Help the BSA get listed on SocialVibe

There is a push, albeit a small one right now, to get the Boy Scouts of America listed as a Cause on SocialVibe. You may have caught the article about SocialVibe in the October 2008 issue of Boy’s Life, if not here is a brief synopsis of the site:

What is Social Vibe?

SocialVibe is a new social media platform that facilitates interaction between people, the brands they love and the causes they care about. SocialVibe recognizes the influence people have online and has created an easy way for people to use their influence for social good. Social media advertising opportunities are plentiful, however SocialVibe’s unique platform empowers communities of real people to make a real difference. With SocialVibe, people enhance their online experiences by getting sponsored by brands to support the causes they believe in.

How can you help?
In order for the Boy Scouts of America to be listed as a ‘Cause’ on SocialVibe 100 people post post on a discussion topic that has been started in the forums. If you want to help, follow these simple steps:
1. Register on SocialVibe. (It’s Free)
2. Confirm your email address, as part of the registration process.
3. Go to this forum discussion topic:
4. Add a post saying that the “BSA should be added as a cause on SocialVibe.”

Thats it! After 100 people have posted their support, SocialVibe will contact that BSA and work out the details to get them listed as a ‘Cause’. After the BSA is listed as a cause anyone on SocialVibe can make the BSA their cause.

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We are up to 3, only 97 to go???

By Dan on October 3rd, 2008 at 9:53 pm


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