Scouting News January 2009 Recap

This is a recap of January 2009 on Scouting News…

Top Stories This Month
This list is based on traffic as reported by Google Analytics. I suppose it is not a true image of the “top stories” since it gives preference to stories that have been online longer, however it is a nice snapshot, and our #1 post wasn’t published until January

1. Lowe’s and Dermel Tools to Provide Pinewood Derby Help
Published January 6, 2009
Informed readers of workshops to be held at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores focused around the Pinewood Derby and Dremel’s “Pinewood Derby Accessory Kit”. Based on the comments these presentations are hit or miss based on the store. Did you check one out? Leave your thoughts in the comments of the story.

2. New ‘Annual Health and Medical Record’ to Replace Class 1, 2, & 3 Health Forms
Published December 19, 2008
Scouting News was one of the first websites to bring word of the switch to the New ‘Annual Health and Medical Record’. Word is still getting out about the new forms, and the National Health and Safety Team Lead is still trying to answer questions and update the FAQs. It was interesting following the conversation about the new form at (Its currently at 8 pages)

3. If You Don’t Complete Your Ticket
Published December 12, 2007

This humorous Wood Badge video has been a top stop for visitors since it was posted on Scouting News, and it deserves the spot. If you have taken Wood Badge or just get annoyed buy the Wood Badge hype, this video is comical. (No offense to those who live, breath, and sleep Wood Badge – I’m a three-beader myself.)

4. America Elects the Next Honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America?
Published November 5, 2008

I have received some flack over posting this commentary. My intent was to raise awareness of the process and to put a Boy Scout spin on the Presidential election. The story was featured on the Scouting for All website, which led to a large number of comments from their visitors.

My Favorite Jan 2009 Post
This is a tie between the Interview with the Co-Directors of 759:Boy Scouts of Harlem conducted by Joshua R. Godinez of for Scouting News and the Grand Canyon Council Eagle Scout Lines Up for Super Bowl XLIII press release.

January 2009 Traffic Snapshot

Update: After preparing a brief for someone I realized that the Google Analytic Statistics I was quoting was way different than what the log files were showing. As in the pageviews were off by 78,000. Therefore I removed this until I can do some research and show an accurate snapshot.

Jan 2009 Top Referring Sites:

Feedback Received
1. I received an email about all links being opened up in new windows, and how annoying it was. Personally I prefer to have links open in new windows, however I can understand how it can be annoying if you don’t. To compromise, I will no longer have links within Scouting News open to new windows. I will still have outside sites open in new windows so you can come back and finish reading the article when you are done checking out the website.

If you have feedback please contact us!

Upcoming New Stuff
1. As I mentioned in the In With the New (2009) post, I am being deployed and ship out in Feb. I’ll be stateside at first for some additional training and certification, so besides having other things on my mind I should be around. Don’t worry Scouting News will not be forgotten when I leave.

2. We are working on a February contest for Scouting News. Hopefully I can find a sponsor and get it rolling within the first week of the month… there will be one this month! If you have a Scouting related company or product and would like to sponsor a contest on Scouting News please contact us!

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Cool list. I like being on it, thanks! I’m glad you’ll stay on top of the Scouting stories. You always have a good list of interesting stuff. Thanks again for your service.

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