Friday Funny: Pinewood Derby Laws

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Today’s Friday Funny was overheard on Twitter, John (@JohnShepard) over at JohnScout 2.0 has been getting ready for a Pinewood Derby Race tomorrow. The last couple of days he has shared his thoughts abut preparing for the race in the theme of JohnScout’s Pinewood Derby Laws:

JohnScout’s First Law of the Pinewood Derby:

No matter how early one acquires the BSA Official Pinewood Derby kit blank, we will still be sanding the weekend before the big race.

JohnScout’s Second Law of the Pinewood Derby:

The less Akela touches the Pinewood Derby Kit, the better the Cub Scout does in the big race.

JohnScout’s Third Law of the Pinewood Derby:

Akela will ignore the Second Law of the Pinewood Derby.

What are your Pinewood Derby Laws?

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