Illinois Safety Laws Force Safe Ride Program to Hang Up Its Keys

Starting January 1st, Illinois teen driving laws were tightened up. A major part of the legislation was to place weekend driving curfews at 11pm. The state did this to get teenager drivers off the road during the most dangerous times for them to be driving.

Safe Rides a program run under the leadership of the BSA, where teenagers give free safe rides to other teenagers, now has a problem. The Safe Rides program at New Trier High School can’t get kids home during their busiest time of the night. Last year the New Trier High School program gave more than 1200 teens a needed ride home. Safe Rides gives a ride home to any teen who needs it due to alcohol or social discomfort.

There is already talk by state Senators to provide exceptions for Safe Rides and other non-profit organizations with liability insurance. Such exceptions already exist for school and work related activities. Until such an exception is granted the keys will remain hanging after 11pm.

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