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Out with 2009, In with 2010…

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Out with 2009, In with 2010…

Posted on 31 December 2009 by Dan

First, I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and sticking with Scouting News this past year.  I’ve been deployed to Iraq the last year, which has been a hamper on the growth and sometimes timeliness of Scouting News.  The good news is I will be back in the states towards the end of January and will be taking the Spring to build up my websites, so plan on seeing good things in the New Year!  (I talk about some of the “big things” at the end of this post.)

Here is a look at 2009…

Some random stats:

Number of Posts in 2009: 333  (short of my 1/day goal!)

Number of Spam Comments Since Site Launch: 19,618

Busiest Day of 2009: Monday, July 27, 2009  (Unfortunately this was due to the story of Timothy Nunn’s death at Philmont)

Slowest Day of the week: Saturday  (This is good, Scouts and Scouters should be out camping on the weekends ;)

Sponsors / Advertisers:
I really hate having advertisements on Scouting News, however after running a couple of Scouting sites for years losing money, I decided Scouting News had to pay its own bills.  Since Google Adsense doesn’t pay those bills anymore, I looked towards outside companies.  I have turned down a few companies that I didn’t trust, or didn’t think would be a good fit.  I only let companies that are a good Scouting fit, and that I have faith in, advertise here on Scouting News.

A big thanks to http://www.BoyScoutStore.com for being our main sponsor in September and December (Jan 2010 too!).   If you haven’t checked them out, they offer a great selection of Scouting collectibles, gifts, memorabilia, funny patches, and more.  Adam and his partners are firmly rooted in the Scouting organization, and run an outstanding business.

I’m also very grateful to Gregg and his partners over at TrailStop.com for sponsoring a couple of contests.   If you haven’t checked out TrailStop.com yet, they offer a wide selection of Boy Scouts of America® Officially Licensed Products. Most products are discounted from the item’s list price and they guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

I also have to thank Joshua, over at BoyandGirlScouts.com for providing an early copy of Alvin Townley’s book, Spirit of Adventure for my review of Spirit of Adventure.  Because of his generosity I had another contest in which I gave away a couple copies of the book!

Top Referral Sites of 2009:
(where you came from, other than search engines and Twitter!)

1. HalfEagle.com (A great site that features all kinds of great Scouting Blogs)

2. Scouter.com (A forum for Scouters, can get rowdy at times)

3. BoyandGirlScouts.com (Joshua, hoping you are able to return to blogging in 2010!)

4. Facebook.com (I don’t think Facebook needs an explanation, but I just made a Scouting News fan page!)

5.  Wikipedia.org (Turns out Scouting News has been referenced a few times.)

Top Posts of 2009:
(based on pageviews)

1. New Merit Badges for 2009 & 2010
Published August 13, 2009
Introduced the new merit badges coming out in 2009 and 2010 that have been announced. They include: Robotics, GPS/GIS, Scouting Heritage, and Scuba. Most of the folks who commented were excited about all of these new additions, especially Scuba. A few folks were curious about which badges they would replace, but thus far I have not heard of any Merit Badges getting the cut.

2. Embroidered Centennial Ring Emblem
Published July 28, 2009
Showcased a new patch issued by National Supply to be placed around the World Crest. A lot of the folks that commented on the post thought the patch was cool, with some caution to it leaving permenant marks on the uniform. “Settummanque, the blackeagle (Mike Walton)” chimed in with a detailed comment that highlighted some of the tidbits he learned in discussing this particular patch with folks at National.

3. Subaru Forester Pinewood Derby Commercial
Published February 18, 2009

This commercial, which wasn’t on the air very long had two strikingly different effects on Scouters.  Some folks thought it was extremely tacky to dress Boys in what they felt were Brownie vests, while the other half seemed to appreciate the exposure and message the commercial featured.

4. Gone Home: Scout Collapses While Hiking at Philmont Scout Ranch
Published July 27, 2009
The sad announcement of Timothy Nunn’s death while hiking at Philmont. This story touched the hearts of Scouts and Scouters all over the Country. We heard from folks getting off the trail or just about to start a trek at Philmont to parents expressing their sympathy.

5. If you Don’t Complete Your Ticket
Published December 12, 2007
This humorous Wood Badge video has been a top stop for visitors since it was posted on Scouting News, and it deserves the spot. If you have taken Wood Badge or just get annoyed buy the Wood Badge hype, this video is comical. (No offense to those who live, breath, and sleep Wood Badge – I’m a three-beader myself.)

