Official BSA Licensed Pinewood Derby Computer Game

An official BSA Licensed Pinewood Derby Computer Game was released at the end of September by Elephant Entertainment.

Game Synopsis:
Inside a block of wood, a championship race car hides, and it’s up to you to set it free. By carefully sanding, painting and polishing, you’ll craft a stunning race car that is certain to take the track by storm. Prepare to engage in edge-of-your-seat racing action as you harness the power of gravity to barrel toward the finish line. Will your handcrafted car have what it takes to speed past the competition?

The classic pastime comes to life on your PC with Pinewood Derby. Whether you’re reliving the races of your youth or experiencing the popular activity for the first time, Pinewood Derby delivers fun on multiple levels by combining the precision of car design with the excitement of racing. Turn your racing car into a finely honed machine by sanding, painting, polishing and adding weights, decals and custom components all designed to make it look good and move quickly. Then set it loose on the track and watch as your modifications help it zoom past the cars of your computerized opponents, earning you the title of Pinewood Derby champion.

Game Features:

  • Create your own custom-designed 3D Pinewood Derby racing car
  • Enhance your car’s looks and speed by sanding, painting, polishing and adding decals, weight, lube and custom components
  • Put your engineering skills to the test by experimenting with friction and gravity variables to make your car move faster
  • Race against 25 different computer opponents to see who has the fastest car on the track
  • Trade customized cars with your friends to try your luck with different vehicles
  • Relive your moments of glory in the photo and movie gallery, where you can watch your best races
  • Follows the rules and guidelines of Cub Scouting Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby can be purchased at Best Buy, and at this time has a list price of $14.99. The latest issues of Scouting Magazine and Boy’s Life have a $5 off coupon.

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