Technical Difficulties With Our RSS Feed

I just wanted to drop a quick line to everyone. We have had some technical difficulties with our RSS feed. Basically it was appearing invalid due to what I consider a coding error on a third party service. Anyway, I have fixed the one character of text on Scouting News that was causing this problem.

What this means for you? If you subscribe to the daily email updates of Scouting News, you should start receiving the emails again tonight. If you subscribe to the Scouting News feed through Bloglines, Google Reader, or other such service, you should be able to see Scouting News stories again.

If you haven’t subscribed to our feed, you might want to consider subscribing by email. Every day you will receive an email with the day’s Scouting News from the website.

I’d like to thank the readers who emailed to notify me of the problem. Thanks!

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