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Troops Raise Money for N.C. Boy Scouts Service Project

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Troops Raise Money for N.C. Boy Scouts Service Project

Posted on 12 January 2010 by admin

Soldiers counted down the minutes to Christmas as they tallied donated pogs, small circular paper disks used at the Post Exchange instead of coins, for a North Carolina Boy Scout Troop, Dec. 24.

Spc. Rob Campbell with 230th Brigade Support Battalion, 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, launched the “Pogs for Presents” campaign by placing gift wrapped boxes for pog donations around Forward Operating Base Falcon, here, to support his former Boy Scouts Troop as they raise money for the needy.

“I’m like Santa Claus ringing a bell,” said Campbell. “Only I can’t ring a bell and [the Army] won’t let me wear a Santa suit.”

Troop 223, located in Campbell’s hometown of Southern Pines, N.C., helps needy families by collecting canned goods during the Christmas holiday season.

“I can’t collect can goods, but I can collect money to get the stuff that’s not put in the bins,” said Campbell. “When I was a boy scout it was a big deal for us.”

The former Eagle Scout came up with the idea when he realized that many soldiers did not value the paper coins. He vowed to match the donations dollar for dollar thinking he would raise around $100.

“A lot of [Soldiers] have stacks of [pogs] and unfortunately people don’t really see them as money,” said Campbell. “Everybody’s getting ready to go home and they are packing up and finding them everywhere.”

Campbell tore open the display boxes like a kid on Christmas morning; pouring out a around $214 worth of pogs. The total count was a little more than $265, after adding in cash donations from soldiers that forgot to bring pog donations the day of the count.

“I will go to [the Army Air Force Exchange Service] to [cash-in] the pogs on Christmas and then I will call my wife and tell her to write a check,” said Campbell.

According to Yvonne Ward, AAFES assistant team leader, the pogs can be exchanged at any AAFES location abroad or in the states. The cardboard coins, which display photos of Soldiers of all branches, were adopted in 2002 due to high shipping rates charged on the weight of metal coins.

“It saves taxpayers hundreds of dollars and soldiers can cash them in or take them home for souvenirs,” said Ward.

“I don’t know if it will be a problem cashing them in but I will send the donation regardless,” said Campbell referring to the large amount of pogs donated.

Campbell revealed one Secret Santa when he mentioned that Staff Sgt. Stephanie Brasington of Stafford, Va., gave a donation that almost matched the total value of pogs, raising the amount to $750 for the needy.

“It’s Christmas; to me it just makes sense,” said Brasington.

To Campbell, the importance comes from finding a way to keep his family’s time honored tradition alive even while deployed here in Iraq. His father, brother and uncles were all Eagle Scouts and he said he hopes to continue the legacy.

“I have friends that are involved or will be involved [with the scouts],” Campbell said as he made hand gestures as if he were knocking on wood. “If I have sons one day, I’d like to encourage them to be scouts.”

Story and photo by Spc. Ruth McClary, 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team

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Scouts Help Santa Help Disadvantaged Students

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Scouts Help Santa Help Disadvantaged Students

Posted on 17 December 2009 by Dan

ABC 4 News has a story about some Scouts in Utah who teamed up with Mr. and Mrs. Claus and a handful of pilots:

Instead of a sleigh – Santa is using a Cessna.

And Santa has a lot of help – a half dozen boy scouts and a handful of volunteer pilots. They all gathered at Salt Lake City Airport number two in West Jordan to get ready for an early Christmas delivery to disadvantaged students at an elementary school in Wendover. 14 year old Boy Scout Jon Olson says this is all about “sending supplies and toys to students who are in need.”

Read the rest of the article at ABC 4 News.

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Over 100 Scouts and Leaders ‘Treated’ at New Hospital

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Over 100 Scouts and Leaders ‘Treated’ at New Hospital

Posted on 15 November 2009 by Dan

Western Maryland Regional Medical CenterScout units often assist first responders during large scale drills; however this is the first article I’ve seen where Boy Scouts helped a hospital staff prepare for the opening of a hospital.

The Cumberland Times reported on Boy Scouts participating as patients during the dry run at the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center.

When a hospital opens, there is little room for error. So when the time came to test the services at Cumberland’s new health care facility, hospital officials thought it would be beneficial to have the assistance of some of the nation’s most trusted community service members — the Boy Scouts of America.

On Saturday, more than 100 Boy Scouts and troop leaders from the local Potomac Council and Baltimore Area Council Boy Scouts of America participated in a scheduled mock training day for the new Western Maryland Regional Medical Center scheduled to open Saturday at 6 a.m.

Read the whole story at The Cumberland Times.

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