Hiawathaland Council Cuts Ties with Delta County United Way

Another Council has decided to sever ties with a local Chapter of the United Way. Hiawathaland Council announced it has withdrawn from the United Way of Delta County.

Delta County United Way allocated the Council $2,000 this year, a 75% drop from the previous year.

Scout Executive Dewey Jones stated the following in a letter to the United Way of Delta County, “We feel the 75 percent reduction to be inadequate and inappropriate for an agency which was one of the founders of the Delta County United Way.”

When informed of the $2,000 allotment for the upcoming year, the Council was told that the decision to reduce the allocation was the Council’s ability to raise its own money.

“This decision forces us to expend volunteer and staff time in fund-raising at the expense of time devoted to program and membership development. We feel we can best do that unfettered by an association with the United Way that creates an impression of providing meaningful support to agencies, when the allocation is a token amount in reality,” Jones told the United Way of Delta County.

Hiawathaland Council will start a Fall fundraising drive in Delta and Marquette Counties in order to make up the funding shortfall. This will be in addition to the money raised through its fall popcorn sale, the spring Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign, and corporate donations. Contributions can be made directly to Hiawathaland Council, information can be found on www.upscouting.org.

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