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Order of the Arrow Branding and Style Guide

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Order of the Arrow Branding and Style Guide

Posted on 15 October 2011 by admin

The national Order of the Arrow committee  has released the OA Branding and Style Guide.  The committee wanted to ensure clear and consistant representation and message, as the OA approaces its 100th anniversary.

The OA Branding and Style Guide covers everything from Tradmark and Logo Protection, the Official OA Logo, Colors, Tagline, Alternative Logos, Common Terms, Awards, Events, and Uniforming and Insignia.

For those of you that were curious, the Order of the Arrow Tagline is “Scouting’s National Honor Society” and the logo’s colors are “Boy Scout Red” and “Boy Scout Blue”.

The national Order of the Arrow committee would like the Branding and Style Guide to become a staple in your Order of the Arrow publications library.

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West Virginia National Guard Made Summit Corps Possible

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West Virginia National Guard Made Summit Corps Possible

Posted on 20 July 2011 by Press Release

The Order of the Arrow (OA) Summit Corps project being conducted in partnership with the National Park Service, is possible because of the outstanding support of the West Virginia National Guard. According to Captain Jamie Bowen, of the Glen Jean Armory, “The Armory serves as the Incident Command Center for the project, where classrooms utilized by the military have been temporarily converted to office space for volunteer staff overseeing the operations, logistics, plans, and finance for the project.”

As the base of operations for nearly 1400 SummitCorps participants ages 14 – 21 and adult volunteer staff from across the country. The Glen Jean Armory is currently home to hundreds of tents that now cover a field the size of two football fields that was cleared by Soldiers and Armory employees over a period of two weeks.

Soldiers leveled the ground and hauled and packed gravel to make a transportation route for tents, portable toilets and showers near their camps. Soldiers also constructed an amphitheatre that stands near the tent city, for evening programs for the Arrowmen including the opening and closing ceremonies and a Wednesday night campfire. Perhaps equally as important to the young people, after a full day of building trails and removing invasive plants the Scouts return to the Armory, to enjoy a welcoming hot meal in the dining hall.

“This project lays the groundwork for a future of working hand in hand with the Boy Scouts of America on the jamborees and other projects. SummitCorps 2011 is the start of a strong and long lasting relationship between the BSA and the National Guard,” said Captain Bowen. Over the last year, Captain Bowen participated in multiple meetings and hosted three on-site meetings leading up to SummitCorps 2011.

Now in its third week, SummitCorps 2011 is operating safely and successfully for all participants and partners, in large part because the West Virginia National Guard has made every participant and partner feel welcome at the Glen Jean Armory. Mark Ishizu of Honolulu, HI and Youth Incident Commander for Week 3 shares his gratitude toward the Soldiers: “The Service they provide to our country goes beyond military deployments, but also impacts the younger generation. The fact that they are hosting us for this project is a perfect example of this impact.”

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Jamboree Navigator Will Keep You in the Know

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Jamboree Navigator Will Keep You in the Know

Posted on 05 January 2010 by Dan

I doubt it is in response to complaints about a lack of communication from National about the Jamboree on various unofficial Jamboree email lists, however there is now a national email newsletter for Jamboree participants and staff.

According to BSAJamboree.org beginning in January and continuing through July, the Jamboree Navigator will be delivered to each Scout, Troop Leader, and Jamboree Staff member who signs up to recieve this email newsletter. The monthly newsletter will feature information about programming opportunities, the arena shows, and how to prepare for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree.

According to the thank you page this is a service provided by the Order of the Arrow.

Check out the Newsletter Signup page on BSAJamboree.org for additional information and to sign up for these monthly newsletters.

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