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2010 Eagle Scout Scholarship Applications Now Available

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2010 Eagle Scout Scholarship Applications Now Available

Posted on 26 October 2009 by Dan

2010 Eagle Scholoarship ApplicationApplications for Eagle Scout scholarships for 2010 are now available at www.nesa.org. Eagle Scouts who apply for a college scholarship must use the correct application, which is a mandatory requirement.

The 2010 applications can be found here:

In 2009, just over 4,500 applications were received for the 109 scholarships awarded. Of those applicants, 937 used the wrong form and thus were immediately rejected. The rule is that they must use the correct application.

Please use the correct application if you are planning on pursuing a NESA Scholarship.

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Eagle Scouts Provide Color Guard for Grand Opening of Regional FBI Headquarters

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Eagle Scouts Provide Color Guard for Grand Opening of Regional FBI Headquarters

Posted on 10 October 2009 by Dan

BSA Color Guard for Regional FBI HeadquartersFour Eagle Scouts from the Lincoln Heritage Council were asked to provide the Color Guard for the grand opening of the new Regional FBI Headquarters in Louisville, KY. The $40 million facility is a block away from the council office which was built in 2007.

Eagle Scouts Andrew Blevins, Taylor Brown, Tim Hilliard, C.J. Ausmus and Director of Finance, John Cary met with FBI Director Robert Mueller prior to the ceremony. The Eagle Scouts were given a VIP tour of the new facility and received a commemorative photo and patch for their participation.

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Book Review: Spirit of Adventure by Alvin Townley

Posted on 12 May 2009 by Dan

Back in March I was contacted to see if I would be interested in receiving a gallery proof edition of Alvin Townley’s second book on Eagle Scouts – “Spirit of Adventure Eagle Scouts and the Making of America’s Future,” to review. I was extremely interested, as I was a big fan of Alvin Townley’s “Legacy of Honor”, unfortunately I was in the middle of traveling to the Middle East with the military and had to decline as I did not have a mailing address.

Luckily for me Joshua from BoyandGirlScouts.com did receive a gallery proof edition, and later received a hard copy edition of the book. If you read Josh’s review of Spirit of Adventure, you’ll know that he was trying to figure out what he should do with the book. While I figured he would end up giving it away to a reader, he instead mailed it to me since I had reached my final destination, and had not been able to review the book. (Thanks again Joshua!)

The book arrived on a particular good day. I had just finished a 12 hour shift that had left me drained of energy and motivation. It had just been one of those kind of nights. On my way back to my living area I stopped by the mailroom and was surprised by the book from Joshua. All I had wanted to do was go to sleep, however I had to check it out, and I was not disappointed.

Once again Mr. Townley has produced an amazing motivating book featuring the highlights of Eagle Scouts around the world. Like he did for Legacy of Honor, Mr. Townley left behind his day to day life to continue his adventure meeting Eagle Scouts from around the world. This time he focused on Eagle Scouts from his generation to see if they were still living with the same passion and purpose that they had once applied to Scouting.

Mr. Townley discovered the answer to that question, and you will too if you read Spirit of Adventure. You’ll be introduced to numerous Eagle Scouts who have captured the Spirit of Scouting and represent the future. You’ll meet a wide variety of Eagle Scouts, such as:
– CBS Survivor Contestants
– Coral Reel Marine Biologists
– Purple Heart Veterans from Iraq
– Peace Corps Volunteers in Africa
– Teach for America Corps Members
– And more…

You’ll learn about their Scouting background, what they learned in Scouting, how it means something to them today, and how they use the skills and morals they learned in Scouting to lead successful lives. Here are two snipits of Eagle Scouts you will meet:

Two cousins fled Sudan at age twelve and arrived in a violent Nebraska housing project. “Only three people were brave enough to come into our apartments,” one said. “The police, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and our Scoutmaster.” The Omaha Scouting program changed their lives forever…and now they plan to change life for thousands of Africans by undertaking an ambitious project to provide clean water.

Against all odds, twin brothers from a poor neighborhood became accomplished surgeons, and have since completed two dangerous and independent medical missions into Afghanistan to serve women and children. The pair was supported only by the local militiamen they hired; caves were common operating rooms. Now, local Afghans know them as doganagy, or “same face healers.”

