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Boy’s Life Happy Birthday BSA Photo Contest!

Posted on 05 June 2009 by admin

Show off your photography skills in the Boys’ Life “Happy Birthday, BSA” photograph contest and your photograph just might appear on the cover of the February 2010 issue of Boys’ Life. What’s so special about February 2010? It’s the 100th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America!

The Boys’ Life “Happy Birthday, BSA” photograph contest is open to readers age 6 to 17. Its theme: The Five Pillars of Scouting. Use your imagination and come up with a photograph or photographs that illustrate one or more of these important BSA values:

• Character
• Leadership
• Achievement
• Outdoors
• Community Service

For complete rules and additional information check out the Boy’s Life Contest Website.

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Boys’ Life Magazine Promotes Environmental Leadership With Sustainable Forestry Initiative(R) Forest Certification

Posted on 26 April 2009 by admin

Boys’ Life magazine, the youth monthly published by the Boy Scouts of America, has become certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management.

From the forest to BSA headquarters to the pressroom to the mailboxes of more than 1 million subscribers each month, Boys’ Life adheres to a strict policy of environmental responsibility.

“At its heart, Boys’ Life is about the outdoors and about teaching our young readers to be good stewards of the outdoors,” says Mike Goldman, managing editor of Boys’ Life. “We are dedicated to minimizing our magazine’s impact on the earth while maximizing our readers’ enjoyment of nature.”

As part of its certification, the Boys’ Life workflow at its printing partner, Quad/Graphics, will be required to undergo annual surveillance audits as well as full certification against the SFI Standard every five years, conducted by independent, accredited certification bodies. All audit reports are published on the SFI program’s website at www.sfiprogram.org.

“Demand for products from well-managed forests is increasing worldwide and with today’s announcement, Boys’ Life joins a growing number of companies that are demonstrating their environmental commitment through certification to the SFI program,” said SFI Inc. President and CEO, Kathy Abusow. “Boys’ Life has taken a leadership role by supporting global efforts to improve forest practices.”

With more than 154 million acres certified across North America, the SFI sustainable forestry certification program is one of the largest in the world, with a standard based on principles and measures that promote responsible environmental behavior and sound forest management including measures to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, species at risk and forests of exceptional conservation value.

To encourage the millions of youth and adult members of the Scouting program to consider green in every aspect of their life, the Boy Scouts of America also includes an organic clothing line, and the 12th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook, which will release late in the summer of 2009, is also green certified.

For more about Boys’ Life and SFI, visit www.boyslife.org/SFI.

About Boys’ Life magazine
Award-winning Boys’ Life has been America’s leading youth publication since its beginning in 1911. The 1.1-million circulation flagship magazine of the Boy Scouts of America has positively influenced generations of readers and shall continue to educate and entertain generations to come. www.boyslife.org

About the Boy Scouts of America
Serving nearly 4.1 million young people between 7 and 20 years of age with more than 300 councils throughout the United States and its territories, the Boy Scouts of America is the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. www.scouting.org

Hat Tip: @CapitolAreaBSA

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Friday Funny: Cub Scout Without His Uniform

Posted on 30 January 2009 by admin

Welcome to Friday Funny! Every Friday, Scouting News will share a Scouting related joke with our readers. Hopefully you find it just as funny as we did!

Today’s Friday Funny comes from the Boy’s Life Joke Archives, and was originally submitted by Ed L. from Deerfield, Michigan.

Ed: What is a Cub Scout without his uniform?

Ned: What?

Ed: A Bare Scout!

Do you have a Scouting related joke? Would you like to see it featured on a future Friday Funny? If so please use the contact us page to send it to us. If you include your Unit and / or website address it will be included with the joke.

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