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Preliminary Requirements for Inventing Merit Badge

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Preliminary Requirements for Inventing Merit Badge

Posted on 06 June 2010 by admin

The preliminary requirements for Inventing Merit Badge are starting to float around to various Councils.  The Inventing Merit Badge is set to debut sometime in 2010.  These requirements should not be used to start the Inventing Merit Badge but rather to provide an idea of what the merit badge will entail, prior to its release, to drum up support and excitement. 

Proposed Inventing Merit Badge Requirements 

1. In your own words, define inventing. Then do the following:
     A. Explain to your merit badge councilor the role of inventors and their inventions in the economic development of the United States. 

     B. List three inventions and how they have helped humankind. 

2. Do ONE of the following:
     A. Identify and interview with a buddy (and with your parent’s permission and merit badge counselor’s approval) an individual in your community who has invented a useful item. Report what you learned to your counselor. 

     B. Read about three inventors. Select the one you find most interesting and tell your counselor what you learned. 

3. Do EACH of the following:
     A. Define the term intellectual property. Explain which government agency oversees the protection of intellectual property, the types of intellectual property that can be protected, how such property is protected, and why protection is necessary.

     B. Explain the components of a patent and the different types of patents available.

     C. Examine your Scouting gear and find a patent number on a camp item you have used. With your parent’s permission, use the Internet to find out more about that patent. Compare the finished item with the claims and drawings in the patent. Report what you learned to your counselor.

     D. Explain the term patent infringement.

4. Discuss with your counselor the types of inventions that are appropriate to share with others without protecting and explain why. Tell your counselor about one nonpatented or noncopyrighted invention and its impact on society.

 5. Choose a commercially available product that you have used on an overnight camping trip with your troop. Make recommendations for improving the product, make a sketch that shows your recommendations, and discuss your recommendations with your counselor. 

6. Think of an item you would like to invent that would solve a problem for your family, troop, chartered organization, community, or a special-interest group. Then do EACH of the following, while keeping a notebook to record your progress: 

     A. Talk to potential users of your invention and determine their needs. Then, based on what you have learned, write a proposal about the invention and how it would help solve a problem.  This proposal should include a detailed sketch of the invention. 

     B. Create a model of the item using clay, cardboard, or any other readily available material. List the materials necessary to build a prototype of the item. 

     C. Share the idea and model with your counselor and potential users of your invention. Record their feedback in your notebook. 

7. Build a working prototype of the item you invented for requirement 6*, then test and evaluate the invention. Among the aspects to consider in your evaluation are cost, usefulness, marketability, appearance, and function. Describe how your initial vision and expectations for your idea and the final product are similar or dissimilar. Have your counselor evaluate and critique your prototype.

*Before you begin building the prototype, you must share your design and building plans with your counselor and have your counselor’s approval.  [[The health and safety aspects can be discussed in a note to the counselor and in the text.]] 

8. Do ONE of the following:
     A. Participate in an invention, science, engineering, or robotics club or team that builds a useful item. Share your experience with your counselor.

     B. Visit a museum or exhibit dedicated to an inventor or invention, and create a presentation of your visit to share with a group such as your troop or patrol.

9. Discuss with your counselor the diverse skills, education, training, and experience it takes to be an inventor. Discuss how you can prepare yourself to be creative and inventive to solve problems at home, in school, and in your community. Discuss three career fields that might utilize the skills of an inventor.

Remember these are not the final requirements, and Scouts can not start working on the new Inventing Merit Badge until the merit badge pamphlet is released by National.

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Scouts Show Their Pride in NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

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Scouts Show Their Pride in NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Posted on 21 March 2010 by Dan

Scouts, Explorers, and leaders were out in full force representing the Boy Scouts at the 2010 New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade! This year’s parade Grand Marshal, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, dedicated the 249th NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade to the Boy Scouts of America in honor of our 100th Anniversary. About a thousand Scouts and leaders came out to march, play in the Scout band, and show their Scouting pride.

Greater New York Councils has a photo album of the day’s festivities on the GNC Website.

Televised video of Scouts in the parade:

Hat Tip: Greater New York Councils

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2010 Centennial Rank Advancement Badges

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2010 Centennial Rank Advancement Badges

Posted on 27 January 2010 by Dan

Update: The Centennial Rank Advancement Badges are now shown on Scoutstuff.org

The National Council has announced that all rank patches for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts for 2010 will feature special designs. The patches called the ‘2010 Centennial Rank Advancement Badges’ feature 2010, Boy Scouts of America, and the rank in text.

View the designs of the 2010 Centennial Rank Advancement Badges (pdf).

The 2010 Centennial Rank Advancement Badges should be available in Scout Shops by the beginning of February. Make sure you honor your Scout’s rank advancement with these 100th anniversary rank badges.

