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Get Your Scouting Questions Answered at HalfEagle.com

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Get Your Scouting Questions Answered at HalfEagle.com

Posted on 26 November 2011 by admin

Half Eagle Answers LogoHalfEagle.com has a new feature to help answer questions about Scouting. “HalfEagle Answers” is a community of cheerful, adult Scouting volunteers and professionals ready to provide helpful answers to Scouting related questions. Members use their real identities and have to login via facebook connect.

Instead of traditional website communities, where topics can be taken over by off-topic rants and personal opinions about policies and procedures, HalfEagle Answers is different! HalfEagle Answers is set up in a way that allows logged in members to vote the best answers to the top which makes off-topic answers sink to the bottom. You can learn more about what makes HalfEagle Answers different at http://answers.halfeagle.com/about

A sample of the questions currently on the site include:

HalfEagle.com is a service project of Gregg Hilferding.  Gregg is an Eagle Scout, U.S. Army veteran, and Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, and a volunteer with Gulf Ridge Council.  Gregg has continually been tweaking and adding new features to HalfEagle since its inception in 2008.

If you have a question about the Scouting program, post it on http://answers.halfeagle.com; otherwise remember a Scout is Helpful and answer a question today!

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