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2008 Boy Scout Sale a Popping Success

Posted on 22 March 2009 by admin

The results are in from the Boy Scouts’ annual popcorn sale, and once again the Scouts have outdone themselves, taking to their neighborhoods, local businesses and even the internet to sell Trail’s End popcorn.

Congratulations to this year’s “Tops in Pops” – the top 10 sellers from across the country for 2008, whose combined sales earned almost $110,000 for local Scouting in their communities:

Name, Unit, Location, Amount Sold, Amount returned to local Scouting

Jonathan Beck, Boy Scout Troop 157, Lubbock, TX $22,022 $15,415
Tanner Hatcher, Boy Scout Troop 2, Portsmouth, OH $22,016 $15,411
Kenny Standridge, Boy Scout Troop 58, Spring Branch, TX $16,536 $11,575
Tristan Noel, Boy Scout Troop 357, Grand Junction, CO $16,334 $11,433
Samuel Lankford, Boy Scout Troop 216, Greensboro, NC $15,350 $10,745
Cody Cook, Boy Scout Troop 93, Anaheim, CA $15,000 $10,500
Randy Janson, Cub Scout Pack 147, Champaign, IL $13,178 $9,225
James Rodrigue, Boy Scout Troop 820, Houma, LA $12,032 $8,422
James Bradshaw, Boy Scout Troop 1999, Plano, TX $11,470 $8,029
Zachary Williams, Cub Scout Pack 1094, Darnestown, MD $11,343 $7,940

The 2007 top seller and top-selling Scout of all-time, 10-year-old Lucas Pauliukonas of Wasco, CA, a member of Boy Scout Troop 30,000 from the Southern Sierra Council, had another successful season, selling close to $9,000 in popcorn, which brought in $6,300 for his Council and Troop. That brings his total sales to $68,572 throughout his Scouting career, and a return of approximately $48,000 to local Scouting in his area; he has set a lifetime sales goal of $100,000. He holds the Boy Scout popcorn sales record of $39,501, set in 2007. So far, Lucas has earned more than $4,000 in college scholarship money from selling popcorn.

Sale Goes Year-Round; Scouts Can Earn Their Way to Camp
New for this year, industrious Scouts can earn their way to camp by selling popcorn online this spring via OrderPopcorn.com. From March 15 – May 15, 2009, Scouts who generate orders through OrderPopcorn.com can use their sales to help pay for camp. In addition, Scouts can earn Coleman gift cards through sales on OrderPopcorn.com, to help them purchase camping supplies, and all sales count toward college scholarship accounts for qualifying Scouts. Like the traditional door-to-door Trail’s End popcorn sale, an average of 70 percent of sales from OrderPopcorn.com goes to support local Scouting.

Consumers who order through OrderPopcorn.com don’t need to know a specific Scout to support their local Council. When logging onto the site, they can simply select the local Council from a drop down menu, and any orders placed will benefit the selected Council, helping area Scouts pay for summer camp.

“Summer camp is one of the key activities that Scouts do every year,” said Elizabeth Weaver, director of marketing for OrderPopcorn.com. “We’re happy to continue to provide Scouts with tools that help them raise money for their Scouting programs.”

About Trail’s End
Trail’s End popcorn and other snacks, sold exclusively through Boy Scouts of America and Scouts Canada as a fundraiser for local Scouting, is produced by Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc., one of the largest producers and manufacturers of popcorn products in the world. An 80-year-old, family-owned company, Weaver Popcorn distributes its products in more than 90 countries. Weaver Popcorn has been supplying popcorn to local Scouting for their annual product sales for 28 years.

The following was a press release issued by Trail’s End Popcorn.

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Radio Sandy Springs

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Radio Sandy Springs – Boy Scout Hour

Posted on 25 October 2008 by Dan

At the beginning of October, there was some buzz around the internet Scouting community about “The Boy Scout Hour“. The Boy Scout Hour is a weekly radio show hosted by the Atlanta Area Council. The show is broadcast over the radio waves, but is also streamed online, and is now available for download online.

The Boy Scout Hour debuts on http://www.radiosandysprings.com, 1620 LPAM in Sandy Springs, GA. Hosted by the Atlanta Council of Boy Scouts this new radio show will be the only one of its kind in the world that is known of.

The show hosts and guests will discuss every aspect of Boy Scouting from merit badges to camping and all points between. Troops throughout the world are invited to listen, call in 404-943-1620 or email boyscouthour@radiosandysprings.com with questions, answers, or suggestions of topics.

