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Wilderness First Aid Instructor Course Offered at All Three High Adventure Bases

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Wilderness First Aid Instructor Course Offered at All Three High Adventure Bases

Posted on 14 February 2010 by Dan

This spring, the three high-adventure bases, Philmont Scout Ranch, Florida Sea Base, and Northern Tier, in conjunction with the American Red Cross (ARC) and Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) will be offering the opportunity of a lifetime. ARC and ECSI will be providing an opportunity to participate in a WFA Instructor Course and a CPR/AED Instructor Course, at the low cost of $150.

Florida Sea Base, March 3 – 7, 2010

Northern Tier, April 14 – 18, 2010

Philmont Scout Ranch, May 5 – 9, 2010

After completion of any one of these courses, you will be certified as a Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED Instructor for the American Red Cross or Emergency Care and Safety Institute, depending upon the provider you have taken the course from.

Please click on the following link for details http://wildernessfirstaid.kintera.org/2010. Register today!

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Three Scouts Earn Triple Crown Award

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Three Scouts Earn Triple Crown Award

Posted on 30 November 2009 by Dan

The Star-Banner has a great article about three local Scouts who earned the Triple Crown Award:

“Hol-ry” can be a friendly greeting or a cry for help, depending on the volume and context.

The exchange is traditional at the Charles L. Sommers Wilderness Canoe Base in Ely, Minn., one of three high adventure bases that scouts Bobby Stewart, 18, Kyle Blanton, 16, and Dylan Henderson, 16, experienced to earn their “Triple Crown.”

Read the whole article at The Star-Banner.

Hat Tip: @HolRy

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10 Years After the Texas A and M Bonfire Tragedy

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10 Years After the Texas A and M Bonfire Tragedy

Posted on 20 November 2009 by Dan

texas-a-and-m-bonfireThis week marked the 10 year anniversary of the Texas A and M Bonfire tragedy. The bonfire was an Aggie tradition since 1909, and was a symbol of the burning desire of Texas A and M to beat the University of Texas longhorns. On November 18th, 1999, at 2:42am the stack of logs collapsed killing eleven students and one Alumnus, and seriously injuring 27 others. The tragedy affected the Texas A and M Community and the entire country, and as it turns out, had a large impact on the Scouting Community.

A Northern Tier Alumnus, and friend, had pointed me in the direction Christopher Breen, one of the twelve killed in the collapse, thinking it would be a good story to share on Scouting News. However, as I did some research I discovered at least five killed in the tragedy were Eagle Scouts. Here are their stories:

The Texas A and M Alumnus that was killed, Christopher David Breen had a strong connection to Northern Tier. Chris was an Eagle Scout and was a Charlie Guide at Sommers Canoe Base during the summers of 1994 through 1997. Working at Northern Tier was a big part of who Chris was, and according to the notice that was sent out to the Northern Tier Alumni community, he was buried with his “Charlie Guide” canoe paddle. Chris’ legacy will forever live on through the Scout’s lives he touched while working as a Charlie Guide, and through a Northern Tier Seasonal Staff Scholarship in his honor.

Nathan Scott West from Bellaire, Texas was another Eagle Scout lost in the tragedy. West had graduated High School in 1998 with a promising future already in hand. He was a National Merit Scholar semi-finalist, had scored more than 1400 on the SAT, and competed on the Swim Team. John Harris, West’s Scoutmaster, recalled that for his Eagle Scout project, West refurbished the old St. Vincent’s Cemetery off Navigation, where Confederate Civil War hero Dick Dowling is buried. Once he became an Eagle Scout, West stayed in the Troop to help the younger Boy Scouts.

Lucas John Kimmel was an Eagle Scout, and was 19, a freshman at Texas A and M when the Bonfire collapsed in 1999. Lucas’ love for the outdoors personified him. It gave him the chance to be outdoors, and it gave him the chance to be with the animal life that he appreciated so much. This appreciation led him to A and M in hopes of someday becoming a veterinarian. “He loved animals. We lived out in the country. He found a baby bird in the field and we rescued it and got it growing up. Dogs, cats, rabbits. That’s why he wanted to be a veterinarian.”

