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List of Boy Scouts Apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

App NameDescriptionPlatformScouting News Review
Helleniechsin is an English-Lenape Dictionary of the Lenni Lenape (Delaware Indian) language.iPhone, iPad, iTouch, AndroidHelleniechsin App Review
ScoutTrail - Rank & Merit Badge Tracker for Boy ScoutsBe Prepared with ScoutTrail, the app that every Scout and Scouter should have for up-to-date information for all BSA ranks, merit badges, and special awards.iPhone, iPad, iTouch
Merit Badge and Boy Scout Rank Advancement Tracker for iPadThe Ultimate Tool to track Boy Scout Merit Badges and Rank Advancements is here. This highly-demanded App allows users to Add and Track MULTIPLE Scouts separately AND the ability to Check-Off and Date each INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENT within any given Badge or Rank!iPad
BSA Quick GuideBSA Quick Guide is a quick reference application for basic Scouting information.Android
Trail to Eagle
Trail To Eagle is a Boy Scout reference for your smartphone. With Trail To Eagle a Scout can quickly look up the Scout Oath or Promise, Scout Law, Scout Motto, Scout Slogan, or Outdoor Code. Easily track their progress along their trail to Eagle, including all ranks; Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle are available. And review merit badge requirements.iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, Windows Phone 7Trail to Eagle Review

Please check the individual Scouting App page for details about the application. Applications listed here are provided for informational purposes and do not constitute an endorsement. Applications are created and provided by 3rd parties and may or may not be affilated with the Boy Scouts of America or other Scouting organization.

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