What do you think of these anniversary badges?

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Tournament of Roses Parade

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Tournament of Roses Parade

Posted on 01 January 2010 by Dan

Today was a big day for Scouting, the kick off of the 100th Anniversary celebration!  The Boy Scouts of America entered a float in the 2010 Tournament of Roses parade accompanied by 300 Eagle Scouts on foot.  (remember the sneak peek of the float we provided back in October?)

The float was the first entered by “corporate BSA” in over sixty years.  The Examiner has a slide show featuring the Boy Scout floats from 1938, 1941, and 1950.  Even though there hasn’t been a float in a while, Boy Scouts have been a big part of the parade, carry the entry banners with the Girl Scouts, since the 1960s.

The 2010 float was created by volunteers from area Councils, and gained some media attention for getting around the age restrictions.  The float was also was the recipient of the National Award, which is for the “Best Depiction of Life in the USA, Past, Present or Future.”

In case you missed it, here is part 8 of the parade that features the BSA float, it is at about 9:03.

The commentary was kind of interrupted by the Navy Flyover.  If they weren’t, I’m sure they would have mentioned that the float was designed by Michelle Lofthouse, and was titled “Celebrating the Adventure – Continuing the Journey”. A description of the entry from the Phoenix Decorating Company website:

Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Boy Scouts of America presents depictions of several popular scouting activities – including camping, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and enjoying the thrill of “flying” along a zip line. The scouts’ involvement with nature is emphasized by several sculpted inhabitants of the great outdoors, including an American eagle, raccoon, owl, and a wolf. The Boy Scout emblem and the American flag form an impressive backdrop for the float, which also features a pair of real waterfalls. Accompanying the scouts’ entry in the Rose Parade will be 300 Eagle scouts marching along, and presenting parade viewers with an eye-catching performance.

Were you watching the parade?  What did you think of the float?

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Out with 2009, In with 2010…

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Out with 2009, In with 2010…

Posted on 31 December 2009 by Dan

First, I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and sticking with Scouting News this past year.  I’ve been deployed to Iraq the last year, which has been a hamper on the growth and sometimes timeliness of Scouting News.  The good news is I will be back in the states towards the end of January and will be taking the Spring to build up my websites, so plan on seeing good things in the New Year!  (I talk about some of the “big things” at the end of this post.)

Here is a look at 2009…

Some random stats:

Number of Posts in 2009: 333  (short of my 1/day goal!)

Number of Spam Comments Since Site Launch: 19,618

Busiest Day of 2009: Monday, July 27, 2009  (Unfortunately this was due to the story of Timothy Nunn’s death at Philmont)

Slowest Day of the week: Saturday  (This is good, Scouts and Scouters should be out camping on the weekends ;)

Sponsors / Advertisers:
I really hate having advertisements on Scouting News, however after running a couple of Scouting sites for years losing money, I decided Scouting News had to pay its own bills.  Since Google Adsense doesn’t pay those bills anymore, I looked towards outside companies.  I have turned down a few companies that I didn’t trust, or didn’t think would be a good fit.  I only let companies that are a good Scouting fit, and that I have faith in, advertise here on Scouting News.

A big thanks to http://www.BoyScoutStore.com for being our main sponsor in September and December (Jan 2010 too!).   If you haven’t checked them out, they offer a great selection of Scouting collectibles, gifts, memorabilia, funny patches, and more.  Adam and his partners are firmly rooted in the Scouting organization, and run an outstanding business.

I’m also very grateful to Gregg and his partners over at TrailStop.com for sponsoring a couple of contests.   If you haven’t checked out TrailStop.com yet, they offer a wide selection of Boy Scouts of America® Officially Licensed Products. Most products are discounted from the item’s list price and they guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

I also have to thank Joshua, over at BoyandGirlScouts.com for providing an early copy of Alvin Townley’s book, Spirit of Adventure for my review of Spirit of Adventure.  Because of his generosity I had another contest in which I gave away a couple copies of the book!

Top Referral Sites of 2009:
(where you came from, other than search engines and Twitter!)

1. HalfEagle.com (A great site that features all kinds of great Scouting Blogs)

2. Scouter.com (A forum for Scouters, can get rowdy at times)

3. BoyandGirlScouts.com (Joshua, hoping you are able to return to blogging in 2010!)

4. Facebook.com (I don’t think Facebook needs an explanation, but I just made a Scouting News fan page!)

5.  Wikipedia.org (Turns out Scouting News has been referenced a few times.)

Top Posts of 2009:
(based on pageviews)

1. New Merit Badges for 2009 & 2010
Published August 13, 2009
Introduced the new merit badges coming out in 2009 and 2010 that have been announced. They include: Robotics, GPS/GIS, Scouting Heritage, and Scuba. Most of the folks who commented were excited about all of these new additions, especially Scuba. A few folks were curious about which badges they would replace, but thus far I have not heard of any Merit Badges getting the cut.

