Spotted: Boy Scout Uniform on Saturday Night Live

If you follow @ScoutingNews on Twitter, you may have caught a tweet about last night’s Saturday Night Live.

 ScoutingNews: Annoyed that Eddie Vedder (or actor playing him) is wearing #BSA uniform in #SNL skit… no good reason for it…”

 I had a few folks ask me questions via Twitter and email about it so I decided to throw a quick post together.  Turns out I don’t watch Saturday Night Live on a regular basis as last nights episode was a re-run of  the February 27, 2010 episode hosted by Jennifer Lopez.

 The skit that caught my eye was a spoof of the re-recording of “We are the World” to raise awareness of the Haiti earthquake disaster.  In the skit, according to Quincy Jones (Kenan Thompson), “the song itself was a disaster…a sloppy mess of half famous randos.”  It went on to show the recording of  “We Are The World 3: Raising Awareness Of The ‘We Are The World 2’ Disaster.”

While the premise of the skit was entertaining, what caught my eye was one of the singers wearing a Boy Scouts of America Field Uniform as part of his outfit.  There was no reference to the BSA, it was purely being worn for fashion.  It kind of annoyed me at the time.  The singer in question was Eddie Vedder being played by Bill Hader.  In case you were unaware, like I was, Eddie Vedder is a Pearl Jam front man.

You can see the entire SNL Skit here:

Turns out it was an impression of Eddie Vedder, all the way down to the Boy Scout uniform.  Doing some digging, it appears a Boy Scout Uniform over a T-Shirt was standard fare for Eddie Vedder during his sole-concert tour in 2008/2009.  You can see him rocking in a Troop 365 Boy Scout Uniform.  According to one concert goer, Kathy of, “Eddie Vedder could almost pass for a scoutmaster, up until the point he began to consume his favorite bottle of wine and lecture on the intricate genius of The Who’s Quadropehnia.”

So what do you think about singers/actors/etc wearing Boy Scout Uniforms?  Is it okay to wear as a fashion statement?  What about when they drink or go on rants?  Did I over react by getting annoyed at the SNL Skit?  Leave your comments below.

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I saw it too!! Frankly, it kind of startled me but I then blew it off. Considering that the show was a re-run, I think that if anyone at National was bothered by it something would have been said and we probably would not have seen the re-run or the skit would have been cut out of the re-run tape.
Also, considering that a full uniform was worn during a concert tour and nothing was said it is probably a moot point. It was probably one of those pick your battles issues.

By Bill Stewart on April 6th, 2010 at 10:58 am

Although it was probably bothersome to some Scouts who take a degree of pride in wearing the uniform neatly and correctly, the reality is that not every Scout wears it neatly or correctly. I have seen many an adult Scout wear the shirt as an overshirt, unbuttoned and flapping in the wind (so to speak), without uniform pants, etc., setting a bad example to their Scouts.

I would think that if National could have addressed the issue after the original airing, they would have, and to be honest, maybe they did but didn’t publicize it. Hard to say.

I wonder what message the singer was trying to convey by his wearing of the uniform. Maybe that BSA is something he believes in? One could only hope so.

By Christy on April 8th, 2010 at 12:38 am

BSA is very protective of its copyrighted uniform. They have gone after several pop stars for wearing part of an official uniform. That’s why most times in the media you will see refereence to the “Squerel Scouts” or the like instead of Boy Scouts.

By thdewey on April 15th, 2010 at 3:06 pm

The uniform pants is something rarely seen in most troops, and the scouters don’t enforce it or the cap.

By Caleb W. on April 15th, 2010 at 4:09 pm


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