaigns.

By smw_oh on July 17th, 2009 at 12:06 pm

All this means is that I will need to cut back at Starbucks, once, before 1/1/2010. Good grief, an extra $5 a year? Not a lot to ask to keep the program going, even if it goes to help the new Jambo facility or the new West Virginia High Adventure base.

By rm-FL on July 18th, 2009 at 6:34 pm

Good Grief Nothing! They now make us buy Boy Scout of “America” shirts that are made with pride in China! Its a $5.00 increase at a time when many people are losing thier jobs and having to tighten their belt. All we hear is Sell MORE popcorn and oh by the way your cut of the profit is lower than it used to be. Baden Powell would be disgusted to see his beloved program has become. A “non profit” business that is worried about profit.

By Mw on August 13th, 2009 at 6:29 pm

Not a profit, but just balancing a budget. The cost of doing business, keeping the lights on and other utilities in the service center, alarm systems, computer equipment, salaries for the camp rangers and secretaries who approve: tour permits, advancements, registrations, proof of insurance requests, etc. Yeah, there are a lot of unseen support that goes on. This is just at the local council level. The registration fee’s all go to national who creates the handbooks, leaders manuals, training material, recruiting posters, applications, flyers, etc. If a profit is made the IRS would be all over it.

As far as the China shirts go, yes, it has would be nice to have American. But then you would complain about the price increase of those too, wouldn’t you?

By LJ on November 20th, 2009 at 12:56 am

Really? Is this a big deal?

The answer is no. Just goes to show how reasonable scouting costs have been for so long. 300 bucks for a yearlong membership to a climbing gym- and complaints about a five dollar rise in cost to the BSA. I think a rise in membership cost has been coming our way for a long time.

By mc on February 12th, 2010 at 5:39 pm


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