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Baltimore Area Council Installs New Chairman of the Board

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Baltimore Area Council Installs New Chairman of the Board

Posted on 03 July 2010 by admin

The Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America (BAC) held their annual meeting in June at the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House. The Council elected Members-At-Large, Advisory Council members, Executive Board members and Honorary members. In addition, the BAC elected officers. The new Chairman of the Board is Barry Williams, Director, Baltimore County Office of Workforce Development. Six new members were also elected to serve on the Executive Board: Michael Poray, Constellation Energy Commodities Group; John Jeppi, Johns Hopkins Institutions; Steve Edwards, Edwards Project Solutions; Terri Harrington, MacKenzie Commercial; Joyce Uhlrich, Leg Mason Technology Services; and Michael Pedone, Venable.

Mr. Williams honored outgoing Chairman of the Board, Barry Gossett, for his three terms as Chairman and for his “thoughtful leadership and profound generosity to the Council.” The BAC announced their intention to establish the Barry Gossett Eagle Scout Scholarship Program in the University of Maryland system. An Eagle Scout, attending a college or university in the University of Maryland system, will be chosen annually to receive this award. The scholarship will be established through a gift of $25,000 and will grow through further contributions from donors. The first scholarship is expected to be awarded in time for the fall 2012 semester.

 As the Boy Scouts of America celebrates its 100th Anniversary the BAC took time to recognize its Scouting veterans. Eleven people were recognized as having greater than 50 years of involvement with Scouting over their lifetime. In addition, the BAC recognized chartered partners who have delivered Scouting to youth locally for more than 50 years. Without the involvement of these dedicated persons the BAC would not be able to deliver Scouting programs to the youth of Central Maryland.

BSA’s mission is straightforward and just as true and relevant now as it was then: to serve others by aiding youth to achieve their full potential. Whether collecting food for the less fortunate or developing self-confidence whether it’s camping in adverse conditions, providing Leadership to their peers, Scouts are preparing for their future. Scouting spans 18 years of a juvenile, adolescent and young adult life. Scouting will continue to thrive, and deliver its promise; turning young people into extraordinary adults. 

For more information go to www.BaltimoreBSA.org or contact Sonya Greene 443-573-2539.

Source: Baltimore Area Council Press Release

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