Boy Scouts, from all over the world can listen live at http://www.radiosandysprings.com or listen to an archive of past shows posted within 48 hours on The Boy Scout Hour site on Radio Sandy Springs website.

October 4, 2008 The Boy Scout Hour, 3:00PM ET

Originally the recordings weren’t available online like announced, however the shows are now available, here is a small recap / review of the currently available recordings.

3rd Edition
October 18, 2008 Boy Scout Hour Show
The 3rd Edition of the Radio Sandy Springs Boy Scout Hour focused on one part of a trilogy of High Adventure Trips organized by the Atlanta Area Council geared towards Scouts who normally wouldn’t be able to attend one of these High Adventure Bases. The show’s hosts were Sam Nowell(?) a Scoutmaster of 10 years, and Byron King the Council’s Scout Reach Director. The show features discussion about the Council’s trip to Sea Base, the planning involved, their Out Island Adventure, and how the trip affected the involved Scouts. The show then switches into more of the ScoutReach program, how it removes the barriers to Scouting and how Scouting is reaching out to at risk kids.

This third edition seemed to flow much nicer than the 2nd episode, and it appears that the host was more familiar with the Scouting program.

2nd Edition
October 11, 2008 Boy Scout Hour Show
The 2nd Edition of the Radio Sandy Springs Boy Scout Hour features Andrew Hallberg the Marketing Executive for Atlanta Area Council, John Roland a District Executive, and a Webelos Scout. The main topic of the show was the Popcorn fundraiser, and explaining the sale to the non-Scout community. The Webelos Scout was the second highest seller for the Council last year and has already sold over $6,000 worth this year, with two weeks remaining. The show went on to discuss Scouting within the local Community, Scouting’s ties to religion, and the “uncoolness” of Scouting.

Unfortunately the radio host didn’t appear to be very familiar with the Scouting program. He also kept wanting to make the information larger than what his guests knew, asking questions about the National and International Scouting programs and their fundraisers. I’m sure this will get better as the radio station host and the Atlanta Area Council hosts refine the show and its direction.

Note this episode’s recording was cut off early.

1st Edition
October 04, 2008 Boy Scout Hour Show – Not available online.

Have you listed to the Boy Scout Hour? What are your impressions of the show?

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Boy Scouts Go Digital, See 700% Increase in Popcorn Sales

Posted on 24 October 2008 by Dan

Hat Tip: BoyandGirlScouts.com – Digital Popcorn Sells Big

LaGarde, a leader in cutting-edge e-commerce solutions for more than 12 years, shows that it always pays to “be prepared,” as their client, Weaver Popcorn, the main supplier for the Boy Scouts of America fundraising initiatives, has seen online popcorn sales rise 700 percent since they began putting the Scouts on the web. To facilitate this, Weaver recently replaced their existing e-commerce solution, with LaGarde’s Phoenix e-commerce system, and then rebuilt the Boy Scout’s fundraising website.

Weaver Popcorn sought a new e-commerce system to meet the ever-changing demands of PCI-compliancy and to make popcorn ordering easier and safer for clients like the Boy Scouts of America. Within one month of Weaver Popcorn rolling out the new Phoenix e-commerce system, the Boy Scouts experienced record sales growth and increased participation in its fundraising program.

“The Phoenix platform has been key in enabling the Boy Scouts to extend their fundraising efforts online,” said Elizabeth Weaver, Marketing Director of OrderPopcorn.com. “The Scouts continue to sell popcorn door-to-door, but also will be able to email potential customers directly from the website.”

LaGarde’s Phoenix platform enables the Boy Scouts to import their contacts from their email software and send a marketing message from the Weaver Popcorn site. Also, while there were previously substantial fundraising periods, potential donors can now go online at any time to reorder. You’ll still see scouts outside your local stores and the familiar knock of a young boy asking you to buy popcorn, but if you know a scout, you may be getting an email as well.

“Streamlining buying processes, extending market reach and generating new revenue opportunity is exactly what our Phoenix solution is all about,” said Bob LaGarde, CEO and Founder of LaGarde. “More and more transaction processes are moving to the web. It’s more economical, more available, provides additional geographical reach and access to new customers. What more can you ask for? With economic conditions being what they are today, companies just can’t afford to not streamline sales processes and seek out new revenue opportunities. We are incredibly pleased that the Phoenix solution is proving to be so successful, and we couldn’t be happier that it’s the Boy Scouts who are benefiting from it,” said LaGarde.

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