Photo Friday – Keeping Your Camera Functional During the Winter

Photo Friday
The ScoutingNews Staff is delighted to introduce “Photo Friday” to our readers. We recognize that our audience has an interest in photography to capture special moments such as Courts of Honors, campouts, winter activities, family vacations, sport events, and other gatherings. “Photo Friday” is intended to help photography amateurs improve their photo shoots through photo tips, which may include basic skills, creative shooting techniques, and proper care and maintenance. Tips in this section are written by amateurs, professional photographers, and by other contributors. We hope that you find these tips useful in your Scouting program.

Keeping Your Camera Functional During the Winter 
By: Contributor

Winter brings about new challenges to photography. You may have already noticed your camera lens fogging up while trying to capture your scout unit’s outdoor activity.

Weekly Tip: Keep your camera cold, but keep your batteries warm.

You may be tempted to put your digital camera in your jacket. Instead, stow it away in your daypack or in your camera holder. Significant temperature changes could cause condensation on the camera lens. When bringing your camera inside let it warm up in the camera bag to prevent condensation as well.

Remember to brush the snow off rather than blowing with your breath, which could cause the condensation from your breath to freeze up. If you bring extra batteries, cycle your batteries between your pockets and your camera to prevent the cold temperature from draining the energy out of them.

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