New Council: Seneca Waterways Council

Seneca Waterways Council was formed from the merger of Finger Lakes Council and Otetiana Council.

According to the Council’s website:

The new council name, “Seneca Waterways”, was chosen to represent the two former councils, “Otetiana” and “Finger Lakes” and the five counties of the merged council.

“Seneca” reflects the fact that many local names, such as Seneca County, Seneca Lake, Seneca Park, etc. are found within the five counties and that Otetiana came from a Seneca word and was the name of a Seneca Chief who lived in the Finger Lakes region. Also, the historic Seneca Nation boundaries were similar at times to our new boundaries.

“Waterways” includes the abundance of local freshwater bodies such as the Finger Lakes, the Genesee River and Lake Ontario and the Erie Canal, so this name again includes the area of both former councils.

While “Waterways” alone could signify many parts of the U.S., “Seneca Waterways” is unique to our area.

Hat Tip: CSP Corner Blog

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[…] New Council: Seneca Waterways Council […]



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