That’s a Wrap:
Overall, 2009 has been a year of growth and challenges for Scouting News.  I couldn’t have done what I do here, without the help of many, including YOU the reader.  Please continue to provide feedback, comment on stories, share your Scouting news, and keep on visiting!

What will 2010 hold for Scouting News?

  • Since I will be back in the grand ole USA, you will see more posts.
  • The largest contest Scouting News has ever seen will be held around the actual BSA anniversary (Feb 8th).  If you are a company that would like to get into the action, with a prize, contact us!
  • On site Coverage of the 2010 National Scout Jamboree!

Thanks for a great year, and hear is to an even better 2010!

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2009 NOAC Day In Review for Wednesday 8/5

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2009 NOAC Day In Review for Wednesday 8/5

Posted on 05 August 2009 by Dan

NOAC 2009 Day In Review for Wednesday 8/5.

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2009 NOAC Welcome By Jack O’Neil

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2009 NOAC Welcome By Jack O’Neil

Posted on 03 August 2009 by Dan

The National Order of the Arrow Chief, Jack O’Neil, welcomes participants and guests to the 2009 National Order of the Arrow Conference at Indiana University.

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2009 NOAC Day in Review for Sunday 8/2

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2009 NOAC Day in Review for Sunday 8/2

Posted on 02 August 2009 by Dan

NOAC 2009 Day in Review for Sunday 8/2.

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2009 NOAC Day In Review for Saturday 8/1

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2009 NOAC Day In Review for Saturday 8/1

Posted on 01 August 2009 by Dan

NOAC 2009 Day In Review for Saturday 8/1.

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2009 NOAC Day In Review for Friday 7/31

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2009 NOAC Day In Review for Friday 7/31

Posted on 01 August 2009 by Dan

Staff Show Video. NOAC 2009 is underway in Indiana! This video show some of the NOAC staff setting up before our guests arrive.

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OA Socks

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2009 NOAC Items Available for Pre-Order

Posted on 16 February 2009 by Dan

OA SocksThe National Order of the Arrow Trading Post Online now includes 2009 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) merchandise.

According to the NOAC Newsletter, there is a variety of items including:
– A trendy polo shirt with a discreet embroidered turtle, which makes the shirt one that can be worn whether or not you are at a Scouting event.
– A plush turtle along the same lines as the plush teddy bears that have been offered in the past.
– A bronze coin for each of the ArrowCorps5 sites.

The Online Trading Post is asking that you place your pre-order as soon as possible to help determine proper ordering quantities. Also, you do not need to attend NOAC to place a pre-order, so let your friends and family know that the NOAC 2009 trading post merchandise has been posted.

Remember these are preorders, they will not ship the item right away!

Beginning February 15, 2009, ALL orders placed will be held until the National Order of the Arrow Conference in early August. All payments will be processed at the time of order. Depending upon the shipment method selected during the order process, the order may eitherby Picked up at NOAC or the order will be shipped to you from NOAC.

What are you going to order?

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Scouting News January 2009 Recap

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Scouting News January 2009 Recap

Posted on 01 February 2009 by Dan

This is a recap of January 2009 on Scouting News…

Top Stories This Month
This list is based on traffic as reported by Google Analytics. I suppose it is not a true image of the “top stories” since it gives preference to stories that have been online longer, however it is a nice snapshot, and our #1 post wasn’t published until January

1. Lowe’s and Dermel Tools to Provide Pinewood Derby Help
Published January 6, 2009
Informed readers of workshops to be held at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores focused around the Pinewood Derby and Dremel’s “Pinewood Derby Accessory Kit”. Based on the comments these presentations are hit or miss based on the store. Did you check one out? Leave your thoughts in the comments of the story.

2. New ‘Annual Health and Medical Record’ to Replace Class 1, 2, & 3 Health Forms
Published December 19, 2008
Scouting News was one of the first websites to bring word of the switch to the New ‘Annual Health and Medical Record’. Word is still getting out about the new forms, and the National Health and Safety Team Lead is still trying to answer questions and update the FAQs. It was interesting following the conversation about the new form at Scouter.com (Its currently at 8 pages)

3. If You Don’t Complete Your Ticket
Published December 12, 2007

This humorous Wood Badge video has been a top stop for visitors since it was posted on Scouting News, and it deserves the spot. If you have taken Wood Badge or just get annoyed buy the Wood Badge hype, this video is comical. (No offense to those who live, breath, and sleep Wood Badge – I’m a three-beader myself.)

4. America Elects the Next Honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America?
Published November 5, 2008

I have received some flack over posting this commentary. My intent was to raise awareness of the process and to put a Boy Scout spin on the Presidential election. The story was featured on the Scouting for All website, which led to a large number of comments from their visitors.

