Photo Friday: Attacking Light with Light

Photo Friday
We recognize that our audience has an interest in photography to capture special moments such as Courts of Honors, campouts, winter activities, family vacations, sport events, and other gatherings. “Photo Friday” is intended to help photography amateurs improve their photo shoots through photo tips, which may include basic skills, creative shooting techniques, and proper care and maintenance. Tips in this section are written by amateurs, professional photographers, and by other contributors. We hope that you find these tips useful in your Scouting program.

Attacking Light with Light

Once in a while, your friend wants a picture taken in front of a background. The problem is that a dark shadow is cast onto her face due to the way she is situated in front of the background under the sun. In most situations, you can avoid that shadow by having her face the sun instead. But because the background is also important in the picture, you’re going to have to use your flash to partially eliminate the shadow.

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