Photo Friday: Camera Types

Photo Friday
We recognize that our audience has an interest in photography to capture special moments such as Courts of Honors, campouts, winter activities, family vacations, sport events, and other gatherings. “Photo Friday” is intended to help photography amateurs improve their photo shoots through photo tips, which may include basic skills, creative shooting techniques, and proper care and maintenance. Tips in this section are written by amateurs, professional photographers, and by other contributors. We hope that you find these tips useful in your Scouting program. Photo Fridays are brought to you by Brandon Queen Photography.

Camera Types


In this tip you will learn the three basic cameras with photos of each along with a few photography terms and picture.

There are three different types of basic cameras that you should know about. Each camera does something different or similar depending on you settings. Here are the basic cameras you need to know:

  1. Film Cameras – they can are usually known for there 35mm film.
  2. Digital Point and Shoot – these are usually small pocket size cameras that use a sensor and a memory card to capture its memories. Some point and shoot camera give you the option to change lens but majority do not. With a point and shoot your zoom is built into the camera making it compact and easier to carry around. These will be the best choice for Scouts and Scouters due to their portability and low cost.
  3. DSLR – stands for digital single lens reflex. This means that the camera uses a mirror with a sensor to capture its photos. With a DSLR camera you can change your lens along with your aperture, shutter and white balance (gives you a more control over your photos).

Photo Terms:

Film: A photographic emulsion coated on a flexible, transparent base that records images or scenes.

Figure 1: 200 ISO Film, 35mm

“C Format”: “Classic” format – one of the three selectable Advanced Photo System print formats; identical to the 2:3 aspect ratio used in 35 mm photography and suitable for most general-purpose shots. See also Aspect Ratio and Interspersed Aspect Ratio, “H”-format and “P”-format.

Film Camera: Device used to take photos using film.

Figure 2: Canon EOS Rebel X S Film Camera

Point and Shoot:Term used for a small digital camera or to pick up a camera and take a picture.

Figure 3: Canon Power Shot SX130 IS

DSLR: Digital Lens Single Lens Reflex.

Figure 4: Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR

“Photography is not just taking pictures, It is capturing moments that will last a lifetime”

– Brandon Q


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