February 2009 Scouting News Recap

This is a recap of February 2009 on Scouting News…

Top Stories This Month
This list is based on traffic as reported by Google Analytics. I suppose it is not a true image of the “top stories” since it gives preference to stories that have been online longer, however it is a nice snapshot.

1. Voluntary Recall of 9.5 oz. Trail’s End® Caramel Corn with Peanuts
Published February 4, 2009
Weaver Popcorn issued a voluntary recall of certain 9.5 oz. Trail’s End® Carmel Corn with Peanuts. Scouting News posted the recall news release as soon as it was released and even served as a reference point by some Councils in their stories about the recall.

2. Lowe’s and Dermel Tools to Provide Pinewood Derby Help
Published January 6, 2009
Informed readers of workshops to be held at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores focused around the Pinewood Derby and Dremel’s “Pinewood Derby Accessory Kit”. Based on the comments these presentations are hit or miss based on the store. Did you check one out? Leave your thoughts in the comments of the story.

3. Cub Scout Cake Decorating Contest
Published February 14, 2009
Posted a video of a Cub Scout Pack’s Blue and Gold Cake Decorating Contest. There were some awesome cakes including a Pinewood Derby Car. Unfortunately this video has since been removed by the user.

This was the first month where the If You Don’t Complete Your Ticket video was not in the top posts!

February 2009 Traffic Snapshot
This is based off of Google Analytics which can under report some traffic. As long as someone is stopping by, I’m happy!

Scouting News had 9,991 visits by 8,494 unique visitors. Scouting News showed 17,237 pageviews, approximately 1.73 pages per visit. Visitors to Scouting News came from Direct Traffic – 17.48%, Referring Sites – 18.58%, and Search Engines – 63.95%.

February 2009 Top Referring Sites:
1. HalfEagle.com
2. ScoutingforAll.org
3. Twitter.com (Follow @ScoutingNews)
4. Scouter.com
5. kismif.org

February Contest
I promised a February Contest, and I delivered – barely! On February 27th, 2009 Scouting News started a two week contest for a $25 Gift Code & Free FexEx Ground Shipping for TrailStop.com. The winner will be announced on March 14th!

A special thanks to http://www.trailstop.com the contest’s sponsor. Check them out for a wide selection of Boy Scouts of America® Officially Licensed Products. Most products are discounted from the item’s list price and they guarentee your satisfaction 100%!

Help Wanted!
With my deployment to Iraq I’m looking for a few writers that may want to contribute to Scouting News. I would love to publish guest posts and will include an authors bio and link to their website. A great way to get some interest in your passion or drum up some interest in your site.

I’m also interested in finding a couple of individuals who may be interested in writing feature posts for Scouting News. These are usually longer articles (at least 500 words), and include pictures, about timely events. At this point I can pay $10-15 per feature article. If you are interested in writing a feature, please send a sample of your writing and your idea for the article.

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