2. Embroidered Centennial Ring Emblem
Published July 28, 2009
Showcased a new patch issued by National Supply to be placed around the World Crest. A lot of the folks that commented on the post thought the patch was cool, with some caution to it leaving permenant marks on the uniform. “Settummanque, the blackeagle (Mike Walton)” chimed in with a detailed comment that highlighted some of the tidbits he learned in discussing this particular patch with folks at National.

3. Subaru Forester Pinewood Derby Commercial
Published February 18, 2009

This commercial, which wasn’t on the air very long had two strikingly different effects on Scouters.  Some folks thought it was extremely tacky to dress Boys in what they felt were Brownie vests, while the other half seemed to appreciate the exposure and message the commercial featured.

4. Gone Home: Scout Collapses While Hiking at Philmont Scout Ranch
Published July 27, 2009
The sad announcement of Timothy Nunn’s death while hiking at Philmont. This story touched the hearts of Scouts and Scouters all over the Country. We heard from folks getting off the trail or just about to start a trek at Philmont to parents expressing their sympathy.

5. If you Don’t Complete Your Ticket
Published December 12, 2007
This humorous Wood Badge video has been a top stop for visitors since it was posted on Scouting News, and it deserves the spot. If you have taken Wood Badge or just get annoyed buy the Wood Badge hype, this video is comical. (No offense to those who live, breath, and sleep Wood Badge – I’m a three-beader myself.)

That’s a Wrap:
Overall, 2009 has been a year of growth and challenges for Scouting News.  I couldn’t have done what I do here, without the help of many, including YOU the reader.  Please continue to provide feedback, comment on stories, share your Scouting news, and keep on visiting!

What will 2010 hold for Scouting News?

  • Since I will be back in the grand ole USA, you will see more posts.
  • The largest contest Scouting News has ever seen will be held around the actual BSA anniversary (Feb 8th).  If you are a company that would like to get into the action, with a prize, contact us!
  • On site Coverage of the 2010 National Scout Jamboree!

Thanks for a great year, and hear is to an even better 2010!

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Sneak Peak at the BSA Rose Bowl Parade Float

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Sneak Peak at the BSA Rose Bowl Parade Float

Posted on 05 October 2009 by Dan

floatsneakpeakIf you follow @BoyScouts on twitter, you would have seen this tweet:

Check out BSA’s 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade float under construction. Cool way to kick-off the 100th Anniversary! http://bit.ly/26QKsr

That’s right, you can check out the Boy Scout’s Tournament of Roses Parade float that is currently under construction. There are only three pictures currently, but hopefully more will be added as time goes on!

On a side note, you can also see a picture of a guy wearing a giant mosquito costume in the Boy Scout Flickr Stream

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Embroidered Centennial Ring Emblem

Posted on 28 July 2009 by Dan

embroidered-centennial-ring-emblemA new emblem released for the 100th anniversary is flying off Scout Shop shelves! The emblem designed to be placed around the World Crest emblem, went on sale last week.

The Embroidered Centennial Ring Emblem, is being sold for $1.49 and is available online at ScoutStuff.org and in Scout Shops around the country.

Official product description:
2 5/8″ embroidered ring meant to encircle the World Crest emblem. The words “Boy Scouts of America, 1910 — 100 Years — 2010″ embroidered in red and white, on red, white, blue, and gold background. World Crest emblem sold separately.

While official information about this emblem is not readily available, the ScoutStuff Facebook page has a few pieces of information, posted by staff.
– It’s optional and can be worn on any uniform (all programs) around the World Crest.
– This goes around the World Crest, so it would not be considered for temporary placement as advised by the Insignia Guide.
– Feel free to wear it at least through 2010.

What are your thoughts on this new emblem? Will your uniform be sporting one?

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BSA Registration Fee Increase

Posted on 13 July 2009 by admin

The Executive Board of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America unanimously passed a resolution at its business meeting on May 22, 2009, to increase the traditional membership registration fee for all youth and adults to $15 from its current $10, effective Jan. 1, 2010. The last fee increase — from $7 to $10 — was in 2003.

A great deal of thought and consideration went into this decision by both the Executive Board and the Membership Fee Task Force led by National Commissioner Tico Perez. Consideration was given to an expected deficit to the National Council operating budget, the impact to program and council support, the necessary funding required over the next several years, the cost of implementing fee increases annually in systems and forms, as well as the overall fees paid by councils. Input was sought and received from staff and volunteers at the council level. Finally, given all these considerations, it was determined that the best approach was to increase the fee to the level chosen and make every effort to hold that level for a period of at least three years.

