Eagle Honor Ring Celebrates Scouting’s Highest Rank

Eagle Honor Co. has introduced a new series of Eagle Scout Honor Rings.

The Eagle Honor Ring features a deeply engraved eagle atop a signet style ring. This historic seal type ring has been worn for hundreds of years and carries family crests and other meaningful symbols. The ring’s sides can be customized to exhibit benchmark occasions including camp brands, service group logos, year, or troop number.

Fittingly enough, the Eagle Honor Ring was created by Master Gemologist Appraiser and award-winning jewelry designer Kirk Root, who had the idea to create a custom ring for his son, Chris. His hope was to have it done in time for Chris’ Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

So father and son began working on the project together, with Chris designing the final eagle, and a unique pine bark motif for the body of the ring that is symbolic of the Lost Pines Boy Scout Camp in Texas which was run by Chris’ great-grandfather, ‘Mr. Mac’, who was their first camp ranger. Chris is now a freshman majoring in business (with a minor in jewelry design) at Texas Tech University. Chris has found a natural calling in his artwork, which has earned him statewide and national awards.

“We weren’t really thinking about this being a commercial venture,” said Kirk, who has been in the jewelry business for nearly 30 years and has two retail stores in Austin. “But the more we worked on it, and showed people Chris’ ring who came into the store who were Eagle Scouts, they would said, ‘Hey, I want one of those.’ We would then pull out a design model and heard, ‘Wow, that’s great. When can you make me one?’ Most people never have had a choice like this.”

The Root family has a rich Scouting heritage. His maternal grandfather was an Eagle Scout. His paternal grandfather, though in Scouts but not an Eagle Scout, was Chris’ mentor, and just wanted to make sure that Chris obtained the rank that he had failed to reach.

“Scouting has been a part of our family on both sides for generations,” said Kirk. “This (ring project) kind of became a natural outgrowth of that.”

The Eagle Honor Ring can be viewed and ordered on the website: www.eaglehonor.com or by calling 1-800-299-5475.

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