Skateboarders Forced to Join Boy Scouts

An interesting solution to a temporary skate park’s liability:

A local co-ed Boy Scout troop has agreed to take on the liability of hosting a temporary skate park in the parking lot of a local business – a proposal the council rejected because of liability risks in September.

East Berlin skateboarders will be required to join the troop in order to skate on Bernie Tucker’s property. The offer is open to both boys and girls.

In August, Tucker, who owns Tucker Industrial Liquid Coatings and recently purchased the former site of Tyco Electronics, offered part of a parking lot at the Tyco property for skateboarders until the borough builds a permanent site at its planned recreation park. The offer was made on the condition that the borough take on liability, and it was rejected on that basis.

Disappointed in the council’s decision, Rose Hoffman said she approached the Boy Scouts about finding a solution.

You can read the whole article, To skateboard at East Berlin park, join Boy Scouts, at The Evening Sun.

According to the article the park will be open from dusk to dawn, which I believe is supposed to be dawn to dusk. Parent’s will take turns supervising the temporary skate park, and only card carrying members will be able to skate.

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Wow, cool. What a great idea. It’s certainly better than when skateboardings vandalized my troop’s sales shed to make an impromptu ramp or something. The only problem – what kind of boys carry their cards with them? It seems to take months to get them from the council anyway. Well, maybe they can get a temporary pass from the Scoutmaster.

By admin on November 4th, 2008 at 12:27 am


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