Find Out What Girl Scouts Stored in their Time Capsule

In 1986, the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts of America, girls buried a time capsule at Camp Low on Rose Dhu Island, Georgia. The granite marker lay undisturbed for 25 years, not to be opened until the centennial anniversary .

The day came this past January 20th to find out what was put in 25 years ago. Many of the hundreds of girls, now ladies, could not recall what objects were important enough to put away for the future. One remembered a uniform and patches. So what was important 25 years ago? A Time Magazine with Lady Liberty on the cover, it 1986 was the centennial celebration of the Statue. The sheet music for Michael Jackson’s We are the World, his 1986 #1 hit. Letters and photographs from times past brought back memories long stored away. Scout items were contained as well: a whistle and pins and scarf. Oddly, no uniform, but there were pictures of uniforms.

The items will be on display at the Centennial Camporee for the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia in June, after which it will be put on permanent display at the First Girl Scout Headquarters downtown.

This year Scouts all over the country will be placing time capsules in their local camps not to be opened until the 125th anniversary… What will be important enough to show the future Scouts?


Source: Savaannah Outdoor Rec Examiner

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