From Cub Scouts to Eagle Scouts, Zero Tolerance Policies Stike Again

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably caught another rash of Scouts, good kids, being suspended under Zero Tolerance Weapon policies.

Zachary Christie, a first grader, was suspended for 45 days after bringing a multi-utensil tool that he used camping to school. According to his parents he had been eating every meal with it at home and decided to take it to school for lunch time. After getting off the bus with the tool in hand a teacher confiscated it and he ended up being sent home later that day. You can learn more about Zachary’s story and show some support on his website –

Now we are hearing about another incident, where Matthew Whalen a 17 year-old Eagle Scout and Soldier was suspended for 20 days, and may have had his hopes of attending West Point crushed, for having a 2” knife packed away in a survival kit kept in his car. Read more about this incident.

Please make sure your Scouts, of all ages, know that their School probably has a zero tolerance policy and they need to make sure they do not have a knife in the pockets, vehicle, or anywhere near them while on school grounds (to include athletic games). Good kids do not need the hassle of these School District zero tolerance rules.

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[…] From Cub Scouts to Eagle Scouts, Zero Tolerance Policies Stike Again […]

We ran into this sorta thing while visiting the Nat’l Jamboree a while back, 2001 I think it was…..Long story short we were camping at Kings Dominion and did a day at the park. Several of our boys had their pocket knives in their pants pockets and the metal detectors got ’em going into the gate. Even in uniform they had to give ’em up…that was just wrong.

By Greg Grimes on October 15th, 2009 at 5:14 am

I’m going to regret this, I am sure. First, bonafides: I was a Star Scout, my son is a Cub Scout. I enjoyed scouting, and hope he does, too.

That said, this post is misguided. “Good kids do not need the hassle of these School District zero tolerance rules.” I couldn’t agree more, but the implication is that either these rules should only apply to some kids (just plain foolhardy) or that these rules are stupid. Bad kids definitely need the hassle of these School District rules. And frankly, I don’t want my Cub Scout at school when his slightly wild, gung-ho denmate shows up with the knife he gets to use at home.

I appreciate these rules, and think it makes a safer educational environment for my child. Out of school, I am happy for my son to learn about knives, see them used, learn about safety, and eventually handle one himself. But not in school.

By Danny on October 24th, 2009 at 8:04 am


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