Chad A. Powell, an Eagle Scout, a track athlete, a computer whiz, a musician, Chad always made time to serve other people. He also kept up his grades through all of that, graduating as valedictorian of his class at Keller High School in Keller, Texas. Described by friends as “A model of honor, true character, and loyalty. He honored his life with integrity, his family with love and devotion, his community with leadership, friendship, and service, his God with commitment and passion”.

The twelth man to die, Timothy Doran Kerlee, Jr. was an Eagle Scout from Germantown, Tennessee. When the stack collapsed his pelvis was crushed, his arm broken, and his internal organs badly damaged. Despite his own injuries he told rescuers to “Help my buddies first,” and proceeded to direct rescue workers to five others before allowing them to free him. He died later in the hospital when his life support was disconnected. Eagle Scout Tim Kerlee was posthumously granted Boy Scouts of America’s Medal of Merit, for his heroic actions.

Please take a moment to remember their lives and say a few words of support for their families and friends on this anniversary. You can read more about the Bonfire tragedy, the memorial, and its victims on the Online Texas A and M Bonfire Memorial.

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OKPIK Adventures Still Available at Northern Tier

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OKPIK Adventures Still Available at Northern Tier

Posted on 07 November 2009 by Dan

OkpikI received word that Northern Tier High Adventure Base in Ely, Minnesota, still has some open slots for OKPIK Winter Adventures. This would be a great opportunity for a last minute adventure trip for your unit!

The Okpik season begins Dec. 27 and ends March 7, 2010. They offer a number of adventures, such as: Cabin Stay, Skiing Expeditions, Snowshoe Expeditions, Musher Camp, Dog Sled Expedition, Webelos OKPIK Weekend, and Cold Weather Training.

Here is some additional information from Vern Miller the Okpik Chief Interpreter:

Okpik at Northern Tier High Adventure Base in Ely is one of Scouting’s best kept secrets. Okpik was featured in this month’s (October 2009) Boys’ Life Magazine and recently on the Outdoor Channel’s Scouting for Adventure program.

We offer weekend and weekday customizable trips featuring: winter camping, cabin stays, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice fishing, and leave-no-trace. Last year we introduced our Webelos Okpik Weekend (WOW) to encourage young scouts to take advantage of this amazing program.

Okpik offers an exciting and varied program, if you know of any scouts wishing to have an extreme high adventure experience please consider passing along information on Northern Tier High Adventure’s OKPIK Program. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Vern Miller


Learn more at the Northern Tier Website.

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2010 OA High Adventure Program Applications Available

Posted on 17 July 2009 by Dan

OA High AdventurePlan now to attend the 2010 an Order of the Arrow High Adventure Program. The 2010 applications for OA Trail Crew, OA Wilderness Voyage, and OAWV: Canadian Odyssey have been posted on the OA High Adventure website (http://www.adventure.oa-bsa.org). There will be nine sessions of each program, including the new Canadian Odyssey Voyage, running from early June through mid-August.

The Ocean Adventure program at Sea Base is currently being revised to give Arrowmen the oppurtunity to leave an even greater impact on the area, at a lower cost to the participants. Deatails abou Ocean Adventure as well as the application, will be available later this summer.

The Order of the Arrow High Adventure program committtee encourages Arrowmen to apply as soon as possible. Each year the OA’s High Adventure programs continue to grow in popularity and have been filled to capacity for four straight years.

For more program information including promotional flyers, videos, participant testimonials, newsletter articles, scholarship form templates, website banners, training syllabi and more, visit the resources section of the OA High Adventure website.

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Broken Canoe

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The 1999 4th of July Incident (Boundary Waters Blowdown)

Posted on 05 July 2009 by Dan

Broken CanoeThe Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association has posted a blog entry about a storm that hit the Boundary Waters Canoe area ten years ago. The storm which damaged over 350,000 acres of trees changed the land forever…

On July 4th, 1999, Northern Tier staff was aware of an oncoming storm and while finishing lunch in the dining hall the storm hit. The wind and rain was immense to the point you could not see out the windows. When the storm cleared staff looking out the glass pane window towards the dining bell finally realizing the extent of the damage: “Wasn’t there a large tree there before?”. The Sommers base was left strewn with fallen trees and without power or phones. Likewise the eastern part of the Boundary Waters was also devastated with fallen trees. While equipment, portages, and campsites were left covered with trees amazingly injuries were minimal.

