Don’t Worry about Obama’s ‘America Scouts’

Recently an email has been circulating about the creation of a new youth program called “America Scouts”. It is being forwarded by Volunteers and Professionals alike, and has started to appear on various websites. The copy that was forwarded to me was originally sent from an Associate Director who works at National.

A full copy of the email body:

Obama to Launch “America Scouts”

In an advance copy received by World Net Daily, it appears that the President’s new administration is going to try a bold new approach regarding the nation’s youths. President Obama’s staff is furiously working to finish the first draft of a new youth program, which would rival the traditional boy scouts.

Known as the “America Scouts,” these programs would be announced on March 1 of this year and the program would begin building a skeleton during the summer. On August 4, or Obama’s 48th birthday, the program would begin accepting children between the ages of 4 and 18.

While the exact specifications of the program are either secret or yet to be established, it is believed that there will be three classes of scouts. “Liberty” scouts for children betweeen 4-8. “Patriot” scouts for those between 8-12 and “Constitution” scouts for those up to 18. It is yet unknown if these “Constitution Scouts” would then move up to President Obama’s planned civilian reserve force.

What was made clear by contacts in the Administration is that portions of the White House believe that the Boy Scouts are too old and sedentary. In addition, their ties with religion are undesirable to the new Administration. A fresh start would focus these new scouts on the government, especially in these times of change.

As long as the program is passed by Congress, the America Scouts will be officially run by the federal government, but would be administered by each of the 50 states. The President would have the power to appoint a Scout Commissioner for an 8-year term.

Costs for the America Scouts have not been determined. However, it appears that the program could cost up to $2 billion a year. In order to make up for the costs, parents will be encouraged to contribute and special “reeducation” projects such as “Social Responsibility” will be paid for directly by the federal government.

In order to apply for employment, please write to:

c/o America Scouts
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202

Before everyone starts worrying about this new program and how it will effect the Boy Scouts of America, take a deep breath. It is a hoax. The original piece was a poorly labeled satire post on a website called Jumping In Pools. It was then picked up by Restore the Republic, Free Republic, and Freedom Fighter Radio. From there people started placing it in emails and it has spread like wildfire.

It is not happening and the article’s statement of the Obama Administration’s opinion of the Boy Scouts should not be believed.

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The “World Net Daily” should be your first clue.

Sort of like hearing that there is a b2-headed alien baby in Trump’s pants.

Oh, sorry, that would be the World News Daily.

well, same thing.

Not exactly know for their accuracy and spot checking. Sort of like believing this

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