The book itself is an easy read. Each Eagle Scout is represented in a chapter while Mr. Townley keeps the book flowing by tying all of the stories together with an overall theme and smooth transitions. The reader almost feels like he is on the journey with the author, sitting down and meeting with the Eagle Scouts that are showcased. At the same time, you’ll find yourself thinking back to your days at summer camp, the leaders who made a difference in your life, and the fun times you had as a Scout.

Spirit of Adventure is definitely a motivational book that shows that Scouting does make a difference in this world. Those of us that are still with the program will be able to relate to the success that Scouting can bring to a young man’s life. It’s a reminder that we are shaping the future. For those readers who are not associated with Scouting, the book will show the real benefits Scouting can bring to a young mans life.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who works with youth or is associated with Scouting. It inspired me to reflect on my journey through life and who I’ve become today. Spirit of Adventure would make a great gift for an Eagle Scout, or a little motivation for a young man working towards the goal of becoming an Eagle Scout. If you haven’t already ordered a copy I’d encourage you to do so today!

You can learn more about Spirit of Adventure and Alvin Townley at http://www.alvintownley.com/

Check back tomorrow to see how you can win a copy of Spirit of Adventure!
Visit the Spirit of Adventure Contest Page for more information on the Book Giveaway

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New Book Introduces Next Generation of Leaders and Reveals How They Are Changing Our World

Posted on 11 May 2009 by admin

Spirit of Adventure BookNationally-acclaimed author Alvin Townley showcases America’s next generation of leaders in his new book, Spirit of Adventure (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press, 2009), which arrives in bookstores nationwide on May 12th. The book highlights a new generation of Americans: Eagle Scouts in their 20s and 30s who are shaping our future by leading lives marked by service, perseverance, adventure, and purpose. Olympic athletes, Iraq veterans, CBS “Survivor” contestants, refugees from Sudan, and inner-city teachers – Townley captured these and other diverse stories in a round-the-world journey that became an adventure in itself.

“Spirit of Adventure shows the world how this rising generation is shaping the future in its own distinct way,” said author Alvin Townley, 33. “This book highlights young Americans who have chosen to live great adventures that have a noble purpose. In many cases, I found that Scouting has shaped their lives in dramatic ways. At home and abroad, this new generation is starting to inherit the reins of leadership and we’re being driven by a sense of purpose to make the world a better place. These stories point to a new hope and a bright future for America.”

Townley interviewed fellow Eagle Scouts who are now Navy SEALS, doctors in Afghanistan, Peace Corps volunteers in Africa, a coral reef biologist, and an NFL Super Bowl starter, among many others. To meet these young men, Townley traveled the globe, diving in Australia, surfing in Hawaii, rock climbing in Nevada, visiting students in America’s inner cities, venturing into Africa, and cruising home aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. He discovered an inspiring yet untold story of service, courage, and pure excitement that introduces America to its next generation of leaders.

NFL and Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning commented, “Alvin Townley showcases the spirit of our young generation. Like so many of us, these Eagle Scouts are out there pushing limits, exploring new possibilities, and serving other people. Spirit of Adventure tells a compelling story about a new generation and America’s future.”


Two cousins fled Sudan at age twelve and arrived in a violent Nebraska housing project. “Only three people were brave enough to come into our apartments,” one said. “The police, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and our Scoutmaster.” Scouting changed their lives forever, and now they are changing life for thousands in their native East Africa by drilling wells that provide villages with clean water.

Against all odds, twin brothers from a poor neighborhood became accomplished surgeons, and have since completed two dangerous and independent medical missions into Afghanistan to serve women and children. The pair was supported only by the local militiamen they hired; caves were common operating rooms. Now, local Afghans know them as doganagy, or “same face healers.” (Featured on/in: Oprah, CBS Evening News, Washington Post, Men’s Health, Ebony, and others)

An aspiring Scout undertook a service project to earn his Eagle Scout badge, and started the China Care Foundation, which provides medical care and adoption assistance for Chinese Orphans. Now, nearly ten years later, this Harvard graduate oversees the foundation’s multi-million dollar budget and has changed the lives of thousands of children. (Featured on/in: Oprah, ABC WorldNews, The Early Show, People, Family Circle, and others)

About Scouting and Eagle Scouts
Scouting develops character and leadership in America’s youth through adventure-based programs. During 2009-2010, the Boy Scouts of America celebrates its Centennial Year. More than
112 million youth have been members since 1910, with 2 million earning the rank of Eagle Scout, including 52,000 in 2008. The 2 millionth Eagle Scout will be announced on May 22, 2009. Today,
approximately 1.1 million adult volunteers help Scouting programs reach 3 million youth. Only 4% of Scouts attain the high rank of Eagle. These young men must earn 21 challenging
merit badges, advance through a series of ranks, complete a significant service project, and hold positions of leadership. Eagle Scouts comprise 12-15% of classes at our military academies, 9% of
the U.S. Senate, and Townley’s research has found them in disproportionately high numbers in many positions of leadership and service.