Check out the Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association Blog for more information, links to the original 1999 articles about the storm, and additional pictures.
Ten Years Later: The 4th July Incident (Boundary Waters Blowdown)

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Get paid to paddle and camp in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness!

Posted on 02 March 2009 by admin

Get paid this summer to paddle and camp in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness!

ntier1Northern Tier National High Adventure of the Boy Scouts of America is located just outside of Ely, MN. We offer 6-10 day wilderness canoe trips for youth and their adult leaders. The main positions we are trying to fill are the canoe trip leader positions, which are known as Interpreters.

The Interpreter is responsible for packing food and gear as well as route planning once the crew arrives. Once they are out on the water, the Interpreter is responsible for teaching the crew about the history of the area, flora and fauna, canoeing and camping skills, trail cooking, navigation, fishing, etc. As well as leadership skills and character development for the youth. From our location in Ely, we send groups into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Quetico Provincial Park (Canada).

Other camp staff positions that we have available include Outfitting (food and gear), Trading Post, Maintenance, Living History, and Cook.

ntier2This is a great opportunity to get outdoors this summer, to get paid to canoe and camp, and to work with youth 13-18 years of age.

No experience is necessary or required. You will be trained in all aspects of the position upon arrival. Our season begins with staff training on May 28th and runs through about August 20th. There will be a few later start dates if you cannot make the first training session. We provide paid staff training, room and board is included in the pay, and first year staff members receive a $50 Trading Post (camp store) credit upon arrival that you can use towards any camping gear or staff uniforms that you may need.

You can visit our website at www.ntier.org for more information on the program and employment opportunities.

I encourage you to check out these exciting job opportunities and come spend a summer up in the Northwoods!

The following was provided by the Northern Tier High Adventure Program. Pictures courtesy of Northern Tier Staff Photo Contest 2008.

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OA High Adventure – Wilderness Voyage: Canadian Odyssey

Posted on 19 January 2009 by Dan

This Summer, the Order of the Arrow will be piloting its first International High Adventure Program at Northern Tier’s Donald Rogert Canoe Base at Atikokan in Canada. This program will be building on 10 years of success with Wilderness Voyage, the OA’s presence at Northern Tier’s Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base, which has been a leading provider of portage trail maintenance in the Boundary Waters.

Teaser Video

The Voyage of a Lifetime
The National Order of the Arrow is offering you an opportunity to join Arrowmen from across the country in cheerful service and the formation of lasting brotherhood on the pristine US/Canadian Boundary Waters. Under the direction of the Quetico Provincial Park, experienced Northern Tier staff members with strong Order of the Arrow backgrounds will lead participants on a two week voyage into majestic Canadian wilderness.

The program is a fourteen-day experience inspired by the traditions of the French and Canadian Voyageurs who ventured the northern wilderness during the 1700-1800’s. Traveling thousands of miles by water and portage, these Voyageurs were hired to haul goods and furs to trade with Native Americans and Europeans. In the spirit of these adventurers, Arrowmen will embark on a voyage that is twofold. One-half of the OA Northern Tier Wilderness Voyage focuses on portage trail and campsite maintenance within the Quetico. The remaining expedition is spent on a canoeing adventure that is planned and chosen by the participants in the program. In other words, each crew plans their own voyage! However, the program is not simply portage trail work, camping, and canoeing. The OA Northern Tier Wilderness Voyage is ultimately a journey that challenges Scouts mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Portage trail work is tough and serious. The worksite experience is full of long, strenuous days requiring a great deal of physical effort. Participants are expected to work with great diligence as the tasks being accomplished are designed to benefit generations of Scouts and non-Scouts in the Quetico Wilderness. In addition to mastering portage trail maintenance techniques, Scouts will strengthen their leadership skills, learn advanced wilderness and Leave No Trace camping skills, learn wilderness safety techniques, participate in many motivational activities, and receive special OA instruction. The projects’ mission is to maintain, reinforce, and intensify the purpose of the Order of the Arrow through Scout camping traditions. Camping enhances and builds stronger programs and people. Participants are expected to use their experience to benefit their troop, chapter, lodge, and council programs.