Why is the membership fee being increased, especially now, during such difficult economic times?
The National Council is committed to providing added benefits to local councils and volunteers to support the delivery of high-quality Scouting programs in every community. A key investment continues to be in providing more user-friendly web-based resources. For example, via MyScouting.org, volunteers will be able to complete even more training requirements on their own schedule, 24 hours a day, via online resources. This will complement their current ability to recharter and manage advancement records online, complete and submit tour permits, and participate in the Scouting Community social network, which continues to grow. Also, in the future, new-member registration will be available online.

As good stewards, we strive to keep costs to a minimum. Even with this increase, youth can receive the full benefits of Scouting membership for only $1.25 per month.

The National Executive Board reviewed revenue and expense projections along with the planned initiatives over the next several years, recognizing that the annual registration fee would not meet expenses. The Board decided that the fee could be increased each year or every other year to keep pace with the expected expenditures, or that it could be raised to the level chosen and held in place over the next several years.

When was the last registration fee increase?
In 2003, the registration fee increased to $10 from $7 — an increase of 43 percent. The new registration fee will be implemented a full seven years since the last increase and at 50 percent, only slightly higher than the 2003 increase.

How long do you expect this fee to be in place?
The National Executive Board, in its approved resolution, noted that it would endeavor to hold this new fee level at least three years.


Q. When does the registration fee increase take effect?
A. All traditional Scouting registrants with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2010, or later will pay the new $15 registration fee or prorated fee of $1.25 per month.

Q. How do you determine who pays the current $10 registration fee and who pays the increased $15 registration fee?
A. The registration fee is based on the effective date of the registration. Any registration for traditional Scouting with an effective date before Jan. 1, 2010, will pay the $10 registration fee or prorated fee of $0.85 a month. Any registration for traditional Scouting with an effective date after December 2009 will pay the $15 registration fee or prorated fee of $1.25 per month.

Q. If a unit that expires Dec. 31, 2009, submits its registration renewal online through Internet Rechartering before Jan. 1, 2010, should they pay the current $10 registration fee or the increased $15 registration fee?
A. The unit should pay the $15 registration fee because the effective date of the renewal will be Jan. 1, 2010.

Q. In November 2009, new boys join a traditional Scouting unit that expires Jan. 31, 2010. What registration fee do they pay?
A. The new registrants will pay two months prorated registration fee at the $10 rate ($0.85 per month). Then when their unit renews, all renewing and new registrants will pay the increased $15 registration fee.

Q. Who pays the new $15 registration fee?
A. All youth and adults registrants for traditional Scouting with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2010, or later will pay a registration fee based on the $15 registration fee rate of $1.25 per month. This includes all additional enrollments to current units, new units and charter renewals.

Q. Who pays the current $10 registration fee?
A. All youth and adult registrants for traditional Scouting with an effective date of Dec. 1, 2009, or earlier will pay a registration fee based on the $10 registration fee rate of $0.85 a month. This includes all additional enrollments to current units, new units and charter renewals.

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2010 Rank Requirement Changes

Posted on 09 July 2009 by admin

According to the National Boy Scouts of America Website, the centennial edition of the Boy Scout Handbook will soon be available, and with the new handbook come several rank requirement changes that will be in effect as of January 1, 2010. We’ve previously reported the new handbook is set to be available August 1st, 2009.

Here are the requirement changes, remember they take effect on January 1, 2010:

– A Scout must teach another person how to tie a square knot using the EDGE model (explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable).
– He must also be able to discuss four specific examples of how he lived the points of the Scout Law in his daily life.

Second Class
A Scout must discuss the principles of Leave No Trace and explain the factors to consider when choosing a patrol site and where to pitch a tent.
He must explain what respect is due the flag of the United States.
He must again discuss four examples of how he lived four different points of the Scout Law in his daily life.
He must earn an amount of money agreed upon by the Scout and his parents and save at least 50 percent of it.

First Class
An additional requirement to the 10 separate troop/patrol activities states he must demonstrate the principles of Leave No Trace on these outings.
He must discuss four more examples of how he lived the remaining four points of the Scout Law in his daily life.

A Scout must use the EDGE model to teach a younger Scout a specified skill.

Star, Life, and Eagle
Troop Webmaster and Leave No Trace trainer are two new leadership positions.

Source: 2010 Rank Requirement Changes

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Sea Base Staff Alumi Event Planned for 2010

Posted on 03 January 2009 by Dan

The Florida Sea Base Alumni & Friends Association is planning the largest Sea Base reunion ever for 2010! The reunion will be held the weekend of October 8 – 12, 2010 at the Sea Base.

This event will celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Sea Base and the 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. Former Staff from all years and Friends of the Sea Base are invited to a Gala event of reunion, fellowship and service.

View the Save the Date Flyer. or visit the Florida Sea Base Alumni & Friends Association Website. There is also a Sea Base Alumni & Friends Association Facebook Group.

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