About Alvin Townley
Alvin Townley is an Eagle Scout, graduate of Washington & Lee University, and author of the acclaimed Legacy of Honor. He has traveled thousands of miles across America and around the
world to explore the legacy of Scouting and capture stories of character, purpose, and adventure. He is considered the nation’s independent expert on Scouting and Eagle Scouts.
In writing his nationally-acclaimed first book, Legacy of Honor (St. Martin’s Press, 2007), he met with such Eagle Scouts as Michael Bloomberg, Cabinet secretaries Robert Gates and Gary
Locke, J.W. Marriott, Jr., Bill Gates, Sr., Tuskegee Airman Percy Sutton, and Jim Lovell of Apollo 13. Alvin has worked on Capitol Hill, managed strategy at a global firm, lectured at universities, coached track, and worked with inner-city Scouts. He lives in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

The following was a press release issued by Thomas Dunne Books, An Impring of St. Martin’s Press.

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Fictional Eagle Scouts

Posted on 26 January 2009 by Dan

Following a conversation on Twitter about Eagle Scouts, I ended up running across this list of Fictional Eagle Scouts and found it very interesting.

Here are a few Fictional Eagle Scouts:
– Jonathan Archer and Malcolm Reed of Star Trek: Enterprise

– Professor Roy Hinkley of Gilligan’s Island

Gilligan’s Island pilot episode “Two on a Raft”[30] the radio announces “…the final member of the missing group was Professor Roy Hinkley, research scientist and well known Scoutmaster.” He was the youngest Eagle Scout in Cleveland.

– Greg Sanders, played by Eric Szmanda, in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Episode “Toe Tags”, October 05, 2006 US; Sanders is called a Boy Scout while rappelling down a cliff and he replies: “Eagle Scout! I didn’t earn a chestful of merit badges for nothing”.

– Hank Hill of King of the Hill

Episode “Flush With Power” and “Unfortunate Son” mention that Hank Hill is an Eagle Scout.

– Agent J of Men in Black II (2002)

MiB agent J (Will Smith) is referred to as an “Eagle Scout” by one of the alien antagonists.

– Daryl Bayes in Red Dawn (1984)

Daryl Bates (played by Darren Dalton) is referred to by the enemy as “A member of an elite paramilitary organization: ‘Eagle Scouts.'”

– Fred Flintstone

Claims to be an Eagle Scout, in an episode where he and Barney Rubble accidentally take their family camping at the site of a Boy Scout Jamboree.

– Snoopy, Beagle Scout from Peanuts.

Can you think of any Fictional Eagle Scouts that aren’t on the Wikipedia list?

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Mike Rowe’s Offer to all Eagle Scouts!

Posted on 21 November 2008 by Dan

You have probably read Mike Rowe of ‘Dirty Jobs’ Eagle Scout Perspective, but there is more! Mike is now writing customized letters to Eagle Scouts.

According to Mike’s website, he has written a Eagle Scout Congratulations letter that he will personalize and sign for any Eagle Scout that requests it. You can actually read a copy of the letter in his website’s forums. (you have to register to download the attachment) It is filled with more great advice for Eagle Scouts.

To receive the letter from Mike Rowe of ‘Dirty Jobs’ all you have to do is mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Eagle Scout Letter
Pilgrim Films and Television
6180 Laurel Canyon Blvd., #350
No. Hollywood, CA 91606

A small disclaimer on Mike’s website:

Please allow 12+ weeks for Mike to fill it out, sign it and get it in the mail to you. And folks – this is an offer, a nice thing, a volunteer deal Mike wants to do for you – please don’t complain if it takes a while to get to you, OK? It’ll get handled as quickly as possible…

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Unit Celebrates High Number of African American Eagle Scouts

Posted on 30 September 2008 by Dan

Boy Scout Troop 96, sponsored by St. Peter Claver Church in St. Paul, presented Eagle Awards to three Scouts on August 29, bringing their total to seven young men awarded Scouting’s highest rank in 2008.