• Be at least 16 years old the day your program begins, but not yet 21 by its conclusion.
• Be strong and robust (Northern Tier height and weight guidelines listed in this application will be strictly enforced.)
• Be a registered member of both the BSA and a local OA lodge.
• Have a clean criminal record (this is required to cross the international border).
• No exceptions can be made to these requirements. Selection for this program is competitive and is both an honor and a privilege.

How to Apply
Complete the enclosed application and have it approved by both your Scout Executive and Lodge Adviser. Parental permission is required if you are under age 18. Mail your completed application and $50.00 deposit to the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America, PO Box 152079, Irving, Texas, 75015-2079. The Order will begin notifying applicants of acceptance by March 15, 2009. Following receipt, a packet of material will be sent to you to assist in preparing you for your experience in the Quetico/Boundary Waters. Download additional applications at http://adventure.oa-bsa.org. Applications will be accepted until all slots are filled.

OA Voyage Dates
Note: All dates are in the summer of 2009
Session 1 June 10 – 24 Session 3 July 1 – July 15
Session 2 June 17 – July 1 Session 4 July 8 – 22

Participant cost is $200.00 for the two-week experience. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required with the application. The balance of the fee is due at the time of acceptance as a participant in the program. Additional expenses, including travel to and from Northern Tier as well as miscellaneous purchases, are the responsibility of the participant.

Wilderness Voyage: Canadian Odyssey:
Learn More
2009 Application (pdf)

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Sommers Alumni Association Logo

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Winners of Northern Tier Staff Photo Competition Announced

Posted on 15 October 2008 by Dan

The Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association (SAA) Photo Contest Committee is proud to announce the winners of this year’s Northern Tier staff photo competition. We all noticed a marked increase in the quality of the submissions this year and the selection process was difficult. There were a wide variety of entries on a large number of subjects, great to look at but hard to make decisions! The winning images will be used by the SAA for promotion of the Northern Tier program and staff scholarship fund.

After due deliberations and consultations here are the selections:

Award of Excellence: \"Entry Point 25, Moose Lake\" by Marshall J. Betterton
Award of Excellence and winner ($200): Marshall J. Betterton for “Entry Point 25, Moose Lake”

Award of Merit and winner ($100): Charles Evan Valdyke for “Stream in the woods

Award of Merit and winner ($100): Travis McCormick for “Paddling at Sunrise on Duncan Lake

On behalf of the Committee and the Board of the SAA we would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest this year for their excellent work. Thanks for sharing your creative visions on the lake country we all know and love.

You can view all the entries at: http://photocontest.holry.org/

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Order of the Arrow High Adventure Photo / Quote Contest

Posted on 05 September 2008 by Dan

The Order of the Arrow High Adventure Promotions Team is holding a Photo / Quote Contest.

The contest is open to any past participant of the OA Trail crew, OA Wilderness Voyage, or OA Ocean Adventure programs. They are seeking submissions of photos or testimonials about your experience.

Submissions will be accepted from June 15, 2008 – December 31, 2008. Monthly winners will be selected starting in September. Monthly prizes include: a gift certificate to the Trading post of the High Adventure Base of your choice, and having your entry featured on the OA High Adventure website.

From all of the entries, not just monthly winners, the panel will select (1) Grand Prize Winner. The Grand Prize winner will be announced January 15, 2009. The Grand Prize will be: (1) Paid Registration to OA Trail Crew or OA Voyage or $200 credit towards OA Ocean Adventure, if accepted to the Program, and the best quote will be featured on one of the 2010 OA High Adventure Applications.

For full rules, and additional submission information visit the OA High Adventure Contest Page.

Scouting News is in no way associated with this contest.

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