Eagle Scout Lines Up for Super Bowl XLIII

When the Arizona Cardinals take the field against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 43 on February 1st, an Eagle Scout will settle into his place on the Arizona offensive line.

Starting guard Deuce Lutui (#76) will add his 330 pounds to the Cardinals’ downfield push, as he has for three seasons. The Mesa, Arizona, native and University of Southern California graduate will protect Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner as the NFC Champion Cardinals compete for the franchise’s first NFL Championship since 1947.

A member of the 2004 NCAA Champion USC Trojans, Deuce knows about winning football games and trophies. He also knows there’s much more to football and life than victories on the field.

Deuce Lutui traces his values back to his early years in Scouting in Mesa, where he earned the high rank of Eagle Scout in 1999.

“More than anything, Scouts taught me service – to serve my troop, my country, to really serve others all around us,” Deuce observed. “That’s what we did in Scouting and it taught me a lot.”

Deuce is well known for spending many hours with local children through his youth football camp and Arizona Cardinals charities. When he joined the Cardinals, Deuce immediately asked the organization to involve him in as many charity opportunities as possible, and he now volunteers many hours on his one day off each week.

“I always tell the kids to Be Prepared,” he said. “That’s the Scout Motto and it goes a long way. Be prepared in everything; that sums it all up. Preparation prevents poor performance.”

“I’m lucky I can help teach that to kids,” Deuce explained. “Being able to outreach to communities where I grew up and to really be involved in that has been a blessing. It reminds me to pay it forward. And knowing these kids look up to me, I always play a little harder on Sunday.

“But, even being a father and husband today, Scouting prepared me to be in the service of people. It also taught us to help our fellow countrymen and that’s the main idea when I involve myself with Cardinals charities.”

“I’m a big kid myself,” he added with his easy trademark smile. “Sometimes, I have more fun than the kids do!”

In 2008, a total of 1,158 young men in the Grand Canyon Council earned the Eagle Scout rank, putting in over 213,000 service hours that equates to a net worth of $3,834,000 in savings to their local communities.

Scouting develops character and leadership in America’s young people through value- and adventure-based programs. Today, more than 20,000 adult volunteer leaders help deliver these programs to more than 59,000 youth in Arizona. For more information on Scouting and how to get involved contact the Grand Canyon Council at (602) 955-7747.

The following press release was issued by Grand Canyon Council, Boy Scouts of America. Photo courtesy Arizona Cardinals.

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Cool! I went to high school in Mesa and still consider myself an alumnus of Mesa High even though I graduated later in San Diego. I went to 3 different high schools and Mesa was the one I stayed at the longest. Honest, I didn’t get kicked out. My family just moved a lot. So, I’m still a Jackrabbit in my soul. Found out later I had received an invitation to ASU that I never heard about because we’d moved. I won’t hold it against Deuce that he went to USC. I ended up at UCSD. Used to go to all the school’s football games even though I was a geek outsider. Those jackrabbits could run!

By Josh on January 28th, 2009 at 6:13 pm

Does anyone realize that Boy Scout troops (and a few Cub Scouts as well), as far away at least as Citrus County went down to Tampa this past weekend and spent the whole day stuffing and putting seat cushions on the stadium seats for the Superbowl? All thousands of thousands of them??

By flgirl on January 29th, 2009 at 1:01 am

@flgirl – I hadn’t heard about that. If you were there you should write up an article and send a picture or two and I Will post it!

By Dan on January 29th, 2009 at 1:32 am


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