No one Knows about Scouting

The Concord Monitor had a nice opinion piece on Scouting written by a 14 year-old Scout:

I really don’t know how I got sucked into Scouts, actually. I went into Cub Scouts, and I was having a blast. And right before I went into Boy Scouts, I read this article about a boy who got his Eagle Scout at 14 -that’s wicked young – so I wanted to reach that goal, too.
It’s a great atmosphere because in Boy Scouts everyone’s trying to make everyone better. Your friends are in it, too. We have all sorts of kids. We have popular kids, uncontrollable kids. We have some not-so-popular kids. It’s all over.
If you’re at school and somebody finds out you are a Boy Scout, people are like, “Ha, ha. You’re a Boy Scout!” I don’t know why they say this, because it’s a blast. There is nothing stupid about it. I think that they think it’s more of like Boy Scouts is some lame thing where you just go and do crap. No one knows about Scouting.

Read the whole article at Concord Monitor Online.

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