End of Summer Giveaway Winners

Our End of the Summer Giveaway is over.  Thank you for all the entries!  We had 110 entries for three prizes.

The prizes were:

The winners are:

  • Amazon Gift Card – Rosie (entry #54)
  • BSA Deck of Knots – Doug (entry #16)
  • Coleman Flashlight – Henry (entry #104)

All of the winners have been contacted via email. 

Scouting News Feedback:

A big thank you to everyone that entered.  We received some great feedback on what visitors wanted to see on Scouting News:

  • More features on cub scouts!
  • Arts & Crafts Resources
  • Scouting tips and quick lessons. Something not everyone knows but should in order to be a better scouter.
  • Annual updates and pictures on the Summit
  • Information about Outstanding Pack/Troop Achievements
  • More Girl Scout info. I have both Boy & Girl Scouts in my home!
  • More info info on Patrol Z! 🙂  (All of the Patrol Z articles are featured on the Summit’s Blog)
  • More information on recruiting from other Pack’s
  • Less news release type articles 
  • Any inside-the-organization efforts to purge our anti-gay bigotry
  • I’d like to see what scout units aredoing aorund thecountry
  • Randomly spotlighted troops doing good turns.
  • Something to draw high school age kids to articles of interest to them
  • Turn the question thing into an online forum that you can use for publication in the Scouting magazine.  (Scouting News is not associated with Scouting Magazine.)
  • If I had one thought, it would be a place to collect cool scout links of the day – DIGG like.
  • How to make scouting a great opportunity for kids with hearing or seeing disabilities and how to keep parents with similar disabilities in the loop.
  • More contests and giveaways.  (We will try!)
  • What you have is good
  • Brief biographies of famous people that were Scouts
  • Maybe info about what people have done that goes above and beyond for scouting. We have someone like that in MN that I am happy to know.

Thanks for the great feedback and entries!

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