My Favorite Jan 2009 Post
This is a tie between the Interview with the Co-Directors of 759:Boy Scouts of Harlem conducted by Joshua R. Godinez of BoyandGirlScouts.com for Scouting News and the Grand Canyon Council Eagle Scout Lines Up for Super Bowl XLIII press release.

January 2009 Traffic Snapshot

Update: After preparing a brief for someone I realized that the Google Analytic Statistics I was quoting was way different than what the log files were showing. As in the pageviews were off by 78,000. Therefore I removed this until I can do some research and show an accurate snapshot.

Jan 2009 Top Referring Sites:
1. ScoutingforAll.org
2. HalfEagle.com
3. Scouter.com
4. OAImages.com
5. BlogLines.com

Feedback Received
1. I received an email about all links being opened up in new windows, and how annoying it was. Personally I prefer to have links open in new windows, however I can understand how it can be annoying if you don’t. To compromise, I will no longer have links within Scouting News open to new windows. I will still have outside sites open in new windows so you can come back and finish reading the article when you are done checking out the website.

If you have feedback please contact us!

Upcoming New Stuff
1. As I mentioned in the In With the New (2009) post, I am being deployed and ship out in Feb. I’ll be stateside at first for some additional training and certification, so besides having other things on my mind I should be around. Don’t worry Scouting News will not be forgotten when I leave.

2. We are working on a February contest for Scouting News. Hopefully I can find a sponsor and get it rolling within the first week of the month… there will be one this month! If you have a Scouting related company or product and would like to sponsor a contest on Scouting News please contact us!

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In With the New (2009)

Posted on 01 January 2009 by Dan

Yesterday, we looked at 2008 here at Scouting News, now to the future!

“Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true.” ~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

A few days ago, I made a request to see what Scouting News readers had planned for 2009, here are the responses I received via twitter (@ScoutingNews):

Scoutmaster Jerry (@smjerry) of The Scoutmaster Minute, replied, “first continue to run a Quality program. Read More. Work with 1st year Scouts on skills, especially cold weather camping.”

westybsa (@westybsa) replied, “Hopefully i will get to go to our councils new high adventure based in Alaska”. I’m assuming (I know dangerous) that @westybsa is referring to the new Denali High Adventure Scout Base (DHASB) in Alaska.

Feel free to leave your 2009 Scouting Resolutions, Goals, and Plans down in the comments.

What will 2009 hold for Scouting News?
I’d love to say that in 2009 Scouting News will continue on this great upward path, however that would be a tad irresponsible. I am the main drive behind Scouting News and Missing Arrow Publishing, and for those that don’t know I am in the National Guard and have received deployment orders for early 2009. While it will be a challenge, I was deployed previously in 2006, and look forward to another opportunity to serve for my Country.

With that in mind, I still plan on growing Scouting News, however there may be some road bumps along the way, since my priorities will have to shift.

2009 Scouting News Goals:
1) One new contest a month!
2) One new featured article a month!
3) One article per day (at least)
4) Find Guest Authors / work harder on soliciting articles from outside sources.
5) Find ways to incorporate Twitter (@ScoutingNews) more!
6) Establish a mobile version of Scouting News (for cell phone users)

Is there anything you’d like to see here on Scouting News in 2009? Leave a comment or shoot me a tweet (@ScoutingNews)

No matter what you have planned in 2009, may the New Year bring you good health, great friendships, and awesome Scouting experiences!

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2009 Merit Badge Requirement Changes

Posted on 04 September 2008 by Dan

Each year the Boy Scouts of America makes changes to the advancement requirements.

These changes will be listed in the Boy Scout Requirements Book (BSA Publication No. 33215) which is published yearly. Please note that the Merit Badge Pamphlets may or may not reflect the changes depending on when they are published. The requirements in the annual Boy Scout Requirements Book supersedes the requirements in the Merit Badge pamphlets.

The following Merit Badges have requirement changes set for 2009:
– Architecture
– Auto Mechanics became “Automotive Maintenance”
– Cinematography
– Coin Collecting
– Collections
– Drafting
– Emergency Preparedness
– Engineering
– Farm Mechanics
– Indian Lore
– Insect Study
– Landscape Architecture
– Lifesaving
– Motorboating
– Painting
– Pottery
– Radio
– Swimming

Paul Wolf, over at the U.S. Scouting Service Project has preformed an in depth analysis of the requirement changes. See the changes at: http://www.usscouts.org/advance/changes/advchanges09.asp

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