This is record number of African American Eagle Scouts within a single troop for the Northern Star Council, which serves the greater Twin Cities area. Having this many Eagles in itself is a rare accomplishment, with only four percent of Scouts attaining this goal.

Bill Butchee, the Scoutmaster who mentored all of the troop’s African American Eagle Scouts, presided at the Court of Honor; five of the troop’s recent Eagle Scouts also took part. Northern Star Council Scout Executive John Andrews was also on hand to congratulate the new Eagles and lead them in the “Eagle Charge.”

Andrews says of this accomplishment, “Scouting has been for all children for nearly 100 years. There is no better realization of that aspiration than to see young men of all ethnicities, belief systems, incomes and communities strive for and achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.”

The troop’s three newest Eagles are:
• Nathan Knight, Apple Valley: graduate of Apple Valley High School, currently attends Normandale Community College, plans to study civil engineering at the U of M.
• Jacob Schwartz, Oakdale: 12th grader at Mounds Park Academy; plays varsity football; active in concert band, men’s chorale, concert choir, Peer Leaders group and Mosaic, a group that encourages diversity.
• Albert Williams Jr., Minneapolis: graduate of Minneapolis Inter-District Downtown High School; currently attends Hamline University, where he hopes to study marine biology, education, and multilingual education.
Four other Scouts from Troop 96 received their Eagle awards in April. They were:
• Paris Michuta, Minneapolis: graduate of Minneapolis Inter-District Downtown High School, attends Hennepin Community College.
• Paul Ndayizeye, St Paul: graduate of St. Paul Central High School, attends Hennepin Community College.
• Jonathan West, St. Paul: graduate of DeLaSalle High School, attends Hennepin Community College.
• Jonathan Williams, Minneapolis: graduate of DeLaSalle High School, attends University of Minnesota, Mankato.
Another three members of Troop 96 received Eagle awards from 2003 to 2005:
• William J. Butchee III, Eagan: graduate of Eagan High School, attends University of Wisconsin-Stout.
• Derrick D. Butchee, Eagan: graduate of Eagan High School, attends University of Wisconsin-Stout.
• Christopher Jackson, Bloomington: graduate of Breck School, attends Occidental University.

This article was provided by Northern Star Council-Boy Scouts of America.

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Pack 293 in Search of Eagles

Posted on 12 September 2008 by Dan

The National Eagle Scout Association has a posting on their website from a Cub Scot from Pack 293 who is looking to receive letters from 100 Eagle Scouts. See the letter, and help them out if you can!

Hi! My name is Connor and I am a Bear in Den 1, Pack 293 in Spring, Texas. I am writing to you because this year is the 100th year of Scouting. To celebrate, the boys in my Den are writing to Eagle Scouts across the United States in the hopes that we will receive 100 letters back.

I would like to know what you remember most about Cub/Boy Scouts, and what your favorite memory is. My favorite memory so far is when we learned how to sew. I like Scouts because we get to meet new people like when we sent care packages to the troops in Iraq and we get to make so many new friends!

Can you also tell me what you do now and how you think being a Scout helps you in your job and your life? I think Scouting is going to help me be a better Christian and become a pilot or artist!

When you write back would you be able to send me a picture of yourself in your uniform and/or when you received your Eagle Award? (It doesn’t have to be an original, a copy is OK).

Thank you for helping me celebrate 100 years of Scouting!!!

Yours in Scouting,

Connor Shook, Bear Scout

Please send all letters to:
Bill Steele
Boy Scouts of America
1325 W. Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, TX 75038

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Steve Fossett Scout

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Honor Guard for Steve Fossett Memorial Service

Posted on 23 March 2008 by Dan

Steve Fossett ScoutThe Chicago Area Council was asked to form an Eagle Scout Honor Guard for the Steve Fossett Memorial Service. The Fossett Family asked for the Honor Guard for the Memorial Service to be held April 22, 3:30pm at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Area Council website, the Honor Guard, consisting of twelve Eagle Scouts, will escort prominent guests and stand in honor at the service.

If you know an Eagle Scout in the Chicago Area Council, who might be interested in being considered for the Honor Guard, please
point them to the Steve Fossett Memorial Honor Guard information page. All Honor Guard members must be in full Boy Scout uniform. All applications must be received in the Chicago Area Council Service Center by April 1.

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