DK Publishing Introduces Boy Scouts of America® Deck of Trees

This pocket-sized deck of 40 + cards contains all the information needed to identify the major coniferous and broad-leaved trees, as well as cactus and yucca, in North America.

Each card covers the region where the tree naturally occurs and details the characteristics of the foliage, flowers, fruit, and bark.

From the American Beech to the Yellow Birch, this deck of cards provides a useful reference tool for exploring the world of trees. Other DK decks include BSA® Deck of Knots, BSA® Deck of Stars, BSA® Deck of First Aid, BSA ® Deck of Birds, and BSA® Deck of Fishing.

For more information on DK Publishing, please visit Additionally, the Deck of Cards series are available in most major book stores, both online and at retail stores.

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