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Review: Online Eagle Scout Shadow Box and myNESA.org

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Review: Online Eagle Scout Shadow Box and myNESA.org

Posted on 17 November 2009 by Dan

myNESAThis post is not a news release or story, it is my personal opinion…

I have for the past few months, after seeing a promotion for it on the National Eagle Scout Association website, been excited for the release of myNESA.org. I was a little turned off by the online shadow box format it appeared to be taking, but was excited that it appeared NESA and the BSA had established a social media type website to allow Eagle Scouts to connect. Just think of the possibilities! Unfortunately after seeing the myNESA.org I have once again been disappointed by NESA and the BSA’s attempt at social media.

Being advertised as an online Eagle Scout shadow box, the premiere online showcase for Eagle Scouts and their families, here is the description I received:

As part of the 100th anniversary of Scouting celebration, The National Eagle Scout Association is introducing an interactive website that will allow you to celebrate your Scouting stories and awards and preserve them for family and friends to enjoy. In essence, myNESA.org produces an “interactive shadowbox” for the display and preservation of your Scouting experience. Your participation will help spread the spirit of Scouting to new Scouts while also helping us carry out our mission of service.

Your showcase can be personalized to reflect your personality and interests. Various themes are available and you can choose from over 300 interactive Scouting awards, badges, and insignia to add to your showcase. Not only can background stories be associated with each award, but you can:

Preserve memories
Celebrate Scouting highlights
Customize showcase skin & Design
Upload photos
Print Awards
Invite friends to view awards, badges, stories and more!

Sounds great doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t you want to sign up and share your story and “spread the spirit of Scouting?” For most the answer will be $14.95 (NESA members) or $19.95 (non-members). The signup page forgets to mention it, but according to the FAQ that is only for a year’s subscription to the service.

Why isn’t this service being offered for free? Why isn’t NESA spreading the stories of Scouting for free? Why isn’t NESA allowing Eagle Scouts to reconnect and network for free? Does anyone at the National organization understand that if we share the story of Scouting, it’s easier to recruit new members and its easier for Scouts to fundraise? If we keep Scouting Alumni engaged they are more likely to donate and stay involved in the program?

Just look at the comment left on the Subaru Forester Pinewood Derby Commercial post by ScoutAbout:

Around the campfire at our recent pack family campout we asked new families why they had joined cub scouts. SEVERAL of them said they saw the car commercial with the wooden car race and it sparked good memories and better values. They knew the actors were not real Scouts, they knew the scouts did not drive Subarus, and they were reminded that there was a program out there that emphasized good old fashioned values and fun. Kudos to Subaru for helping my recruiting effort.

I’ve heard similar stories after Councils have held community Pinewood Derbies, or an Eagle Scout project received major media attention. We need to encourage people to tell the story of Scouting as much as possible, and a $14.95/year fee for people who have already paid for a NESA membership just won’t cut it.

That is my two cents, take it or leave it. If you wish to view the stories of fellow Eagle Scouts and to create your own interactive showcase, go to www.myNESA.org. Check it out, you may disagree with me.

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2010 Eagle Scout Scholarship Applications Now Available

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2010 Eagle Scout Scholarship Applications Now Available

Posted on 26 October 2009 by Dan

2010 Eagle Scholoarship ApplicationApplications for Eagle Scout scholarships for 2010 are now available at www.nesa.org. Eagle Scouts who apply for a college scholarship must use the correct application, which is a mandatory requirement.

The 2010 applications can be found here:

In 2009, just over 4,500 applications were received for the 109 scholarships awarded. Of those applicants, 937 used the wrong form and thus were immediately rejected. The rule is that they must use the correct application.

Please use the correct application if you are planning on pursuing a NESA Scholarship.

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NESA selects Gov. Nixon to receive Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

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NESA selects Gov. Nixon to receive Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

Posted on 08 August 2009 by admin

Gov-NixonOfficials with the Great Rivers Council of the Boy Scouts of America have notified Gov. Jay Nixon that he has been selected to receive the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA). Of those Scouts who have attained the rank of Eagle Scout, fewer than one in 1,000 have received the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award.

“Scouting had a tremendous impact on my life growing up in DeSoto, and taught me lessons and values I carry to this day,” Gov. Nixon said. “I am deeply honored to receive this award, and thank the National Eagle Scout Association and the Great Rivers Council. Each February when I participate in the ceremony in the Capitol rotunda to honor the newest Eagle Scouts in the Great Rivers Council, I am even more assured of the role that Scouting has in developing our next generation of leaders.”

Gov. Nixon attained the rank of Eagle Scout in 1969 at the age of 13 as part of Troop 559 in DeSoto. That same year, he attended the National Scout Jamboree at Farragut State Park in Idaho.

The award will be presented by the Great Rivers Council on behalf of the National Eagle Scout Association and the Boy Scouts of America during 2010 as part of the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. The Great Rivers Council is headquartered in Columbia and covers 33 counties in central and north central Missouri. The National Eagle Scout Association grants the award upon the recommendation by a local council and subsequent selection by a committee of nationally prominent DESA recipients.

Nationally notable recipients of the award have included astronauts Neil Armstrong and Jim Lovell, former President Gerald Ford, Congressman Ike Skelton and former Congressman Richard Gephardt, Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, adventurer Steven Fossett, and film director Steven Spielberg.

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