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Top 10 Largest Councils

Posted on 30 January 2009 by Dan

Scouting News has extracted a few facts, our readers have asked about in the past, from the Response to various inquiries regarding the Boy Scouts of America memorandum released in response to stories recently published by Hearst Newspapers.

The largest Councils in the Boy Scouts of America is always listed in two different ways. The first is by total membership, this includes traditional membership and learning for life membership. The second is by traditional membership.

Top 10 Largest Councils (Total Membership)
1. Greater New York Councils (New York, NY)
2. National Capital Area Council (Bethesda, MD)
3. Great Salt Lake Council (Salt Lake City, UT)
4. Sam Houston Area Council (Houston, TX)
5. Circle Ten Council (Dallas, TX)
6. Northern Star Council (St. Paul, MN)
7. Utah National Parks Council (Orem, UT)
8. South Florida Council (Miami Lakes, FL)
9. Central Florida Council (Orlando, FL)
10. Cradle of Liberty Council (Philadelphia, PA)

Top 10 Largest Councils (Traditional Membership)
1. Great Salt Lake Council (Salt Lake City, UT)
2. Utah National Parks Council (Orem, UT)
3. National Capital Area Council (Bethesda, MD)
4. Sam Houston Area Council (Houston, TX)
5. Trapper Trails Council (Ogden, UT)
6. Grand Canyon Council (Phoenix, AZ)
7. Northern Star Council (St. Paul, MN)
8. Circle Ten Council (Dallas, TX)
9. Greater St. Louis Area Council (St. Louis, MO)
10. Heart of America Council (Kansas City, MO)

There you have it! The top 10 Largest Boy Scout Councils by total membership and traditional membership.

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Rocky Mountain Council Leads the Nation in Membership Growth

Posted on 18 January 2009 by Dan

Rocky Mountain Council, BSA announced record growth in 2008. 1,900 new boys, young men and young women have joined the Council giving it a membership of 5,173 youth with a total net increase of 29.7%. The Council saw a 5% jump in traditional membership during the year, with community programs rising 8.8%.

Rocky Mountain Council has enjoyed several years of at least 5% membership growth and has achieved Quality Council each of those years as well. The Council is now recognized by the National Council Boy Scouts of America for having the most significant growth in programs in the region and the highest growth rate in youth membership nationwide amongst similar sized Councils.

Council Scout Executive, Rene Monarez attributes the success to having quality community programs, top-notch camping properties, and urban emphasis.

Monarez explained, “we made a concerted effort to reach out to population groups that have not historically accounted for a significant portion of the membership. These have included teenage youth now receiving character education in middle-schools, members of minority groups, and the economically disadvantaged throughout the nineteen counties served.”

“Boy Scouts has created a strong foundation of leadership, service and community for thousands of Southern Colorado’s youth,” Monarez adds.

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BSA Troop 227 – Commercial

Posted on 18 January 2008 by Dan

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